Estonians Have Found A Way Around The Financial Crisis: A Virtual Happiness Bank

godIn the News (from The Baltic Course):Estonians plan to create virtual ‘happiness bank‘” In times of economic woe, Estonians are banking on ideas to lift their spirits above the gloom and doom of recession with an online “happiness bank.” In the virtual “happiness bank,” people will be able to earn virtual money on their accounts by doing good deeds for those in need. Organizers hope it will give people the idea that doing good is as valuable as earning money. “The main aim of the project is to force people to become actively involved in improving their lives instead of passively hoping that someone else will do it,” said Rainer Nolvak, one of the main organizers of the project.

My comment: This is a praiseworthy initiative. We have to try different methods to show people that fulfillment and satisfaction do not depend on the amount of money in their bank accounts, but only on the society’s attitude to them.

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