Fear And Suspicion Will Vanish If Everyone In The World Will Unite

worseA news report and questions I received about the future:

In the News:(from Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty): A Levada Center poll released on March 5 found that 50 percent of Russians believe the country faces an external military threat.

My Comment: The crisis will force the entire world to unite, and then such suspicions will vanish.

Question: In recent times, books propagating war and mass destruction are in high demand, and people take them seriously. Will we be able to prevent the suffering that extremist organizations have in store for humanity?

My Answer: This is exactly why Kabbalah has been revealed to humanity: to enable us to go through the phase of correction peacefully, through realization, instead of suffering and wars.

Question: Why are you convinced that the third world war will be “nuclear”? Why aren’t you viewing the present situation as a third economic world war?

My Answer: This is what Baal HaSulam wrote almost a hundred years ago, before the atomic bomb was even invented.

Question: “And they will prevent Israel from returning to their own land until the merit of the children of Ishmael shall have become exhausted. And the sons of Ishmael will fight mighty battles in the world, and the sons of Edom will gather against them, and make war against them, some on land, others on sea.” What is the Kabbalistic explanation of this excerpt, which is about the end of days?

My Answer: It is about the end of the world’s egoistic existence.

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