Kabbalah Explains The Emergence Of Matter, The Universe And Humans

rootsA question I received: How did matter emerge, and where from? If Darwin’s theory is wrong, then how do you explain the emergence of different species, especially the human?

My Answer: Matter emerged by means of an explosive penetration of a spark of the Upper Light to the level of our world. In physics this phenomenon is called the Big Bang. It occurred approximately 15 billion years ago. This spark contained all the matter and energy of our world. The Talmud Eser Sefirot, The Book of Zohar, and The Tree of Life, written hundreds of years ago, explain how all the lower degrees originate in this manner from a higher degree.

The spark of the Upper Light contains all the information about its descent from above downward, and after the “Big Bang,” it continued to develop and realize this information. This spark develops the universe and the human being, whose goal is to reach the state from which the spark emerged. Man must achieve this by developing and “ascending” along 125 spiritual degrees, from egoism to the quality of bestowal and love for one’s neighbor.

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