Does The World Need A New Einstein?

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe cannot develop individually, either as individual countries or as unions of several countries against other unions. Before our eyes, Americans lose country after country, and Europeans descend from the pedestal of greatness, tradition, wealth, and culture.

Russia, with its many natural resources sustains itself exclusively by trading weapons and oil. China wakes up a little and falls again. Japan has been stagnating for decades after a boom that it experienced twenty years ago.

So are all the countries. Some are experiencing this today, others went through this yesterday, and others will feel it tomorrow. There is no doubt about it. Moreover, if earlier the rhythm of changes had stretched for tens and even hundreds of years, today, each step takes much less time and has a new quality.

This applies to all people, both grownups and children. Young people do not want to get married, raise a family and have children. Adults do not know how to manage because nothing is successful even if they want something. Due to inertia, everyone continues to play the same game but feel that it is just a waste of time. The bank is empty; there is no meaning in the game.

Previously, philosophers and politicians guided us, as it happened for several hundreds of years. There were many people like that. They were respected and listened to, including the media. Today, no one rises and doesn’t try to rise to this Olympus. We would like to see a clairvoyant, scholar, or ruler, like Churchill, Roosevelt, or Einstein. However, they do not exist and this is very much felt! Humanity feels like a child who was forgotten.

The previous forms of perception were based on the fact that the human being brought the world to order, established society, and supposedly ruled. However, it was not he who did it, but nature revealed evolutionary development in him. Now, nature shows the human being that he, himself, must seek a central component of development: What do we exist for? Without this component, we will not know how to arrange our lives.

We were given feelings and mind from nature so that we receive instructions from it, process them and add to them. Obviously, if we find the correct goal, we will have enough energy and knowledge to live and develop so much that we again will get fulfillment, aspiration, contentment, and the need for life. As in the past, a person lived by what was burning in him: money, power, honor, knowledge, sex, and family. So, now, this goal must pull him, replacing all the voids. Without this, we will simply be a “nursing home.”

When we realize that we live within the sphere of nature that affects us, we will see that we have become an integral society in which everyone depends on each other. It is clear to many people, but they do not know what to do with this. Whatever we touch, everything turns into evil for us.

The fact is that, in a global world, any action inconsistent with the general system—a person, humanity, nature—brings harm. Therefore, first, we need to learn how to operate, manage, or at least to exist comfortably, safely, for themselves and for others. Once we get down to it, we will feel a positive response from the very first action.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 10/2/14

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