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Dr. Michael LaitmanThe method of integral education is a tool that no politician or government possesses. It allows every person to change his life, society, and life of the world since every component in this system affects all the others.

Everything begins from the environment of an ordinary person. He should try to change himself despite the fact that he resists it and curses everything from morning till night, swearing and hating everyone, thinking that everyone uses him, it doesn’t matter!

He won’t change the world. Enough chewing and spitting it out all the time; what’s the use? This isn’t wise. Let’s change ourselves! Let’s see what it will lead to.

If we create a healthy area in some part of the integral system that suddenly begins to function correctly, it will reflect on the whole body. We will see that the government, our neighbors, and people who live on the other side of the world will begin to think differently since we have healed part of the system.

Question: But in a sick body, we can’t create a separate healthy part.

Answer: Imagine that it is possible. How does one get well? It isn’t that the whole body is suddenly healed. First one part doesn’t hurt, and then another; the systems begin to balance one another and to work one for the sake of the other.

You wish to say that if something happens in the integral system, it doesn’t affect that specific part but rather the whole system. This is true, you are absolutely right. But the current integral system is bad and I create a good integral system within it without creating a partition between the two, and so it begins to work.

We spur on a totally different force in our small system that doesn’t exist in our system; the force of the connection between us. By ascending above the egoistic system we begin to cultivate the altruistic force in us. This is because the altruistic force is inside the egoistic force and we humans have to bring it out by ourselves and begin to implement and manage it.

What’s more, the external system cannot affect us since we ascend above it. This is called “faith above reason,” or “love and bestowal above hate.” When we unite, the world around us doesn’t affect us since this whole world is made of egoistic vectors that operate on one plane, while we ascend above them and work on a totally different level.
From Kab TV’s “An Integral World” 10/24/13

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  1. I resonate entirely with your point of view. Thank you for sharing it, and the Light.

  2. Tks rav leitman all is true
    What to do to convince the unpolitical powers to go with the wisdom of kabalah?what can we do ,we honest human beings ,יהודים לא יהודים ?what to do to influence the political system everywhere???we people we have to build a good world

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