Do Not Wish Any Harm To Others

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: I know from experience that people don’t understand what kind of unity we are talking about. How can we explain this to them at least approximately?

Answer: Unity does not imply that I live in a common room or am acquainted with everyone. In practical terms it means that first and foremost I need to find a way to correct myself so as to not wish any harm to anybody. This is the first step.

We are not connected by mass media, text messages, or the Internet. These are merely the manifestations of the system we reside in; they are the means which allow us to feel how connected we are. The Internet will not bring unity to people; it will only explain that we are welded together, but in a negative form. After all, I use this Kli (vessel) exclusively for my own benefit and, possibly even to harm the others.

Hence, the first correction amounts to ceasing to desire any harm to a fellow human being. I begin to feel that we are inter-connected as integral parts, literally embedded into each other. I need to reveal this system since otherwise, nature will show it to me in a very unpleasant form. It strikes me in one place, and I suffer a misfortune in a totally different, seemingly unrelated place.

However, this is your part, and you have to feel this blow on yourself. If you still don’t sense what the others do, it means that you are not in the same organism, the same system, together with them. You still need to receive corrections: Either you will desire to accept them or nature will compel you to this.

For now we see how everyone is rejoicing in the others’ sorrow, each time when somebody feels bad. This is our nature. Today it is becoming revealed, and in accordance with it, we have to perform a correction.

By means of what? Kabbalists say that it’s the opinion of the environment. We have to artificially assemble around ourselves the environment which will obligate us to think differently and will educate us.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/16/2011 on The Principles of Global Education

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