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Kabbalah Moments: Free Human Being

On Equality And Precedence

Dr. Michael LaitmanToday we are in a transitional period. And when we begin the correction, the women will be exactly equal with the men.

On the spiritual path a woman has to set the desire, exert pressure on the man, and obligate him to advance. Similarly, in our world a wife pressures a husband to work and bring home earnings. And when there is a home and the means to exist, then we can give birth to children and raise them.

That’s how it works in spirituality as well: If we work on the correction of the soul together, then we give birth to new souls, new corrections. It is written about this, “Husband and wife, and the Shechina between them.” The revelation of the Creator occurs precisely between us, when we are together.

Both men and women have to contribute their share to these actions. No one is greater or smaller here. It is impossible to give birth without a woman. A new soul, a new spiritual Partzuf can only be raised by the force of the female desire.

In the process of correction no one acquires greater significance. No one is smaller or greater. Wherever something weighs less, something else counterbalances it according to the reverse order of the Lights and Kelim. Without a female desire a man is powerless, and a female desire without a male screen is also powerless.

Nevertheless, who is primary? It is the woman. That’s because the desire to ask for correction always comes from the woman. It’s the same in our world: Even though men think they succeed by their own abilities, in reality all of their activities happen only for the sake of women, only in order to acquire significance in the eyes of women. That is how we are built.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/6/11 on Women

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Female Desire And Male Intention

Dr. Michael LaitmanPractically all materials in the science of Kabbalah are devoted to women. That’s because we learn how to correct our receiving desire, called “woman,” with the help of the Creator, the “male” force.

There are two forces in reality: the Creator and creation, the male force that bestows and the female force that receives. Stated differently, these two desires, the bestowing and the receiving, unite in us, forming two halves: male and female.

A man (Gever – גבר) means the ability to overcome (Hitgabrut – התגברות), a screen. We divide the Kli into the male, giving side (overcoming, screens, intentions) and the receiving, weak part that is incapable of bestowal, which is described by the verse, “Her strength dwindled in the female quality.”

In our lives the projection of spirituality also creates a division into the male and female parts. In spirituality these two parts of the vessels unite together and inside their unity, the desire (Aviut) is the female part, whereas the screen and Reflected Light is the male part. Their unity gives birth to a Kli, and as a result a new Partzuf is born, the reception of Light for the sake of bestowal, or in other words, the birth of sons and understanding (Avanot – הבנות). That’s because next to sons there are always daughters (Banot – בנות).

By the division of roles in our world we clearly see what a man is intended for and what a woman is intended for. A woman is the “home.” Her purpose is to maintain it, to give birth to children, and to take care of the family household. A man’s purpose, on the other hand, is to go out of the house in order to bring back earnings. This is an exact copy of spirituality where the receiving desire is a female quality, while the screen over it is the male quality. When they act in agreement, they attain unity with the Upper Light, with the Creator, and as a result new Partzufim emerge that receive for the sake of bestowal, “sons.”

It is written, “Husband and wife, and the Shechina is between them.” This is talking about the spiritual world where the Shechina, meaning the Upper Light sets in precisely between the receiving desire and the force of the screen.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/6/11 on Women

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Is There Love In This World?

Dr. Michael LaitmanWhat is love in our corporeal world? It is an “animalistic,” material, egoistic love which enables us to enjoy one another. Parents instinctively love their children, and children instinctively love their parents, to the extent that they both receive what is desired from each other. And all this is filled with an egoistic intention.

Dampen the maternal instinct of a mother towards her own child and she will treat him the same as other children. He may as well starve, she will not care. This means that the parents’ feelings are an instinct and not love.

Love between sexes is caused by hormones. Inject a person with a certain compound, and his love will suddenly disappear, or on the contrary, awaken out of nowhere. This refers to a hormonal attraction.

All of this pertains to the animate level, and no more than that. Geneticists and biologists can explain the reasons for this in detail. But we naturally praise this feeling and attribute it a spiritual essence only because we receive the most pleasure from it, and accordingly, we want to elevate it in our eyes.

Moreover, there can be extreme love which causes a lot of damage. This is because when there are no limits to love, when it is devoid of tremor, it leads to hatred. When somebody loves me, I need to ensure that I do not allow them to love me too much, and they must ensure the same. Everything needs to have a true measure and proper weight. When love “overflows the boundaries,” it nullifies me, and then I begin to hate the person who loves me, I reject him or her.

We see this in the example of parents and children: The extreme love for a child causes disdain and hatred within him. And the child is not to blame; it is the adult’s fault since he does not limit his love, which means that he does not have a screen to go with it. We always must control the extent of our interaction. We will only be able to acquire “unlimited” screens in the world of Infinity, at the end of correction.

So, there is no point in speaking about love in our world as we only use one another as per usual. There is no need to reject or despise it, this is our life. For example, partners live together and take care of one another for many years. However, it is necessary to draw a distinction: Ultimately, I do it as a habit which becomes my second nature, out of desire and the egoistic impulses that awaken in me and become fulfilled by it.

But love in the spiritual world is absolute bestowal.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/4/2011 on Love

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The Law Of Greatest Possible Bestowal

Dr. Michael LaitmanA Reshimo (informational gene) is a picture, a form, which determines the future state, yet it comes from the past. Suppose yesterday I was in a restaurant and paid 100 dollars for a dinner; I ordered five dishes, a full HNRHY. But today I only have 50 dollars instead of 100, so the waiter says that I can order five dishes again, but they will be different this time: a cutlet instead of a steak, a herring instead of a salmon, and so on. Yet, I can still have a five course dinner.

I demand according to what I received before since this is the only taste I’m familiar with. But my screen (covering) corresponds to only what I can receive now. I make a calculation relative to what happened. Obviously, in the end I receive something different from what I had before, but it does not matter to me!

How can I demand the Light that isn’t in me yet and for which I still don’t have any data? How do I perform a calculation for a new state? After all, it is a new degree, an enormous, unmatched difference?

But I perform a calculation for the greatest possible bestowal to the Creator, and hence, what I receive today is not important to me. Even if it’s a steamed cutlet instead of the roasted lamb I had yesterday, that’s the most I’m capable of and I’m happy to have been able to perform this highest possible calculation for the Creator’s sake. Therefore, I accept what is being revealed to me as the most desired fulfillment.

Indeed, what matters is my intention to bestow, and not what I will receive, what piece of meat on a plate. Anything He will give me will be the most I’m capable of and hence, it will be perfect.

Therefore, we are able to perform an exact calculation of the states that haven’t been revealed in us yet. We perform a calculation not on the quality of the received Light, but on the quality of our bestowal.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/3/2011, Talmud Eser Sefirot

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How The Informational Gene (Reshimo) Works

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe informational gene (Reshimo) is a form of a previously existing state in which there was fulfillment, the Light inside the desire. It includes information about all the screens and elements that were present both in the Light and the desire: NRNHY and HaVaYaH, the Direct and the Surrounding Lights, the degrees of height and width. But instead of being realized, all of it as if is stored in “the memory.” This is called a “Reshimo.”

That is, I extract certain data from the archive like in a computer, and until I see it on the screen and get the real picture by using the electric forces and all the equipment, it is still called a “Reshimo.” But this informational gene already contains all data, all information, and only the force of its realization is lacking.

Say, I don’t possess such force, or I have it but it’s not realized yet. That is, the Reshimo contains all the details but only in the potential and not realized form.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/3/2011, Talmud Eser Sefirot

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One Spark Is Not Enough

Dr. Michael LaitmanOur evolution in this world occurs in stages. For thousands of years we have developed from the still to the vegetative, animate, and speaking levels. The wisdom of Kabbalah explains how we ascend from the speaking level and up when we acquire free will, an opportunity to consciously participate in our own development. This participation brings us to the understanding, awareness, and revelation of the Creator, and in the end we become equivalent to Him.

This is what our goal entails, but we reach it by way of gradual development instilled by us. What exactly must we do on our part?

On the whole, creation consists of the Light and the vessel. The Light affects the Kli, desire, and transforms it. What then is the desire’s part?

Desire, which resides in our world, has a spark of Light that penetrated it due to inter-inclusion at the upper degrees. The Light and the Kli merged, and together descended into this world. As a result, there is a spark in the vessel now that yearns for the Light, aimed not only at the Light itself but equivalence to it as well.

If this vessel or man who feels the yearning for the Light desires to evolve in the right way, he must bring himself under the influence of the Light. The spark alone is not sufficient to change oneself and become similar to the Light. It is necessary to draw the effect of the Light to oneself.

Thus, the method of Kabbalah offers us the means to cause the Creator’s actions toward us. Hence, there is an expression of “the work of the Creator,” meaning that the Creator is working on us. There is none else besides Him. But these acts may be realized only “upon our request,” which is regarded as a plea for correction (MAN). We ask to be unified in our desire with the desire of Bina. This is the work: to prepare ourselves to demand correction from the upper Light.

A person who has lit up with this passion is regarded as “human” (Adam) since he acts driven by the desire to be similar (Domeh) to the Creator. But if he doesn’t have such a desire, he is regarded as being at the “animate” level of evolution for now.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/2/2011, Writings of Rabash

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Compensation From The Upper Dimension

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Baal HaSulam advocated a fair distribution of wealth and total equality in the world. How did he intend to accomplish that, and doesn’t it look like a communistic idea?

Answer: Equal distribution of goods is impossible unless man receives compensation for it. However, for the willingness to accept material equality he will receive spiritual ascension that will give him assurance, security, peace, success in life and family, health, and all abundance. Is it not worth compromising the material life somewhat in exchange for a heavenly life, as in the paradise?

If you do, you will free yourself from the yoke of this world that brings you problems, competition, and attacks you from every side. It is necessary to provide compensation to man in his life, and then he will be more agreeable.

Baal HaSulam certainly didn’t intend to enforce egalitarianism as communists did in Russia. Compensation is peace and the upper world.

But for that, it is necessary to spread the wisdom of Kabbalah. Until a person understands where the solution lies and gains a new outlook, he will not let go of what he now has. Otherwise, it will lead to wars since nobody will want to give up anything they own and share it with others.

A fair distribution of wealth is viable only in exchange for spiritual ascension.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/2/2011, Lesson on Money

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A Paycheck From The Upper Light

Dr. Michael LaitmanIf we honestly analyzed ourselves, what goes on with us in this world, what we are living for, in what form, how we waste our lives and for what purpose, we would reduce our consumption of natural resources to the bare necessities. We would redistribute all the surplus so as to provide it for the entire population of Earth. However, everybody’s participation in this must be mandatory.

If there is nothing to do for all these seven billion, they have to go to school. It will signify that they are earning “a living.” Who said that it is necessary to work 15 hours a day? Look how some primitive tribe lives, how much time they spend on preparing food and resting. But all we do is work, all our life.

We perform unnecessary actions. Life is not meant to fill the whole 24 hours with sleeping-eating-working. What is the worth of such life? All those who can’t be given a job to do must be seated to read Kabbalistic books. This will be their “earning” the Light that Reforms for everyone.

Those who desire to study must do so, while those who wish to work should work. There are people who can work only with their hands, and there are the opposite, those who can only produce ideas and are not drawn to manual work.

Everyone will have an occupation because he or she will merge with the Creator and thereby will channel the life force to us. So let them do it! Let them do nothing but sit with the others, study, and discuss their connection with the Creator. Thereby, they will be providing everyone with the life force, instead of food, clothes, and everything else. And then, the whole population of the world will have everything they need.

There is no need for anything but necessities. This is the way to work, the correct arrangement. Then, we can have another several billion people in the world: If they be working on making the connection with the upper Light, with the Creator, there will be total abundance in the world.

And this is the only path to harmony and real security.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/2/2011, Lesson on Money

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