Female Desire And Male Intention

Dr. Michael LaitmanPractically all materials in the science of Kabbalah are devoted to women. That’s because we learn how to correct our receiving desire, called “woman,” with the help of the Creator, the “male” force.

There are two forces in reality: the Creator and creation, the male force that bestows and the female force that receives. Stated differently, these two desires, the bestowing and the receiving, unite in us, forming two halves: male and female.

A man (Gever – גבר) means the ability to overcome (Hitgabrut – התגברות), a screen. We divide the Kli into the male, giving side (overcoming, screens, intentions) and the receiving, weak part that is incapable of bestowal, which is described by the verse, “Her strength dwindled in the female quality.”

In our lives the projection of spirituality also creates a division into the male and female parts. In spirituality these two parts of the vessels unite together and inside their unity, the desire (Aviut) is the female part, whereas the screen and Reflected Light is the male part. Their unity gives birth to a Kli, and as a result a new Partzuf is born, the reception of Light for the sake of bestowal, or in other words, the birth of sons and understanding (Avanot – הבנות). That’s because next to sons there are always daughters (Banot – בנות).

By the division of roles in our world we clearly see what a man is intended for and what a woman is intended for. A woman is the “home.” Her purpose is to maintain it, to give birth to children, and to take care of the family household. A man’s purpose, on the other hand, is to go out of the house in order to bring back earnings. This is an exact copy of spirituality where the receiving desire is a female quality, while the screen over it is the male quality. When they act in agreement, they attain unity with the Upper Light, with the Creator, and as a result new Partzufim emerge that receive for the sake of bestowal, “sons.”

It is written, “Husband and wife, and the Shechina is between them.” This is talking about the spiritual world where the Shechina, meaning the Upper Light sets in precisely between the receiving desire and the force of the screen.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/6/11 on Women

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