How To Forestall The Blows Of Nature

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Dear Dr. Laitman! We, your students in Japan, would like to know your opinion about what caused the misfortune that has befallen us: the earthquake and the tsunami. According to the forecasts, more blows are expected in the immediate future. Can all of us together forestall such events in Japan and, in general, in the world?

Answer: Nature guides us on the path of evolutionary development until we reach similarity to it. Blows and suffering that we feel are nature’s reaction to our lack of correspondence to it. The only solution to all crises is to reach balance with nature.

In general, it is achieved by the correction of our egoism. Our egoism is assessed by our attitude toward the connection with all of humanity as with a single whole. It is because nature relates to us precisely so, as to a single whole. Until we become as one, we will suffer.

It is said in The Book of Zohar (“Introduction of The Book of Zohar,” Items 66-81) that misfortunes first befall the best ones: in this case, Japan. But, as the blows intensify, they will affect the worse ones as well…. There is only one solution: to unite in love of the other and become a global, integral system like the entirety of nature. Then inside us, we will start feeling the fulfillment by the Creator.

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The Best Gift For A Child

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What will a child be like if raised by the Kabbalistic method of upbringing? What will it give him that’s so special?

Answer: First of all, he will gain a connection with the upper force, with the all-inclusive force of nature, or in other words, with the concealed force that controls and arranges everything from within and determines everything. When a person feels this force, he feels from within what is desirable and what is not, what is one way and what is another way. That’s because he becomes a part of this force and they work together in one system.

The Creator becomes revealed to a person from inside and not from somewhere on the outside. In general, all spiritual reality becomes revealed inside of us. As a result, we become one whole with the Creator, although it does not happen immediately but gradually.

By revealing the Creator in this way, I really do feel Him. I know how to activate myself correctly, without making mistakes. An animal does not make mistakes because it is controlled by nature, but man makes mistakes in the area where he did not receive the necessary “upbringing” or instinct from nature. Instead he was made “smart” by the environment, which does not understand what it does.

However, if a person becomes similar to nature in that area, then he does not make mistakes. The upper force operates inside of him and therefore he definitely, instinctively achieves success in everything he does.

Of course, it’s worthwhile to provide our children with this foundation. What can be better than that? After all, you create a special “territory” in a child where he is together with the Creator. What can come close to this kind of gift?
From the 3rd lesson of the Dead Sea Convention on 2/25/11

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Gathering The World Within

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: When the authors of The Book of Zohar Rabbi Shimon and his disciples studied together in the cave and later on when there were small Kabbalistic groups, they were very well aware that one depends on the other in thoughts, desires, and intentions. They were the only ones in the world. But today we study along with hundreds of people whom we see on the computer screens and thousands of others whom we don’t know at all….

Answer: I perceive the entire world as parts of my soul. Obviously, I don’t see the world this way, but I should visualize it so and treat it accordingly. And despite the fact that the world is full of rivals, foes, and what have you, all of it is my internal properties. If they were reformed, I would see a perfect world before me, the world of Infinity.

Hence, I have to treat everything around me as sent to me to correct my perception of reality and finally experience myself in the perfect desire filled with the infinite Light. To do so, I am provided with the environment, a relatively small group. And although it may contain a few million folks from around the world, I still must strive to feel all of them since they are my desires, the parts of my soul, which wake up to spiritually.

I can collect them, unite them within into a single force, and with their help, reform the other parts of my soul. After all, the whole world is my single soul. This is the way I should view reality.

Therefore,  Rabbi Shimon’s disciples, students of the Ari, and we perceive reality in a relatively similar way. The world is still the same, as are the attitude and the method. There are differences in terms of technology, a more developed connection between us, and in the global approach to the primary sources and the awakening of the world. But personal work and the attitude remain the same.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/8/2011, “Introduction of The Book of Zohar”

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The Creator Unites Spouses

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: In the modern chauvinistic society men are typically judged by how wealthy or smart they are, and women are judged by beauty. Which criteria will the society apply when it develops?

Answer: If society will begin to value the spiritual goal, whether it’s out of hopelessness from being in a bad state or due to a timely realization of evil while in a good state, we will see ourselves and others as friends and partners on the path to the goal.

Now I judge every person, object, and state based on how much it can benefit my egoistic existence. Similarly in the future, I will judge everything in our world from the still to the human levels based on how it effects my advancement toward the goal.

If a beauty queen happens to be the most helpful in achieving the goal, I’ll marry her. But if a sales girl from the market happens to be the most helpful, I’ll marry her instead. Everything is determined by the goal.

We have an example of how the Jewish nation conducted itself before the destruction of the Temple, and in the orthodox forms almost until today. Wealth was never an object of respect. A young man was always judged by his knowledge. The one who knew more pages of the Torah by heart was better, and there where no other criteria for judging a person throughout all of history. Girls were judged based on the families they came from and their upbringing.

When it came to choosing a partner, parents made the decisions, not hormones after a chance meeting at a party. Why so? This is in accordance with the spiritual law. From Atik, there comes the Light that prompts Malchut of the world of Atzilut to unite with Zeir Anpin. In other words, the decision comes from above.

It is said that the Creator brings a couple together. And in our world, it’s the parents of the young couple that decide what’s best for them.

It has always been done in this fashion in order to neutralize the influence of external beauty. As Rabash used to say, two people should meet, talk, and make sure that they don’t disgust each other. If they don’t repel one another, this is all that’s needed. Everything else is built on mutual compromises. Then, there will surely be love between them.

Actually, the tradition of parents doing the matchmaking is common among all nations. The young were not asked, the parents used to bring them together.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/8/2011 on Women

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A Miracle That Is About To Occur

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe task of the created being is to move toward new, unexpected, and unknown states by arranging for itself all the necessary conditions to attract the upper force which can transform it. Hence, these actions are regarded as the “miraculous remedy” (Segula).

The acts that the created being must carry out are clearly defined: It has to rouse its own desire, cultivate it, enter the group, and “purchase the friends for himself” by starting to bestow to and lower himself before the group. One needs to get inspired by their exalting the spiritual goal, “make a teacher for himself” to learn from him with the friends, and unify into one integral desire, one vessel (“Kli”), in order to correct the breaking.

The breaking is the place within which we reveal our correction: our reformed state and the upper Light that fills our restored collective vessel. That is, we are dealing with the actions that can be accurately described and practically applied while still remaining in one’s egoistic nature, in a still uncorrected state. This stage exists at each step of the ascent, even at the spiritual degrees.

As to the acts of the upper one, it’s the upper Light (the Light of AB-SAG or the Surrounding Light) which expands to us in the manner we can’t comprehend and affects us without our feeling or being aware of it. We only feel the effects of its work.

This is why there is a gap between the creature’s actions and the Creator’s work in response to the former if they are arranged correctly. That is, there is no cause-and-effect chain on the part of the created being, and we neither understand how the breakthrough occurs nor can foretell it. Hence, this entire work is regarded as the “miraculous remedy.”

But it is all due to the fact that the created being is preparing to receive a new nature that it presently lacks. And hence, we cannot see or feel the forthcoming transformations. That is why this is described as a miracle. However, when a person receives these inner transformations from Above, the entire chain of events he went through becomes clear to him, and now he says about the past: “I labored and I found!”

A find is exactly what Segula, a miraculous force, implicates. We must constantly strive to do whatever we can, as it is written: “Do all that you are able to do” and you will find! This is precisely what determines the gap between my present and future states. I am completely in charge of my current state: I am aware of it, understand it, and organize everything in it: “I do everything I can.” But then I “find” a completely new state that comes as a miracle. After all, I receive a totally new nature that I didn’t expect or predict in advance.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/8/2011 on The Importance of the Study

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