The Best Gift For A Child

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What will a child be like if raised by the Kabbalistic method of upbringing? What will it give him that’s so special?

Answer: First of all, he will gain a connection with the upper force, with the all-inclusive force of nature, or in other words, with the concealed force that controls and arranges everything from within and determines everything. When a person feels this force, he feels from within what is desirable and what is not, what is one way and what is another way. That’s because he becomes a part of this force and they work together in one system.

The Creator becomes revealed to a person from inside and not from somewhere on the outside. In general, all spiritual reality becomes revealed inside of us. As a result, we become one whole with the Creator, although it does not happen immediately but gradually.

By revealing the Creator in this way, I really do feel Him. I know how to activate myself correctly, without making mistakes. An animal does not make mistakes because it is controlled by nature, but man makes mistakes in the area where he did not receive the necessary “upbringing” or instinct from nature. Instead he was made “smart” by the environment, which does not understand what it does.

However, if a person becomes similar to nature in that area, then he does not make mistakes. The upper force operates inside of him and therefore he definitely, instinctively achieves success in everything he does.

Of course, it’s worthwhile to provide our children with this foundation. What can be better than that? After all, you create a special “territory” in a child where he is together with the Creator. What can come close to this kind of gift?
From the 3rd lesson of the Dead Sea Convention on 2/25/11

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