Good Environment – 03.16.11

My Good Environment – Dr. Laitman’s Daily Advice

Give My Desires Back To Me

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe environment is not people’s faces or their material bodies, but the desire or force that I receive from them. Then this desire becomes my own, becoming added to my point in the heart.

If I am able to receive from them the impression about the greatness of bestowal, the Creator, the spiritual goal, the desire to bestow, then I have the opportunity together with them to awaken the force of the Light that is concealed there. Then, under the Light’s influence, this desire begins to be corrected – meaning instead of the opposite side to show me the face of spirituality, the quality of bestowal, in which I reveal my life in the Light of bestowal. This is the revelation of the spiritual world, the Creator to the creatures.

That is why the Creator is called Boreh – come and see, meaning everything I received in the desires which I collected from the environment. The environment is my own desire, but seen from its opposite side and therefore seemingly relating to other people.

I received this desire from them and understood that it is my own, and therefore I want to attach is back to myself. However, spirituality is structured so that my AHP (lower part) is inside Galgalta Eynaim (the upper part) of other people. That is why I cannot return my AHP without receiving Galgalta Eynaim of everyone else.

It turns out that my receiving desires return to me, but together with the bestowing desires of others, meaning corrected desires, and I attach them to me together with the Light of Hassadim that fills them. Thus, the greatness of bestowal that I tried to receive from the environment is ready-made spiritual Kelim, desires in which I attain spirituality.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/16/11

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Kabbalah Moments: To Be Connected

The Spiritual Environment Is The Repository Of The Soul

Dr. Michael LaitmanOur entire difficulty is that when we begin the spiritual path, we desire to act the same way as we acted in our material lives until now where we counted on our own forces and fought for some kind of values. Consciously or unconsciously, all of our calculations were aimed at our own benefit.

The importance of the goal served as the means for attaining it, and it works that way in everything no matter what I search for: rest, money, power, respect, or knowledge. However, I received desires from the environment, become excited by what other people desire, and that is how I was always able to multiply my desires and develop. My own desires did not go beyond the animate body—meaning the desires for food, sex, and family, while my attraction to everything else—for money, power, and knowledge, was adopted only from the external environment, human society.

When a new desire awakens in a person, the desire for the spiritual world, it has to develop by the same paths. But a problem emerges here because when a person enters a society of people who study together with him and he must develop under their influence, then on the outside he only sees the material qualities, such as who is smarter and who learns the material better.

But his desire with which he has to advance, the egoistic “point in the heart,” is “the opposite side of the holy soul.” It has to be developed, and it develops only under the greatness of the goal, the greatness of the Creator.

However, all of these values—the greatness of the goal, the Creator, spirituality, the upper world—are based on the greatness of bestowal instead of reception. And that is where a halt occurs, as it is written, “In the place where the sinners will fall, the righteous will rise and walk forth,” with both the sinners and the righteous living inside one person.

In this regard everything depends on how a person treats his environment. It really begins being a spiritual environment for him only on the condition that he understands that he has to receive from them the impression of the greatness of bestowal, love for the neighbor, meaning a new desire for bestowal, the spiritual desire.

It turns out that a person begins the spiritual path with one single “point in the heart.” This is a very important point, the basis of a person, but it is the “opposite side of the holy soul” and he will never have anything else besides it himself. To this point he has to add all of his other spiritual Kelim until Malchut of the world of Infinity. And he receives all of these desires from the environment because nothing new will develop any longer inside of himself.

The spiritual Kli is received from the environment, and it is called the greatness of the goal, which serves as the spiritual vessel or desire, the place where the person will reveal the Creator, the connection and union with Him.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/16/11

One Small Fire That Lights Up Thousands Of Candles

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe have to know that besides the “point in the heartthe opposite side of the holy soul, we won’t receive anything else from above. Not one additional spiritual desire will awaken in me.

I have to receive everything else from the environment, which is where my spiritual Kli is found, meaning all the desires in which I will reveal the upper world, the Creator, spiritual life. This desire is called “the greatness of the goal” because that is how it is expressed in my sensation.

It seems to me that importance does not belong to the goal and that the goal is something else, but in fact, the importance itself is the spiritual Kli. It’s not by virtue of this importance that I will attain the goal, as if it were a compass determining the direction in which I have to run. Rather, the goal is precisely inside of this desire which I receive from the environment.

Feel how the spiritual desire differs from the material one—it spreads out to everyone, like air. This is not egoistic fulfillment which one person receives and another one lacks as a result. Spirituality does not decrease due to being divided when I pass it on to someone else. There’s enough of it for everyone! It’s the same as how you can light thousands of candles from one candle and the first fire won’t get any smaller.

Therefore, once I begin my spiritual advancement with just the point in the heart, I soon find myself at a crossroads and don’t know where to go. I no longer find any forces inside of me or the aspiration to continue. At that moment, where can I get the motivation, stimulus, and direction to come to the group and demand the greatness of the goal from it?

If I had that inner desire, then I would already realize it in some way. But what should I do if I don’t have it? Does the group have to take care to ensure that I will have the impression of the greatness of the goal, bestowal, or do I have to continuously look for this myself?

That is when we come to the notion of the mutual guarantee. In general we have to take care of everything in order to become a “spiritual environment” which awakens every person who enters it. It gives an example and stimulates one’s desires, showing that others have something that I don’t have. It ignites envy of spiritual attainment just like in this world I see other people’s cars and houses and this increases my desire.

Society has to take on the right form through which it will come forth in relation to every one of its members, ensuring that he won’t have a moment of rest. But a person has to have a point in the heart, his own awakening, in order to be like a spiritual seed that is planted in the soil in order to come in contact with the soil for the very first time. And this “soil,” the environment, has to be ready to give him everything he needs according to his first demand.

In this regard, we have to understand that every person working on elevating the goal for others is not helping them by doing this, but he is building this building of greatness for himself. He builds the common environment for everyone. The environment cannot be good for one person while being bad for another and so-so for a third party. It is mutual guarantee for everyone. Therefore, either we are all together in one boat and we all attain the goal, or, if someone falls short of giving enough efforts according to what he should in order to ensure the common awakening, then no one will reach success.

That is to say, every person should not worry about himself or about how can he get inspired from the environment by the greatness of the goal. If I worry that every one of my friends will have the sensation of the greatness of the goal, that is how I build my own Kli.

I cannot take care of myself because this will turn out to be egoistic. But if I take care of others, then this spiritual necessity comes back to me as a ready, perfect Kli.

We all connect into a single system where my lower part (AHP) connects with the upper parts (Galgalta Eynaim) of everyone else. Therefore, when I take care of everyone else with my AHP, then in response, I receive from them the sensation of their Galgalta Eynaim—the sensations of the desires of bestowal which I so lack.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/16/11

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Do Not Wish Any Harm To Others

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: I know from experience that people don’t understand what kind of unity we are talking about. How can we explain this to them at least approximately?

Answer: Unity does not imply that I live in a common room or am acquainted with everyone. In practical terms it means that first and foremost I need to find a way to correct myself so as to not wish any harm to anybody. This is the first step.

We are not connected by mass media, text messages, or the Internet. These are merely the manifestations of the system we reside in; they are the means which allow us to feel how connected we are. The Internet will not bring unity to people; it will only explain that we are welded together, but in a negative form. After all, I use this Kli (vessel) exclusively for my own benefit and, possibly even to harm the others.

Hence, the first correction amounts to ceasing to desire any harm to a fellow human being. I begin to feel that we are inter-connected as integral parts, literally embedded into each other. I need to reveal this system since otherwise, nature will show it to me in a very unpleasant form. It strikes me in one place, and I suffer a misfortune in a totally different, seemingly unrelated place.

However, this is your part, and you have to feel this blow on yourself. If you still don’t sense what the others do, it means that you are not in the same organism, the same system, together with them. You still need to receive corrections: Either you will desire to accept them or nature will compel you to this.

For now we see how everyone is rejoicing in the others’ sorrow, each time when somebody feels bad. This is our nature. Today it is becoming revealed, and in accordance with it, we have to perform a correction.

By means of what? Kabbalists say that it’s the opinion of the environment. We have to artificially assemble around ourselves the environment which will obligate us to think differently and will educate us.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/16/2011 on The Principles of Global Education

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What Does Nature Demand Of Us?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: In our world, there are many forms of unification. What unification does nature demand of us?

Answer: Nature expects us to be united as one man with one heart, to be a whole, global, integral system, similar to nature itself.

It wants us to feel each other, the needs of everybody, in thoughts and desires and to provide everybody with what he or she wants and lacks. It wishes us to support everybody in collective oneness.

This raises a lot of questions, but ultimately this is what nature requires of us. Nature wants us to resemble it: to be as one. After all, it itself is a unified system.

In this system we shouldn’t be a part that disturbs everybody, falls out of general perfection, and stands out with its corruptness. We shouldn’t be a cancerous tumor that is eating the body alive or a broken fixture that causes the engine to stall and overheat. We have to bring ourselves to correspondence with nature so as to correct ourselves at its speed.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/16/2011 on The Principles of Global Education

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From The Outskirts Of Creation Back To Its Center

Dr. Michael LaitmanKabbalists, who explore the upper reality, explain to us that we started our entire evolution in the world of Infinity, Ein Sof, where we were all tied together as one man with one heart, into one point—that’s how strong our bond was. This bond was initially sustained by the force of the upper Light that controlled and fulfilled us.

But later on, we started to descend from this world of Infinity since our connection began to weaken. Between us, distance was formed, which kept growing (the worlds of Adam Kadmon, Atzilut, Beria, Yetzira, and Assiya in the drawing below), until we fell to the level of our present existence, the lowest degree of the world of Assiya.

From The Outskirts Of Creation Back To Its Center
This descent signifies that under the impact from Above, we gradually lost the Light that filled the space between us. The Light kept decreasing intentionally, on its own, and in the end, distance emerged between us. While in the world of Infinity we were all tied together, by the time we reached the world of Assiya we became withdrawn from each other at a great distance. Now we experience ourselves as two separate realities: yours and mine. Our ego, which rules us, is responsible for the gap that divides us. This is how everyone of us feels.

Now there are seven billion of such alienated egoistic-individualists in our world. But it’s true that in the world of Infinity we existed as one man! And in accord with our sensation, reality has changed as well since we experience it as the sensation in our desire, in our properties.

But we have to understand that we are dealing with two big discrepancies: the reality we feel and the reality where we, in fact, exist. We feel very alien from one another, far from perfection, eternity, and endless fulfillment, somewhere on the outskirts of the entire creation, in this transient world. And yet, the connection between us remains, and it is very strong. We are still tied by the mutual guarantee, as the same one man with one heart.

We simply don’t wish to follow these conditions, and that is the only problem. But nature mandates for us to be connected nonetheless. It’s just that this connection is revealed to us not at the level of the law in the world of Infinity, but in the extent that we have withdrawn from it.

In other words, we are not presently expected to meet all the conditions of guarantee that govern the world of Infinity in which we were absolutely connected with all our desires as one whole and there was only one soul in the center of all creation. We only need to understand that we remain tied together, you and I, and that there is a connection between us.

These ties exist between all of the souls who in the past were together but are distanced today. But we all have a need to return to the center we came from.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/14/2011 on Mutual Guarantee

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A Human Who Took Responsibility For The Earth

Dr. Michael LaitmanAs we return to the world of Infinity from the place on the edge of the universe, where each of us has been cast, and approach the center, we feel an increasingly greater closeness with others. And so it is until we come back to Infinity. This means that we return to carrying out the law of unity and mutual guarantee in a greater and greater degree, along the 125 rungs of connection, everyone’s dependency on all.

A person starts discovering this integral and desired interconnection and, accordingly, feels the Light that fills him within. After all, he became similar to the Light, and the property of bestowal fills him now. And then he begins experiencing the spiritual world.

A Human Who Took Responsibility For The Earth
All this space on his path to the world of Infinity is regarded as the spiritual world because it can be perceived only in the extent of one’s unity with the others. All reality left behind this sensation is regarded as this world since that’s how one feels it when he breaks the ties with all the rest.

In other words, there are two types of reality. In one, we wish to withdraw from all others and therefore feel this material world. And if we gravitate to the opposite side, wishing to bond with them instead, we experience the spiritual world.

The law of mutual guarantee is the supreme law of all creation; it is timeless and mandatory for its every part. All the still, vegetative, and animate nature obeys it instinctively, following the inner call, under the influence of the embedded genes and nature’s forces. And the same pertains to man at the preliminary stages of his development when he carries out the law instinctively within.

And only when a person comes to the “speaking” level of development does he start receiving properties that do not blindly abide by this law. A person must accept this law willingly and start following it.

First of all, a person needs to discover this law, study it, and learn to desire to follow it, ask for ability to follow it, meaning ask to be transformed by the Light that Reforms. And when this Light descends to him, he accepts the conditions of the mutual guarantee and willingly starts following, sensing, and keeping them, thereby discovering one unified soul, the mutual bond.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/14/2011 on Mutual Guarantee

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