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My Good Environment – Dr. Laitman’s Daily Advice

Bring On The Dawn

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What is a prayer?

Answer: The Creator created only the desire to receive pleasure. Desires can unfold automatically, triggered by the inner engine that activates in me one desire after another, by actualizing the sequence of the Reshimot (informational genes). A prayer is methodical work on a desire that unfolds in a person.

Every desire or Reshimo consists of 613 (Taryag) desires. These 613 desires, by surfacing up, paint the picture of the world for me: Each instant in new desires, I discover a new frame of reality, a new world.

But I, myself, can wish to work on my constantly unfolding desires, speed up the development of new Reshimot in me, control how they unfold, and not allow my evolution to take a random course. I can look forward to the emerging of new desires so as to work on them, justify the Creator every moment, advance in adhesion with Him, and see the necessity and purposefulness of each state.

Such work with desires is regarded as a prayer. A prayer is work in the heart, and the heart is a collection of all the desires of a person. Hence, the work with our desires is regarded as a prayer. This is why it is written: “May one pray all day long!” which means let a person constantly work with his or her desires, motivating themselves to corrections.

It radically differs from the opinion of the masses who think that by reading prayers from a prayer book, they perform spiritual actions or anything at all. Our entire history demonstrates to us how pointless and worthless this interpretation of “prayer” is. They are mere external actions that are carried out during preparation for the true spiritual work on ourselves during Kabbalah studies. Only then is the work aimed at the correction of one’s self regarded as the “work of the Creator” since it is done by His Light, Ohr Makif.

Authentic work lies in accelerating desires. I want them to unfold in me as quickly as possible so I could work on them, having prepared myself and the environment: the teacher, the Kabbalistic texts, and the group; so I would always be ready and trigger my own development, “bring on the dawn” myself. It is dawn because each desire unfolds in me as the dark void, while I immediately bring it to the Light.

Hence, a prayer is all our work, and there is nothing but work with desires.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/13/2011, The Book of Zohar

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A Unique Copyright

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe see that discussions on education taking place around the world leave us helpless. Nobody knows what to do about it. Everyone raises their hands. And this is why we need to grow stronger and emphasize this topic, highlighting its importance in our eyes, showing that we have a position and an understanding, a method that comes from Nature itself.

On one hand, we can prove that all our principles come from Nature. But on the other, we deliberately build on this foundation, wishing for every individual and for society as a whole to reach a certain correspondence with nature and become Human, similar to the Creator.

If we openly, seriously, and boldly demonstrate this to everyone, nobody will be able to resist it. After all, this is the place of our only free choice, and this is why humanity is so confused and lost in this area. The Creator left it to us. We are able to make everything else work one way or the other, with one exception: We do not know how to give people Light in their lives so that they can find their optimal place in it. To do this nowadays, we need to know the entire system and understand what the upper force demands of us.

We expect that the method of education will open the doors for us to different mass media channels and Internet portals, and that the governments, the UN, and UNESCO will finally hear us. And the process is already rolling since no one can steal this “copyright” from us even if they were to repeat it word for word. This is because they lack a method to realize childhood and adult education, a method that applies to all the people around the world, the method that everyone can use because in practice, human education goes straight from the upper Light to the human soul.

This is why we have joined the International Year of Youth announced by the UN. Let us hope for this to advance us and spread the method of correction around the world with the help of our groups and mentors. The method of Kabbalah can definitely be referred to as an educational method, the method of shaping a Human.
From Lesson 3, Metzoke Dragot Convention 2/25/2011

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Many Methods, Little Success

Dr. Michael LaitmanEducation is the most important thing. We see that this is rooted in nature: Even animals educate their young until they grow up. Education is even more crucial for human beings since they need time to get started in life and acquire skills necessary to live in the world.

People do not acquire this naturally, but do so through complicated systems which every generation constructs for itself. What separates man from animals is his need to gain knowledge. People need to seriously learn and educate themselves, and it takes a lot of time to do this.

We see that the primary difference between this generation and the previous ones is increased egoism. Respectively, we need to update our educational system for this part that has grown in man. This is our problem. We do not fully understand that we need to do.

We flawlessly accept the natural component. In reality, this, too, is no longer the case today, although until recently, mothers took care of small children and nurtured them. However, when it comes to artificial things which are meant to prepare a person to enter the world and help him find his place in society, regrettably, there are a countless number of methods. Everyone chooses whatever they want, and in the end none of them leads to success.

But it is specifically the area of education that nature has left to our discretion. Essentially, nothing is more important: A person will become what we make of him. And this is why it is so important to explain to the world the Kabbalistic view of this problem.
From Lesson 3, Metzoke Dragot Convention 2/25/2011

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Questions At The Zohar Lesson, Part 2

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Do we have to think about others even if we understand that deep down it’s a lie? Do we have to lie to ourselves while reading The Book of Zohar?

Answer: We lie about everything because we do not have a true connection with one another, but only “play” as if we do. I do not desire to connect with others, but I play at being a “good boy”: I read The Zohar, wishing to change under the influence of this reading, to understand the way in which I am uncorrected, and why I can’t attain the perfect state. I search! In short, while reading The Zohar, I wait for changes for the better. This is called “awaiting redemption.”

Question: I force myself to come back to the intention even though it truly is a war. Does this help our work in the group?

Answer: Precisely the inner war gives us a good result! Without this war a person does not advance because his desires are not renewed. Only on the condition that he wages a war with himself do new Reshimot awaken in him and he constantly feels opposition. That is how things should be!
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/13/11, The Zohar

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Unpredictable Laitman – Laitman Unplugged

Like A Drop In Free Fall

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe live in a unified reality that is called Elokim (God), the Upper One, bestowal. It is upper in the sense that is exceeds our force. This is a more powerful and more dominant force, which formed the reality in which we constitute one whole.

Imagine a huge drop of water in free fall. Because there is no force of gravity or mutual attraction of molecules, an entire bucket of water can be one drop there. That is how we are interconnected in a common “drop” without any of the differences that we imagine here.

This drop, one desire and one Light, begins to compulsively be permeated from above by the force of disunity. The Light exerts pressure on the desire and makes an imprint in it, its opposite. Then the common single desire suddenly feels that it crumbles, falls apart, and divides into many different parts.

This breaking is actualized by the force of the Light, which disperses the initial drop into billions of separate splashes. They separate from one another and a reverse imprint of the Creator emerges in them—Pharaoh, egoism, the evil inclination, impurity—instead of the force of unity called “holiness” that reigned between them.

Now our attitude to one another is opposite to our higher state, the Creator. The correction lies in understanding that we are disunited deliberately so we would desire to unite and reveal the initial state in which the quality of the Creator—bestowal, love, and unity—reigns among us.

Our work lies only in discerning the appropriate desire or necessity. By desiring to return, I come back to perfection, one level after another. That is why we are all dispersed and separated by hatred, meaning the opposite side of the Creator, darkness, the reverse side of the Light. From this darkness we have to reveal the desire that aspires to Light.

The way to reveal it is by means of various kinds of impulses that awaken me, coming to me from within and from outside. I need these “irritants.” However, afterward I have to put in my own efforts both in feeling and reason. As a result I discern that the state of unity that was created for us by the Creator as the only existing state is the best state.

Our current state, the reality on the opposite side which divides us, is undesirable because its force disconnects us from one another. And it disconnects us in a special way, cunningly and shrewdly, evoking all sorts of collisions between us, problems, and negative impulses in order to awaken us to search for goodness.

We begin with the material level and then shift to the spiritual search. In the end, we prefer one over the other. It’s as if the Creator tells us: “Take My opposite side. Stay separated and disunited, that doesn’t matter. Most importantly, enjoy it.” But we have to work on preferring His front side, His revelation over our own fulfillment. Our task is to make a special analysis in order to return to the state where we are together in His quality that reigns in us—the quality of unity.

In order to awaken us to ascend from the sensation of the current reality of this world, we are sent various negative impulses such as tsunamis, revolutions, wars, fires, the economic crisis, and so on. All of this is intended for us to feel uncomfortable on our material level, in our current desires (Kelim), and to feel how shaky our existence is.

This will push us to search for other states, and then besides feelings, we will also activate the mind, “What do we have? How can we get to a better state?” We will make the analysis: “What has already been tried? What should we try?” Maybe we will stop lying to one another and maybe we really will start searching for a solution without allowing various parties to get credit at our expense and immerse us into graver crises.

That is how all together we will discern the current situation and look for a better state.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/14/11

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For Each According To His Ability

Dr. Michael LaitmanEvery person has to study Kabbalah according to their ability

We have to sit at the study table again [after the collapse of this project in Russia] in order to re-examine the socialistic idea [“from each according to his ability, to each according to his need”] in the light of facts and contradictions that manifest in our times.

And we shouldn’t be afraid of making a conceptual breakthrough since preserving life is above everything. [We shouldn’t be afraid to disclose that the source of correction of man and society is the upper Light. Facing the threat of destruction and having undergone a certain process of development, people will be able to apprehend this.]
– Baal HaSulam, Newspaper "The Nation"

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Change Your Thoughts And You Will See A Different World!

Dr. Michael LaitmanToday, in light of the earthquake that has befallen Japan, we see how nature threatens our existence. After all, we are, in fact, living on top of a giant volcano that is boiling deep underground, while we exist on the thin layer of the earth’s crust.

From the depths of the earth we mine oil, water, and minerals, and we use plants and animals which exist on its surface for food, and breathe the atmospheric air. We are entirely dependent on the processes happening in the earth’s crust.

Besides, we are influenced by many other factors: magnetic fields, the force of attraction, all sorts of radiation, the speed of the Earth’s rotation, and so on. But we don’t even imagine that the smallest change in any of these parameters can fundamentally change our lives!

All of the natural cataclysms are caused by the imbalance of forces, which is happening as a result of our incorrect actions. The entire universe is a single system which includes the still, vegetative, and animate levels of nature as well as man. The greater part of the universe belongs to the still level of nature: This is the entire universe, including the Earth. Plants cover only its surface, and the animate kingdom comprises even a smaller part of it, and compared to all that, just a tiny fraction belongs to man.

However, in the spiritual dimension what is taken into account is not quantity or mass, but the quality of forces. Therefore, man, who is on a higher qualitative level of development, can change the entire universe with just one thought. Baal HaSulam writes that all of the still nature is equal to one plant, all plants to one animal, and all animals to one person.

In other words, if a person makes any tiny change for the good or for the bad, this changes the entire animal kingdom. The vegetative world undergoes even greater changes as a result, not to mention what happens with the still nature. That is because all of it is a single system!

Therefore, we have to change ourselves and attain balance among one another. Only then will all of these forces of nature that are below the human level—the entire animate and vegetative world, and all of the still nature—will also reach balance.

Question: How can we convince everyone that the world is controlled by our thoughts?

Answer: It is impossible to achieve this through words. We have to bring the world to the inner sensation that thought is the most powerful force in the entire universe. But we have to prove the same thing to ourselves! If I realized that my thoughts influence the whole world, would I allow them to “go with the flow” free and uncontrolled? No, at every moment in time I would check what I am thinking about, where am I directing my thoughts, and what I am influencing. I would constantly control myself!

We just can’t explain this to ourselves or to the world. We cannot measure the power of thoughts, and especially the degree of their influence on specific events. We will never be able to give the world proof of this connection’s presence. So how will we bring the world to balance?

There is just one solution: We, those who understand this and study Kabbalah, have to attract the Upper Light through ourselves so it will give people the awareness “from within” of the fact that everything in nature is interconnected and precisely our desires (hearts) and thoughts (minds) determine the state of the world.

Precisely the Surrounding Light, which intangibly influences everyone, will evoke the inner understanding in people that their thoughts and intentions influence the state of the system of nature, where the still, vegetative, and animate levels of nature as well as man with his intention, are united into one.
From the lesson on Shamati on 3/11/11

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Questions At The Zohar Lesson, Part 1

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: While reading The Zohar, I feel fulfillment that later on is gone. I try to find the force that is working on me, and the sensation returns, only to leave again. Is this how it should work?

Answer: Yes, exactly so! Every time when a person continues, forgets, escapes in his thoughts, and returns, it all begins anew. It’s very good! Nothing disappears, but “penny to penny, it turns into a great sum” and then revelation occurs.

Question: What indicates that my intentions are working correctly?

Answer: It is the extent in which I start feeling more that I depend on the group and together with the friends achieve correction.

Question: What should I do if I don’t understand what’s written in The Zohar and am constantly bombarded by numberless irrelevant thoughts?

Answer: First of all, a lack of understanding is not an issue. You shouldn’t worry about it. A person must feel rather than understand.

When the time comes and one’s desires are reformed to the level of what is described in The Zohar, he will understand, but from sensation. First, he will feel, and later understand more and more. Thus a baby experiences the world without a clue about what is going on, while gradually obtaining a mind.

Hence, a person should be concerned with how to develop desire to the degree described in The Zohar. And what we read about are the forms of bestowal between spiritual Partzufim: Malchut, Bina, Zeir Anpin, Aba ve Ima, and Yeshsut. Let a person make sure that his desire is being worked on by the forces that we receive while reading about the unknown to us spiritual processes.

Therefore, during the studies, I should think about how I must change and where the force that reforms me is. It is as though I am receiving an intravenous infusion and waiting for when the medicine will finally start to work, as it is said: “When my actions reach the acts of the Creator.”

Question: How can I anticipate correction by The Zohar if I don’t feel “ill”?

Answer: This is also necessary on the path. But what do you mean that you “don’t feel ill”? Do you really find yourself in the movie of the spiritual world that The Zohar talks about?

You should feel that these actions wash through you, that you live in that world, know the difference between the spiritual objects (Partzufim) and their descents and ascents. Do you find yourself in these ascents and descents, in all types of transformations? Do you experience them or not? If not, you have something to think about.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/13/2011, The Book of Zohar

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