Many Methods, Little Success

Dr. Michael LaitmanEducation is the most important thing. We see that this is rooted in nature: Even animals educate their young until they grow up. Education is even more crucial for human beings since they need time to get started in life and acquire skills necessary to live in the world.

People do not acquire this naturally, but do so through complicated systems which every generation constructs for itself. What separates man from animals is his need to gain knowledge. People need to seriously learn and educate themselves, and it takes a lot of time to do this.

We see that the primary difference between this generation and the previous ones is increased egoism. Respectively, we need to update our educational system for this part that has grown in man. This is our problem. We do not fully understand that we need to do.

We flawlessly accept the natural component. In reality, this, too, is no longer the case today, although until recently, mothers took care of small children and nurtured them. However, when it comes to artificial things which are meant to prepare a person to enter the world and help him find his place in society, regrettably, there are a countless number of methods. Everyone chooses whatever they want, and in the end none of them leads to success.

But it is specifically the area of education that nature has left to our discretion. Essentially, nothing is more important: A person will become what we make of him. And this is why it is so important to explain to the world the Kabbalistic view of this problem.
From Lesson 3, Metzoke Dragot Convention 2/25/2011

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