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My Good Environment – Dr. Laitman’s Advice and Principles for the Week

Kabbalah Moments: Common Market

A Small Instrument That Makes A Big Difference

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can we build a model of the global, integral world inside of us?

Answer: Imagine yourself connected with the group. Thanks to that you will be able to form a small, compact Kli inside of you that is global, integral, and unified.

Then you will understand what the real world is. It isn’t seven billion miserable people who don’t know where to perch themselves, but their interconnection. You will discover that you clearly distinguish all parts of the world through your small Kli, like through glasses. You can measure the distances between them, compare their colors, and recognize faces….

How did this happen? It’s because your Kli, your instrument, is inside in front of your mind’s eye, but through it you see deep into the entire world. You build this small Kli into yourself, which is the group that you are connected with, and this is enough to see the true world and its inner interconnection.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/15/11

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What You Have Inside Is What You Get Outside

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can we convey the idea of the global world to a child?

Answer: It is possible to give a clear example to older kids by bringing them to younger kids. For example, bring a group of ten-year-olds to a group of five-year-olds. After spending some time together they will see that the younger kids understand the world on a completely different level, completely differently.

We are all egoists and even if we grow up and get smarter, we are still in an egoistic system, which is the prism through which we look at the world. A five-year-old child sees the world according to his age. In the same way, according to our egoism we do not see the true world, but an egoistic one.

Therefore, when we call the world global and integral, we give these words an egoistic meaning. If “everyone is interconnected,” that means we have to use this situation for our benefit.

We do not understand that we have to change and create the same global and integral system within us. This means that out of all people and souls and all of the interconnections between them, I build the model of the whole world inside of me. I have to reflect the external world inside of me in order to maintain the right connection with it.

If the whole world outside of me lives by the altruistic law, if all of its parts are united for the sake of one goal, for the sake of the common harmony, then inside of me I must always be willing to include all the desires and souls, everything I am able to, according to the law of altruism. Through this system, which is my soul, I have to turn to the world.

Is it possible to make contact with the world by means of a dysfunctional instrument, not by the law of equivalence of form? In that case I don’t understand the world and it cannot get through to me.

Through these examples we can show children this principle: At every age we see the world differently, and likewise, in order to see a global, integral world, I must also be global and integral inside of me.

The science of Kabbalah brings us this correction. That is why it is being revealed in our days, and opposite to it, the global world is being revealed as well. It is necessary to disseminate this method which enables us to reach harmony with the modern world. Otherwise we will suffer.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/15/11

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Are We Really That Different?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How is it possible to unite the whole world if nations, countries, and religions are so different from each other in every way?

Answer: These are egoistic differences. When we unite spiritually they disappear and we all become as one man with one heart.

The earthly differences actually don’t separate us at all. One person likes to spice up his food with pepper and another one doesn’t. One person holds ceremonies this way and another person that way. This doesn’t make us different at all. On the contrary, that is exactly when we begin respecting one another.

Being dissimilar does not obstruct us from coming together spiritually. On the contrary, by uniting above our egoistic differences, we make them even more powerful and all of that power is aimed at spiritual unity.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/15/11

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The Price Of The Common Market

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Today the example of the united Europe shows us that openness and integration are not very effective. In fact, they’re actually counter effective. What is missing there?

Answer: The missing link is mutual bestowal. The Europeans have created a common market. In the Kabbalistic terminology, a market is the lowest possible place where people only sell and buy things. And that is what the Europeans have in common. That is the basis upon which they united.

This kind of unification is devoid of the participation and cooperation that we are talking about. It is merely a low, wicked, material linkage. As a result, they will reveal such massive hatred among them that they won’t be able to bear it. The situation threatens to blow up in a big explosion.

There is no agreement between the Europeans. They are simply afraid that things will get even worse otherwise. Europe had counted on uniting against America—but is that really a union? Taking immigration into account, it is crippled on both legs.

Real consolidation takes place by virtue of empathy, on the human level, when we are united into a single system.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/15/11

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Be The Chief Of Unification

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: I get the impression that with the growth of globalization, every person’s distinctive character withers away. What will remain of my uniqueness in the future?

Answer: This is an incorrect assumption. When I am interconnected with other people, my distinctive character gains the opportunity to be expressed to the maximum, in fact, infinitely. That’s because I come out of myself into others and unite everyone with my efforts.

The whole world lacks my participation, and with my participation I fulfill the whole world. This way, the world depends on me.

Nothing can come close to this self-expression. And besides this, there is no way for you to truly express yourself. Do you want to truly be at the head of everything? Go ahead—the whole world has been given to you. Be the chief and unite everyone with one another. In this regard everything depends on you. Use your pride, lust for power, and uniqueness—go ahead. The whole world is in front of you.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/15/11

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Above The Limits Of The Temporary World

Dr. Michael LaitmanKabbalists are scientists who study nature that exists above the limitations created by our physical body, meaning above the limits sensed in our egoistic desire. In this desire we feel a certain reality we call this world, in which we exist.

However, if a person has the opportunity, the aspiration, and the means to obtain the desire to bestow, through this desire he begins to sense a new reality, as it is said: “I saw a reverse world.” Then a person senses two realities: He continues to sense the old world in his desire to receive, and he perceives an additional, new world in his desire to bestow.

The egoistic desire has a certain time frame of existence within a person, and while it’s there, a person senses life in this world. The desire undergoes three stages: conception, nurturing, and adulthood (IburYenikaMochin). The desire grows through these stages and then gradually weakens, until it disappears completely.

These stages determine the sensation of our life: birth, childhood, and adulthood. A person lives his life, then grows older, and dies. One feels death because he can no longer feel anything in his desire to receive.

However, life within the desire to bestow isn’t as temporary as the corporeal life. In it we receive an unlimited perception of reality. It doesn’t depend upon our desire to bestow since bestowal is directed “outward,” unlike the egoistic desire that’s directed inward. This is why we always have the opportunity to develop. Our desire to bestow never runs out or dies because it continues to expand without any limitations.

For this reason, a person senses an eternal life within the desire to bestow. And because this fulfillment never ends, but on the contrary, becomes greater, such existence is called eternal and perfect. But in order to become familiar with this state, one must first carry out a course of actions to acquire the desire to bestow, in which he will sense his spiritual life.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/14/2011 on Mutual Guarantee

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Emptiness Is Our Construction Site

Dr. Michael LaitmanBaal HaSulam, “Peace in the World”: The collective and the individual are one and the same. And the individual is not harmed because of his enslavement to the collective, since the freedom of the collective and the freedom of the individual are one and the same, too. And as they share the good, they also share the freedom.

This becomes revealed gradually, from negation, from a negative. It becomes revealed in darkness, without forcing people to become corrected, or in other words, only in the form of suffering in order to enable us to understand, realize, and agree out of our own free choice with what we have to do and how we should accept the laws of nature.

We shouldn’t accept them instinctively or due to having no other way to act, the way it is done on the still, vegetative, and animate levels, but rather by agreement and desire. We have to desire it to such a degree that even if we weren’t pressed by suffering, we would still aspire to it.

That is why the suffering becomes revealed to us. It brings us to an empty place where we begin the search and this way, from within this darkness we build the divine system ourselves. Finding myself in a vacuum, I find threads and interconnections, building blocks of the future construction, and begin to arrange them on their right places.

I build a building and in the process of this construction I feel Nature by my side which already exists. But it’s as if I form its system myself, expressing it in bestowal, in darkness.

That is how I create and acquire the entire system of the universe. And then I understand the entire reality to the last detail, I understand and feel the force that created it, and I join the Creator until reaching total perfection.

However, I perceive the process of construction as suffering. I am pressured in order to make me start thinking: How can I fill the emptiness, what should the structure of the system be like? I have to search for the form of every linkage joint in it. Kabbalists write to us about the intention for the sake of bestowal and we say smart things at the lesson about the right approach to life, but we do not know how to actualize all of this. Even if you memorize all the texts by heart, this won’t help you.

Only by attracting the Light that reforms do I become a bit wiser in my corrected qualities and understand how to build the system. I am its material and therefore I begin to treat others correctly. This is my construction. This way, I correct myself and build the system.

Therefore, now and in the future we will only receive negative impulses, meaning suffering. Nothing can be given to us besides suffering because otherwise we would be deprived of the opportunity to gather the system on our own.

And that means that by disseminating the science of Kabbalah and explaining these things to the world, we will be able to reduce the extent of the suffering and the time required to “digest” its influence on us. No matter what, regardless of how much a person listens and how much knowledge he obtains, this will never deprive him of the opportunity to personally participate in building the system.

We have to gather all the parts of the world of infinity into one, and we have to do so ourselves. You cannot just simply shout, “Give me perfection!” You have to know what exactly is necessary for that, and what exactly do you want according to your level. On various phases of the path you scream differently—but you scream to be given the forces.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/15/11

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See No More Evil In The World

Dr. Michael LaitmanAll our work is not aimed at correcting our natural qualities and making the world a more comfortable place to live. All the evil unfolding within us must surface as quickly as possible to show us our true colors.

In others words, our task is to speed up our development, to transition more quickly “from one movie frame to the next,” from picture to picture. I have to work so that my inner states will change as fast as they can, that my thoughts and desires, mind and heart, will get renewed quickly, and I will transition to an increasingly more advanced, true state.

It all depends on how hard I push myself toward greater development of my receptivity, thereby nearing my perception of the Light. The chain of these changes is already written in the program I carry within, and I can only expedite them. Therein lies my only free will and the means to express myself, my acceptance of the final state, adhesion with the Creator, which I wish to reach.

Therefore, we need to receive additional forces from the environment and push ourselves toward inner development, toward awareness of evil. We have to realize that all these states unfolding within us are given to assess what we lack in order to reach adhesion. I regard these flaws as evil.

The force of advancement, acceleration, comes only from the environment, as it is written: “Envy, lust, and ambition bring a person out of this world.” After all, I don’t wish for these changes to occur; they are against my nature. I don’t want to change toward bestowal, but because the environment stimulates me and convinces me that it is very important and is worth doing, I dive into a state that I would never have chosen on my own.

The environment gives me the strength to resist my nature, and hence I am able to bear such changes toward bestowal and am willing to nullify myself, sacrificing my egoism. The desire to reach bestowal that the environment infuses in me is stronger than my natural instinct to seek self-gratification.

Thereby, I expedite my development and advance. Since I dig out all my evil methodically, it immediately turns into good, as it is said: “Just look at them, and they will crumble to dust.” Everything depends on our perception of the negative properties that become revealed to us.

If we perceive all evil in the world as our own flaws of perception, we can understand what needs to be corrected in order to unify both worlds into one. To do so, we need to keep our environment awake as much as we can so that with its help, we may reach a corrected state where we will no longer see any evil in the world.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/13/2011 on Evil

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