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Let The Light Work!

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: To reveal the upper force, we need to come out from within ourselves, from within our egoism. But essentially, we do it for our own sake, in order to receive eternal pleasure. Isn’t this the most egoistic thing that can ever exist?

Answer: That is true! Naturally, all of our actions are purely egoistic. And no matter how much I lie to myself about wanting to connect with others, attain love for my neighbor, all of it is for my personal pleasure.

But something very special happens in the middle, something we do not even realize. When we agitate one another: “Let us unite! Let us sing and dance! Study together!” we evoke the upper force. It influences us and changes us even without our intention. This is called “Segula,” the “miraculous quality” of the upper Light.

And then I suddenly feel: “Really? I truly want to change? Why all of a sudden? What am I, crazy? To bestow? To love for real? Think of others? Then what will happen with me?”

I suddenly begin to feel that thinking of my neighbor has become more important to me. I do not yet exist in this quality, but I begin to want for this to happen. Before I rejected even the thought of this, but then gradually I come to a state when I really want to acquire the quality of bestowal and love for my neighbor.

Why all of a sudden? It’s because the Light influences me. This is called a miracle, which we refer to as: “The Light that comes reforms.” The same Light that created us to only think about ourselves changes us. And this is a miracle referred to as “the miracle of exit out of Egypt.”

When this happens, we feel something change, switch inside us. This changes all my foundations, my attitude towards the world, my view of the world and humanity, and my thoughts of everyone. I suddenly become my absolute opposite.

This is an act of creation, the Creator’s action. We see the actions of the Creator by feeling this inner revolution. And this is why this entire process that we experience is referred to as the Creator’s work. After all, we only evoke this action, and the Creator realizes it.

So do not be afraid, be honest: We really do not want anything but receiving pleasure and only thinking about ourselves, and we are all still egoists on the inside, regardless of the pretty words we use. But the Light comes and changes us due to all our actions in the studies, dissemination, and unity.

Let the Light work!
From Lesson 1, Metzoke Dragot Congress 2/24/2011

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Where Are The Results?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Yesterday, I spent the entire day thinking about the World Kli being directed towards the goal. Did this help to strengthen the mutual guarantee between us?

Answer: We are not able to see the results of our accidental, current actions. Everything we do becomes “consumed” by the common system. A person needs to spend many years working, and then suddenly he acquires the result. Why so? He was correcting things that are very far from him, but they pertain to the same soul, his soul. And he will not be able to feel the soul even to the slightest degree until it becomes corrected entirely even in its lowest, smallest layer.

And this is why it takes time to connect all the parts of his soul in his perception. Only then will he perceive them as his system.

Yesterday you thought about the goal, and you did not receive a result. Moreover, an entire month of similar thoughts can end the same way. But maybe the correct result is the actual sensation of its absence, which evokes a new strong impulse in you.

We simply need to keep working. The common system is great and it is concealed from us. We invest our efforts into it, without knowing the speed of the approaching result and what exactly it will be. And the revelation comes suddenly!
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/2/2011, Writings of Rabash

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The World Of Fake Money

Dr. Michael LaitmanAt first, society was based on the barter system, but when egoism matured and it became difficult to exchange goods directly, it was necessary to find something to replace it with in order to simplify the process. At that point, it was decided to use precious stones and metals, which were valued,  for trade. They served as an equivalent for any purchase.

Then, coins came to life based on the necessity to verify whether a metal was real gold or silver. Moreover, every king, due to his ambitions, wanted to hammer his profile on the coins, while a state was eager to establish symbols of national and religious identity. This is how special seals on gold and silver bullion came to be.

In the beginning, only a stamp served as proof of authenticity of a metal evaluated by its weight, but later on, it acquired its own worth and received monetary power. It became clear that it wasn’t the material itself that was needed, gold or silver, but rather a stamp with someone’s profile, a unique form accepted everywhere as an equivalent of value. And that is when they started to make coins from simple metals.

But behind every such coin there was a gold standard. A stamp of a certain ruler certified that somewhere in his treasury there is gold backing up the value stated on the coin and anyone can bring it in and exchange it for gold.

This is how it was up until our times when we entered the era of arrogant egoism and completely lost control over it. They started to print much more money than there is gold backing it, and it’s impossible to redeem it any longer. Money is losing its value, and it lacks not only an authentic backup system, but even a fake, artificial one that used to support the entire monetary system.

In truth, no bill has coverage! After all, there is more money circulating in the world than all countries together are able to backup. And now the world is shifting to plastic cards which are not precious metals, coins, or even paper bills; they are mere pieces of plastic that help us transfer money from one bank and part of the world to another. And while we are doing so, nothing really moves; it’s just that the numbers get copied and sent to a new address on the computer.

And it’s not without a reason. Behind all this, there is a very sublime internal philosophy of screens, Lights, and desires. It speaks of our losing connection with the covering, the screen, which despite being an egoistic one, had previously served as equivalent to our effort in time, space, and motion.

We are beginning to value all this less and less since our ego is maturing and becomes greater than the real covering! And if I have a machine which can print money without coverage, so I print it!

I think the financial system is facing a great collapse since it cannot continue like this forever.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/1/11, Lesson on Money

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