See No More Evil In The World

Dr. Michael LaitmanAll our work is not aimed at correcting our natural qualities and making the world a more comfortable place to live. All the evil unfolding within us must surface as quickly as possible to show us our true colors.

In others words, our task is to speed up our development, to transition more quickly “from one movie frame to the next,” from picture to picture. I have to work so that my inner states will change as fast as they can, that my thoughts and desires, mind and heart, will get renewed quickly, and I will transition to an increasingly more advanced, true state.

It all depends on how hard I push myself toward greater development of my receptivity, thereby nearing my perception of the Light. The chain of these changes is already written in the program I carry within, and I can only expedite them. Therein lies my only free will and the means to express myself, my acceptance of the final state, adhesion with the Creator, which I wish to reach.

Therefore, we need to receive additional forces from the environment and push ourselves toward inner development, toward awareness of evil. We have to realize that all these states unfolding within us are given to assess what we lack in order to reach adhesion. I regard these flaws as evil.

The force of advancement, acceleration, comes only from the environment, as it is written: “Envy, lust, and ambition bring a person out of this world.” After all, I don’t wish for these changes to occur; they are against my nature. I don’t want to change toward bestowal, but because the environment stimulates me and convinces me that it is very important and is worth doing, I dive into a state that I would never have chosen on my own.

The environment gives me the strength to resist my nature, and hence I am able to bear such changes toward bestowal and am willing to nullify myself, sacrificing my egoism. The desire to reach bestowal that the environment infuses in me is stronger than my natural instinct to seek self-gratification.

Thereby, I expedite my development and advance. Since I dig out all my evil methodically, it immediately turns into good, as it is said: “Just look at them, and they will crumble to dust.” Everything depends on our perception of the negative properties that become revealed to us.

If we perceive all evil in the world as our own flaws of perception, we can understand what needs to be corrected in order to unify both worlds into one. To do so, we need to keep our environment awake as much as we can so that with its help, we may reach a corrected state where we will no longer see any evil in the world.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/13/2011 on Evil

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