Above The Limits Of The Temporary World

Dr. Michael LaitmanKabbalists are scientists who study nature that exists above the limitations created by our physical body, meaning above the limits sensed in our egoistic desire. In this desire we feel a certain reality we call this world, in which we exist.

However, if a person has the opportunity, the aspiration, and the means to obtain the desire to bestow, through this desire he begins to sense a new reality, as it is said: “I saw a reverse world.” Then a person senses two realities: He continues to sense the old world in his desire to receive, and he perceives an additional, new world in his desire to bestow.

The egoistic desire has a certain time frame of existence within a person, and while it’s there, a person senses life in this world. The desire undergoes three stages: conception, nurturing, and adulthood (IburYenikaMochin). The desire grows through these stages and then gradually weakens, until it disappears completely.

These stages determine the sensation of our life: birth, childhood, and adulthood. A person lives his life, then grows older, and dies. One feels death because he can no longer feel anything in his desire to receive.

However, life within the desire to bestow isn’t as temporary as the corporeal life. In it we receive an unlimited perception of reality. It doesn’t depend upon our desire to bestow since bestowal is directed “outward,” unlike the egoistic desire that’s directed inward. This is why we always have the opportunity to develop. Our desire to bestow never runs out or dies because it continues to expand without any limitations.

For this reason, a person senses an eternal life within the desire to bestow. And because this fulfillment never ends, but on the contrary, becomes greater, such existence is called eternal and perfect. But in order to become familiar with this state, one must first carry out a course of actions to acquire the desire to bestow, in which he will sense his spiritual life.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/14/2011 on Mutual Guarantee

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