What You Have Inside Is What You Get Outside

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can we convey the idea of the global world to a child?

Answer: It is possible to give a clear example to older kids by bringing them to younger kids. For example, bring a group of ten-year-olds to a group of five-year-olds. After spending some time together they will see that the younger kids understand the world on a completely different level, completely differently.

We are all egoists and even if we grow up and get smarter, we are still in an egoistic system, which is the prism through which we look at the world. A five-year-old child sees the world according to his age. In the same way, according to our egoism we do not see the true world, but an egoistic one.

Therefore, when we call the world global and integral, we give these words an egoistic meaning. If “everyone is interconnected,” that means we have to use this situation for our benefit.

We do not understand that we have to change and create the same global and integral system within us. This means that out of all people and souls and all of the interconnections between them, I build the model of the whole world inside of me. I have to reflect the external world inside of me in order to maintain the right connection with it.

If the whole world outside of me lives by the altruistic law, if all of its parts are united for the sake of one goal, for the sake of the common harmony, then inside of me I must always be willing to include all the desires and souls, everything I am able to, according to the law of altruism. Through this system, which is my soul, I have to turn to the world.

Is it possible to make contact with the world by means of a dysfunctional instrument, not by the law of equivalence of form? In that case I don’t understand the world and it cannot get through to me.

Through these examples we can show children this principle: At every age we see the world differently, and likewise, in order to see a global, integral world, I must also be global and integral inside of me.

The science of Kabbalah brings us this correction. That is why it is being revealed in our days, and opposite to it, the global world is being revealed as well. It is necessary to disseminate this method which enables us to reach harmony with the modern world. Otherwise we will suffer.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/15/11

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