From The Outskirts Of Creation Back To Its Center

Dr. Michael LaitmanKabbalists, who explore the upper reality, explain to us that we started our entire evolution in the world of Infinity, Ein Sof, where we were all tied together as one man with one heart, into one point—that’s how strong our bond was. This bond was initially sustained by the force of the upper Light that controlled and fulfilled us.

But later on, we started to descend from this world of Infinity since our connection began to weaken. Between us, distance was formed, which kept growing (the worlds of Adam Kadmon, Atzilut, Beria, Yetzira, and Assiya in the drawing below), until we fell to the level of our present existence, the lowest degree of the world of Assiya.

From The Outskirts Of Creation Back To Its Center
This descent signifies that under the impact from Above, we gradually lost the Light that filled the space between us. The Light kept decreasing intentionally, on its own, and in the end, distance emerged between us. While in the world of Infinity we were all tied together, by the time we reached the world of Assiya we became withdrawn from each other at a great distance. Now we experience ourselves as two separate realities: yours and mine. Our ego, which rules us, is responsible for the gap that divides us. This is how everyone of us feels.

Now there are seven billion of such alienated egoistic-individualists in our world. But it’s true that in the world of Infinity we existed as one man! And in accord with our sensation, reality has changed as well since we experience it as the sensation in our desire, in our properties.

But we have to understand that we are dealing with two big discrepancies: the reality we feel and the reality where we, in fact, exist. We feel very alien from one another, far from perfection, eternity, and endless fulfillment, somewhere on the outskirts of the entire creation, in this transient world. And yet, the connection between us remains, and it is very strong. We are still tied by the mutual guarantee, as the same one man with one heart.

We simply don’t wish to follow these conditions, and that is the only problem. But nature mandates for us to be connected nonetheless. It’s just that this connection is revealed to us not at the level of the law in the world of Infinity, but in the extent that we have withdrawn from it.

In other words, we are not presently expected to meet all the conditions of guarantee that govern the world of Infinity in which we were absolutely connected with all our desires as one whole and there was only one soul in the center of all creation. We only need to understand that we remain tied together, you and I, and that there is a connection between us.

These ties exist between all of the souls who in the past were together but are distanced today. But we all have a need to return to the center we came from.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/14/2011 on Mutual Guarantee

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