What Does Nature Demand Of Us?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: In our world, there are many forms of unification. What unification does nature demand of us?

Answer: Nature expects us to be united as one man with one heart, to be a whole, global, integral system, similar to nature itself.

It wants us to feel each other, the needs of everybody, in thoughts and desires and to provide everybody with what he or she wants and lacks. It wishes us to support everybody in collective oneness.

This raises a lot of questions, but ultimately this is what nature requires of us. Nature wants us to resemble it: to be as one. After all, it itself is a unified system.

In this system we shouldn’t be a part that disturbs everybody, falls out of general perfection, and stands out with its corruptness. We shouldn’t be a cancerous tumor that is eating the body alive or a broken fixture that causes the engine to stall and overheat. We have to bring ourselves to correspondence with nature so as to correct ourselves at its speed.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/16/2011 on The Principles of Global Education

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  1. What does it mean to “correct oneself at the speed of Nature”? to be in “correspondance with Nature?
    What is this “connection” positive and negative, black and white, etc ………. opposites attract. What is the attraction and the connection? Is it Fire? Is it Light? is it “chemistry”?
    We have suffered a HUGE lack of electrical power that connects our homes, activities, and most all else in this world. that was a sign that something is happening beyond our control, isn’t it?
    Where does each individual fit in the huge puzzle of the whole? This UNITY? that we crave, what is it?

    Why does one fear “CONTROL” from the outside, and rebels about being connected as one with one mind and one heart and one universal body?
    It is SCARY indeed!

    Sorry about all the questions? Let them be! where is the solution? for me individually and for the group, Church, family, or other organizm that is hoping to be WHOLE and part of the whole.


  2. I surely don’t wish to be a “ROBOT” or and “AUTOMOTON”! Where the SOUL fit it all of this? the LIVING SOUL, the LIVING G_D?

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