Give My Desires Back To Me

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe environment is not people’s faces or their material bodies, but the desire or force that I receive from them. Then this desire becomes my own, becoming added to my point in the heart.

If I am able to receive from them the impression about the greatness of bestowal, the Creator, the spiritual goal, the desire to bestow, then I have the opportunity together with them to awaken the force of the Light that is concealed there. Then, under the Light’s influence, this desire begins to be corrected – meaning instead of the opposite side to show me the face of spirituality, the quality of bestowal, in which I reveal my life in the Light of bestowal. This is the revelation of the spiritual world, the Creator to the creatures.

That is why the Creator is called Boreh – come and see, meaning everything I received in the desires which I collected from the environment. The environment is my own desire, but seen from its opposite side and therefore seemingly relating to other people.

I received this desire from them and understood that it is my own, and therefore I want to attach is back to myself. However, spirituality is structured so that my AHP (lower part) is inside Galgalta Eynaim (the upper part) of other people. That is why I cannot return my AHP without receiving Galgalta Eynaim of everyone else.

It turns out that my receiving desires return to me, but together with the bestowing desires of others, meaning corrected desires, and I attach them to me together with the Light of Hassadim that fills them. Thus, the greatness of bestowal that I tried to receive from the environment is ready-made spiritual Kelim, desires in which I attain spirituality.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/16/11

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