One Small Fire That Lights Up Thousands Of Candles

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe have to know that besides the “point in the heartthe opposite side of the holy soul, we won’t receive anything else from above. Not one additional spiritual desire will awaken in me.

I have to receive everything else from the environment, which is where my spiritual Kli is found, meaning all the desires in which I will reveal the upper world, the Creator, spiritual life. This desire is called “the greatness of the goal” because that is how it is expressed in my sensation.

It seems to me that importance does not belong to the goal and that the goal is something else, but in fact, the importance itself is the spiritual Kli. It’s not by virtue of this importance that I will attain the goal, as if it were a compass determining the direction in which I have to run. Rather, the goal is precisely inside of this desire which I receive from the environment.

Feel how the spiritual desire differs from the material one—it spreads out to everyone, like air. This is not egoistic fulfillment which one person receives and another one lacks as a result. Spirituality does not decrease due to being divided when I pass it on to someone else. There’s enough of it for everyone! It’s the same as how you can light thousands of candles from one candle and the first fire won’t get any smaller.

Therefore, once I begin my spiritual advancement with just the point in the heart, I soon find myself at a crossroads and don’t know where to go. I no longer find any forces inside of me or the aspiration to continue. At that moment, where can I get the motivation, stimulus, and direction to come to the group and demand the greatness of the goal from it?

If I had that inner desire, then I would already realize it in some way. But what should I do if I don’t have it? Does the group have to take care to ensure that I will have the impression of the greatness of the goal, bestowal, or do I have to continuously look for this myself?

That is when we come to the notion of the mutual guarantee. In general we have to take care of everything in order to become a “spiritual environment” which awakens every person who enters it. It gives an example and stimulates one’s desires, showing that others have something that I don’t have. It ignites envy of spiritual attainment just like in this world I see other people’s cars and houses and this increases my desire.

Society has to take on the right form through which it will come forth in relation to every one of its members, ensuring that he won’t have a moment of rest. But a person has to have a point in the heart, his own awakening, in order to be like a spiritual seed that is planted in the soil in order to come in contact with the soil for the very first time. And this “soil,” the environment, has to be ready to give him everything he needs according to his first demand.

In this regard, we have to understand that every person working on elevating the goal for others is not helping them by doing this, but he is building this building of greatness for himself. He builds the common environment for everyone. The environment cannot be good for one person while being bad for another and so-so for a third party. It is mutual guarantee for everyone. Therefore, either we are all together in one boat and we all attain the goal, or, if someone falls short of giving enough efforts according to what he should in order to ensure the common awakening, then no one will reach success.

That is to say, every person should not worry about himself or about how can he get inspired from the environment by the greatness of the goal. If I worry that every one of my friends will have the sensation of the greatness of the goal, that is how I build my own Kli.

I cannot take care of myself because this will turn out to be egoistic. But if I take care of others, then this spiritual necessity comes back to me as a ready, perfect Kli.

We all connect into a single system where my lower part (AHP) connects with the upper parts (Galgalta Eynaim) of everyone else. Therefore, when I take care of everyone else with my AHP, then in response, I receive from them the sensation of their Galgalta Eynaim—the sensations of the desires of bestowal which I so lack.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/16/11

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