How To Forestall The Blows Of Nature

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Dear Dr. Laitman! We, your students in Japan, would like to know your opinion about what caused the misfortune that has befallen us: the earthquake and the tsunami. According to the forecasts, more blows are expected in the immediate future. Can all of us together forestall such events in Japan and, in general, in the world?

Answer: Nature guides us on the path of evolutionary development until we reach similarity to it. Blows and suffering that we feel are nature’s reaction to our lack of correspondence to it. The only solution to all crises is to reach balance with nature.

In general, it is achieved by the correction of our egoism. Our egoism is assessed by our attitude toward the connection with all of humanity as with a single whole. It is because nature relates to us precisely so, as to a single whole. Until we become as one, we will suffer.

It is said in The Book of Zohar (“Introduction of The Book of Zohar,” Items 66-81) that misfortunes first befall the best ones: in this case, Japan. But, as the blows intensify, they will affect the worse ones as well…. There is only one solution: to unite in love of the other and become a global, integral system like the entirety of nature. Then inside us, we will start feeling the fulfillment by the Creator.

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  1. Prior to modernization there were cultures with a deep connection and understanding of nature. For example, where I live in Canada the native people knew the tribe’s livelihood was dependent on nature. I’ve read they didn’t fight about god and their warfare was nothing compared to modern standards. It was only 150 years ago they were living like this. This is how many of us lived prior to civilization.

    What were these people doing wrong that required correction?


  2. Dear sir,

    I am deeply sorry for the events.

    Becoming one is such a good feeling of support and compassion.

    As people reach the critical mass of awakening the whole world will feel it.

    It is great that you are with us.



  3. Dear Rav.
    I see that every individual who is uncorrected is going through its own personal Apocalypse, and nations as individuals tunned in a nation will experience a different perception of the plagues, once you mentioned that for the final correction, only the necessary souls would be left, it feels that many lives will perish in order to get to the right amount of souls for the final correction. Its sad and if that is so the blow on humanity would be devastating. or can I say on Humanities EGO.

  4. Answer to Scott:

    More than likely, nothing. At least, not nearly as much as we are today. Many of our ancestors gradually became extemely egotisitcal, greedy and selfish. As they developed technology they destroyed these civilizations that were in harmony with nature.

  5. They weren’t doing anything wrong. It is said that the best among us will suffer and that means that any of us will be subject to suffering if the rest of us are out of balance . That is why the goal is so important. Together we must come into correction by the light that reforms. You can have a deep connection and understanding of the spiritual world, nevertheless, we are one soul and if mankind is out of balance, you will also be subject to suffering from natural events.

  6. You Japanese are so brilliant.Where is it comming from anf what is expected from you,knowing that you where aware of how dangerous and strong nuclear energy could be.You are one of the best humans for now.Thank you.

  7. As man continues to refuse to see that the feminine must be restored to balance with and within nature, nature will continue to show the imbalance by the acts of chaos that we are experiencing in this reality. All the worlds are becoming unbalanced do to man refusal to see wombman as a co-creator of life on this planet. War is not an act of creation, the ego has fed Mankind a terrible lie. who will wake up and see the pain mother Earth is suffering.

  8. I am of dutch origin Lived in Curaçao the last fifteen years and in my opinion it was a culture of low quality Since 4 months I live in Colombia (Cali) This is a very sick society A culture that creates a lot of room for criminality and drugs trafficking but on the other hand the people are polite, relatively happy and they share a lot of affection love, singing and dancing My lovely wife is Colombian
    I believe Colombia has enormous potential as an important source of love to make the world healthier. What I think to know of Japan is that love is caught in a lot of formalities Maybe the disaster will help to give more freedom to love in Japan to enrich the world not so much with its products as with its loving kindness

    My question is what can be done to make Colombia a healthy society Now there is not only enormous criminality, aggressive discrimination of women and terrible murdering organizations like FARC Presently the difference between poor and rich is so big that economic stability can not be realized What can we do to help this country in crisis ?

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