Is There Love In This World?

Dr. Michael LaitmanWhat is love in our corporeal world? It is an “animalistic,” material, egoistic love which enables us to enjoy one another. Parents instinctively love their children, and children instinctively love their parents, to the extent that they both receive what is desired from each other. And all this is filled with an egoistic intention.

Dampen the maternal instinct of a mother towards her own child and she will treat him the same as other children. He may as well starve, she will not care. This means that the parents’ feelings are an instinct and not love.

Love between sexes is caused by hormones. Inject a person with a certain compound, and his love will suddenly disappear, or on the contrary, awaken out of nowhere. This refers to a hormonal attraction.

All of this pertains to the animate level, and no more than that. Geneticists and biologists can explain the reasons for this in detail. But we naturally praise this feeling and attribute it a spiritual essence only because we receive the most pleasure from it, and accordingly, we want to elevate it in our eyes.

Moreover, there can be extreme love which causes a lot of damage. This is because when there are no limits to love, when it is devoid of tremor, it leads to hatred. When somebody loves me, I need to ensure that I do not allow them to love me too much, and they must ensure the same. Everything needs to have a true measure and proper weight. When love “overflows the boundaries,” it nullifies me, and then I begin to hate the person who loves me, I reject him or her.

We see this in the example of parents and children: The extreme love for a child causes disdain and hatred within him. And the child is not to blame; it is the adult’s fault since he does not limit his love, which means that he does not have a screen to go with it. We always must control the extent of our interaction. We will only be able to acquire “unlimited” screens in the world of Infinity, at the end of correction.

So, there is no point in speaking about love in our world as we only use one another as per usual. There is no need to reject or despise it, this is our life. For example, partners live together and take care of one another for many years. However, it is necessary to draw a distinction: Ultimately, I do it as a habit which becomes my second nature, out of desire and the egoistic impulses that awaken in me and become fulfilled by it.

But love in the spiritual world is absolute bestowal.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/4/2011 on Love

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