A Paycheck From The Upper Light

Dr. Michael LaitmanIf we honestly analyzed ourselves, what goes on with us in this world, what we are living for, in what form, how we waste our lives and for what purpose, we would reduce our consumption of natural resources to the bare necessities. We would redistribute all the surplus so as to provide it for the entire population of Earth. However, everybody’s participation in this must be mandatory.

If there is nothing to do for all these seven billion, they have to go to school. It will signify that they are earning “a living.” Who said that it is necessary to work 15 hours a day? Look how some primitive tribe lives, how much time they spend on preparing food and resting. But all we do is work, all our life.

We perform unnecessary actions. Life is not meant to fill the whole 24 hours with sleeping-eating-working. What is the worth of such life? All those who can’t be given a job to do must be seated to read Kabbalistic books. This will be their “earning” the Light that Reforms for everyone.

Those who desire to study must do so, while those who wish to work should work. There are people who can work only with their hands, and there are the opposite, those who can only produce ideas and are not drawn to manual work.

Everyone will have an occupation because he or she will merge with the Creator and thereby will channel the life force to us. So let them do it! Let them do nothing but sit with the others, study, and discuss their connection with the Creator. Thereby, they will be providing everyone with the life force, instead of food, clothes, and everything else. And then, the whole population of the world will have everything they need.

There is no need for anything but necessities. This is the way to work, the correct arrangement. Then, we can have another several billion people in the world: If they be working on making the connection with the upper Light, with the Creator, there will be total abundance in the world.

And this is the only path to harmony and real security.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/2/2011, Lesson on Money

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