How To Build A Passageway Into The Upper World

Dr. Michael LaitmanAll our prayers can only be for the desire to bestow. But when a desire does not come true for a long time, a person reaches despair because he still exists with desires to enjoy.

If I had bestowing desires, I would not despair. I would be fulfilled by my anticipation. But since my desires are egoistic, my aspiration to bestowal does not fulfill me.

That is when a person falls. It says: Woe to the one who abandons his efforts before he has completed them. That is when the group has to help a person endure so that he would be able to add another drop above that boundary of despair he has attained, no matter how much he is no longer able to. This is exactly the place where he has to add a little bit more effort—in the same place where it seemed that he has reached total despair, by using the additional force he received from the environment.

These additions are what build the passageway into the spiritual world. After all, they awaken us to an additional prayer, which is answered by the Light that comes and turns the desire into a bestowing one.

Then we begin to enjoy bestowal in which there can never be disillusionment! There is no restriction in the world of bestowal. The whole world is in front of you—go ahead, be fulfilled without any limits, infinitely! Do anything you want!

After all, if your intention is to bestow to the neighbor, then there are no restrictions for you.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/6/11, Writings of Rabash

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Three Degrees Of Security

Dr. Michael LaitmanThere are three levels of feeling secure about one’s future:

1. Material security, when everybody wishes to ensure a normal life for themselves for the present and future. (The wisdom of Kabbalah states that a person must ensure not only his today, but also tomorrow: to have a pension, medical insurance and not become a burden for the society).

2. Security provided by the society, when a person is surrounded by an environment where everyone takes care of all the others.

3. The third level of security is not provided by the money and earned material wealth or even the society, but comes from the Creator.

These are the steps we must ascend. It doesn’t imply a carefree attitude or cancel fears and problems. There will definitely be corporeal problems, just as today we are facing problems with food supply and even starvation, all of which is there to push us toward seeking the right kind of security.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/2/2011, Lesson on Money

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The Most Reliable Guarantee

Dr. Michael LaitmanMan’s basic need is stability and security: He wants a stable economy, living conditions, and physical health. This is a normal instinctive desire to feel secure, which is necessary for the animate body. Animals possess it as well and store food for the winter.

But since our egoistic desire is a degree higher than that of all other creatures, we want to have protection that would serve as life insurance to us; moreover, we think we will live forever. And besides, we wish to provide the most reliable security for our children.

Although we see that it does not work in practice, we still can’t drop the idea. We live in a very unstable and insecure world, and hence it is clear enough that it is impossible to provide any insurance for tomorrow for ourselves or our children by working hard in order to make lots of money.

It is a well known psychological problem. I would say that it is a spiritual problem because if we admit that there is the upper force that arranges our entire life and controls everything that happens to us, no matter what we do, then we cannot provide any security for ourselves.

Based on our life experience, we think that the richer, healthier, and stronger a person is, the more confident and content he may be regarding his future, compared to everyone else. But we see that even that it gives no guarantees and can change in an instant.

Therefore, the wisdom of Kabbalah offers a person another solution. If you connect with the upper force, the only force that rules the entire creation in every case and at any time, it will be the most reliable guarantee of your security.

We were intentionally given this sensation of insecurity, helplessness, fear, and all sorts of doubts so we may find the correct answer in them. That is, we feel insecure so as to realize what can truly give us a reliable security for every occasion in life.

You may think that the Creator is too distant, exists in some other world, and you don’t feel connected to Him (although you can get to know Him). But, here, in our world, the best type of security is to arrange for yourself an environment that will always support and assist you, an environment that would take responsibility for caring for everyone as much as it would care about all the others.

If man lived under conditions of this mutual assistance, it would provide him with security in everything as well.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/2/2011, Lesson on Money

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“Go And Earn From Each Other"

Dr. Michael LaitmanIt is said: “Go and earn from each other,” meaning that we constantly exchange, pass desires and fulfillments to each other, and everybody pays the other and fills him or her with something. Our world is a whole, global, and integral system where it is necessary to provide a covering on every desire, with which we “pay” for its realization and fulfillment.

In order for this whole system to reach its final state of perfection and harmony where all desires will be fulfilled and receive coverage, everyone has to acquire a screen on the desires unfolding within. In other words, everyone needs to have a “coverage,” “money,” to pay for all their needs.

It’s not required to pay with money. One can pay with a good attitude, a smile, mutual services, or labor: “You give me something, and I give you something.” It doesn’t have to be a commodity-money exchange since the definition of “money” is much broader than just paper bills.

Money is payment for the fulfillment of desire, which measures the need and its fulfillment. After all, we don’t know how big a desire is because it is hidden in us. Fulfillment comes from Above, and we can’t say anything about it in advance either. And only by the amount of exerted effort can we judge the value of something, observing how the need and its fulfillment meet by way of my effort, my screen. This is the only way to perform self-evaluation.

In the end, “money” measures the value of my spiritual Partzuf, the value of man. The greater his screen, his ability to tie his desire with the Light, the greater a person. And the greater a person, the closer he is to the Creator, which is defined by his “money,” that is, the size of the coverage, the screen.

In our world, money transforms into coverage of egoism. We do not cover our ego with it, but only increase it and try to fulfill it as it is, egoistically. As a result, we remain empty since fulfillment cannot be received and kept egoistically. If fulfillment enters without the anti-egoistic screen, but rather at the expense of our “fake” money, our egoism, it immediately doubles the desire, and we remain twice as empty as we used to be before.

It means that “the righteous earn twice, while the sinners lose twice,” that is, the latter feel twice as empty. But this internal void is also their revenue because in the end, it will lead them to correction, which is called the “path of suffering.”

Thus, our world develops due to the realization of egoistic desires. In the end, we find ourselves in a terrible, inevitable crisis. It isn’t a monetary crisis; it is a crisis of egoistic use of money. It is a gradual process, and we are yet to witness its full scope in the near future. It will unfold parallel to the wrongful use of one’s ego, exploitation of others, and so forth—all vices of egoism will get revealed at once.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/1/11, Lesson on Money

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Keeping The Environment Up High

Dr. Michael Laitman with StudentsHaving found the right environment, a person is ready to lower himself in front of it, to accept everything that he is told. At first, he sees the greatness in everything: in the teacher, the studies, and the friends.

However, after some time passes by, he begins to get used to it. He is given an opportunity to join the environment, and then it goes down: “Everything is fine. I am in my company, just as before. I am all set.”

In doing so, a person crosses himself out and rolls down. In his stupidity and pride, he does not understand that he is now being given an opportunity to get closer, to exalt his environment in his eyes. It has to become even higher for him than it was in the beginning.

However, a person looks at the world through a material prism. The friends are already familiar to him and not as great as before when he felt himself to be a humble guest among them. The study material gains coherence, and the teacher loses his previous greatness as well.

This is how egoism grows in order to give a person the opportunity to constantly exalt his environment anew. However, he does not use this “help against him” for the purpose of ascending, but leaves it down there. As a result, instead of ascending, he descends.

This way, people who deserve the ascent and the revelation of the Creator, not having had the chance to enter the environment, immediately start to descend, to neglect the means they had received. As soon as tomorrow, he looks at the environment differently than he looked at it yesterday. The teacher, the group, and the books lose their value in his eyes, albeit at different speeds.

That is why my work is to constantly exalt the importance of the environment: the teacher, the books, and the group. I need to ascend constantly, and not because someone needs my acknowledgment, but simply because I will not attain the greatness of the Creator otherwise.

The environment does not pose itself as something special, and that is why it is very difficult to value the friends. The teacher does not look like a great man either. It has always been difficult to keep the environment up high in Kabbalist groups. Still, we do not have any other way out. We have to begin to help our friends realize the importance of the group.

This does not mean that we have to act important or to artificially strut around with our greatness. It is impossible to pretend here since the Creator is concealed. The higher a person is, the less it is apparent, and the Creator is concealed more than everyone. This is a spiritual law.

That is why we have to increase the importance of the environment in general in order to attain the importance of the Creator through it. If this goal is not burning originally inside of us, if we do not build this system clearly from the greatness of the environment toward the greatness of the Creator, then we will not attain anything. On the contrary, negligence will only grow.

Today, the Bnei Baruch organization exists because I exist. Tomorrow, if I am not here, the same thing that happened to the Rabash’s group will happen: discord in all directions. That is why we need to exalt the essence of our society, its basis, its greatness, flowing from aspiration toward the greatness of the Creator.

If this constantly gains in importance and greatness, filling the head and heart of everyone; if I belong to, exists for, and merge with this; if I long for the greatness of the society because it leads me toward the greatness of the Creator; if I constantly feel this and if this is what moves me, then we will undoubtedly reach the goal in the shortest time.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/14/2011, Writings of Rabash

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