“Go And Earn From Each Other"

Dr. Michael LaitmanIt is said: “Go and earn from each other,” meaning that we constantly exchange, pass desires and fulfillments to each other, and everybody pays the other and fills him or her with something. Our world is a whole, global, and integral system where it is necessary to provide a covering on every desire, with which we “pay” for its realization and fulfillment.

In order for this whole system to reach its final state of perfection and harmony where all desires will be fulfilled and receive coverage, everyone has to acquire a screen on the desires unfolding within. In other words, everyone needs to have a “coverage,” “money,” to pay for all their needs.

It’s not required to pay with money. One can pay with a good attitude, a smile, mutual services, or labor: “You give me something, and I give you something.” It doesn’t have to be a commodity-money exchange since the definition of “money” is much broader than just paper bills.

Money is payment for the fulfillment of desire, which measures the need and its fulfillment. After all, we don’t know how big a desire is because it is hidden in us. Fulfillment comes from Above, and we can’t say anything about it in advance either. And only by the amount of exerted effort can we judge the value of something, observing how the need and its fulfillment meet by way of my effort, my screen. This is the only way to perform self-evaluation.

In the end, “money” measures the value of my spiritual Partzuf, the value of man. The greater his screen, his ability to tie his desire with the Light, the greater a person. And the greater a person, the closer he is to the Creator, which is defined by his “money,” that is, the size of the coverage, the screen.

In our world, money transforms into coverage of egoism. We do not cover our ego with it, but only increase it and try to fulfill it as it is, egoistically. As a result, we remain empty since fulfillment cannot be received and kept egoistically. If fulfillment enters without the anti-egoistic screen, but rather at the expense of our “fake” money, our egoism, it immediately doubles the desire, and we remain twice as empty as we used to be before.

It means that “the righteous earn twice, while the sinners lose twice,” that is, the latter feel twice as empty. But this internal void is also their revenue because in the end, it will lead them to correction, which is called the “path of suffering.”

Thus, our world develops due to the realization of egoistic desires. In the end, we find ourselves in a terrible, inevitable crisis. It isn’t a monetary crisis; it is a crisis of egoistic use of money. It is a gradual process, and we are yet to witness its full scope in the near future. It will unfold parallel to the wrongful use of one’s ego, exploitation of others, and so forth—all vices of egoism will get revealed at once.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/1/11, Lesson on Money

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