The Most Reliable Guarantee

Dr. Michael LaitmanMan’s basic need is stability and security: He wants a stable economy, living conditions, and physical health. This is a normal instinctive desire to feel secure, which is necessary for the animate body. Animals possess it as well and store food for the winter.

But since our egoistic desire is a degree higher than that of all other creatures, we want to have protection that would serve as life insurance to us; moreover, we think we will live forever. And besides, we wish to provide the most reliable security for our children.

Although we see that it does not work in practice, we still can’t drop the idea. We live in a very unstable and insecure world, and hence it is clear enough that it is impossible to provide any insurance for tomorrow for ourselves or our children by working hard in order to make lots of money.

It is a well known psychological problem. I would say that it is a spiritual problem because if we admit that there is the upper force that arranges our entire life and controls everything that happens to us, no matter what we do, then we cannot provide any security for ourselves.

Based on our life experience, we think that the richer, healthier, and stronger a person is, the more confident and content he may be regarding his future, compared to everyone else. But we see that even that it gives no guarantees and can change in an instant.

Therefore, the wisdom of Kabbalah offers a person another solution. If you connect with the upper force, the only force that rules the entire creation in every case and at any time, it will be the most reliable guarantee of your security.

We were intentionally given this sensation of insecurity, helplessness, fear, and all sorts of doubts so we may find the correct answer in them. That is, we feel insecure so as to realize what can truly give us a reliable security for every occasion in life.

You may think that the Creator is too distant, exists in some other world, and you don’t feel connected to Him (although you can get to know Him). But, here, in our world, the best type of security is to arrange for yourself an environment that will always support and assist you, an environment that would take responsibility for caring for everyone as much as it would care about all the others.

If man lived under conditions of this mutual assistance, it would provide him with security in everything as well.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/2/2011, Lesson on Money

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