Three Degrees Of Security

Dr. Michael LaitmanThere are three levels of feeling secure about one’s future:

1. Material security, when everybody wishes to ensure a normal life for themselves for the present and future. (The wisdom of Kabbalah states that a person must ensure not only his today, but also tomorrow: to have a pension, medical insurance and not become a burden for the society).

2. Security provided by the society, when a person is surrounded by an environment where everyone takes care of all the others.

3. The third level of security is not provided by the money and earned material wealth or even the society, but comes from the Creator.

These are the steps we must ascend. It doesn’t imply a carefree attitude or cancel fears and problems. There will definitely be corporeal problems, just as today we are facing problems with food supply and even starvation, all of which is there to push us toward seeking the right kind of security.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/2/2011, Lesson on Money

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One Comment

  1. Once again the burden is placed on the people with the least power in the equation. We see it in the ten commandments, where the children are admonished to behave thus and so, with no mention of the duties of parents to the children. I see no reason why dishonorable parents should be honored by their children. When my insurance company is in fact a claims denial company and my pension is robbed by its administrators, why shouldn’t I be a burden on society?

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