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A Few Words About Meticulousness

Dr. Michael LaitmanI recommend applying a thorough scrutiny at what we bring into ourselves. We can more reliably deal with the “animal’ needs, to satisfy the needs in food, sex, family life, etc., than to act in the group without analysis and scrutiny.

It is one thing to simply pass out and fall to the level of “bodily passions,” and it is different when your work in the group is not exactly correct. In this case you already exist at the human stage of corruptness and this is bad. It is worth it to apply meticulousness here.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12.3.13, Writings of Rabash

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The Welding Point Of The Souls

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe only thing we can ask for is connection, the welding points between two parts. This is the only thing we speak about, and it is only with regard to this issue that there are problems and wars. This welding point between two components is crucial to the condition of the world, and the entire struggle and the development of our reality take place in that point.

Even if I ask for myself, it isn’t for my personal benefit, but for being adhered to others. The world is whole. Everything in it is perfect, except for one corrupt vessel. There was a vessel and it was shattered. We can ask only for the correction of this vessel, and there is nothing else for which we can ask. However, you are asking for many other things.

Yet, you are told, “It isn’t true, you are wrong! Everything is fine. What aren’t you happy about? You need only one thing: to correct this vessel. If you correct it and put the vessel together again into one whole vessel, you will find great pleasures in it: delicious food, knowledge, feelings, warmth, health, whatever you want. You only need to correct this vessel, to put it back together.”

However, you are saying, “No, I want something pleasant and tasty,” and the answer you get is that this will happen the moment you put the vessel together and when it is whole again. The moment you put all its parts back together, you will discover all the pleasures in it. Yet, we are asking for everything we want, except that! It isn’t only your problem but the problem of every person in the world. People don’t understand that this is the only way to reach correction; it’s only through correction.

All the religions, beliefs, problems, and wars are only about this one issue: to connect or not to connect. We were given a means that allows us to reach connection and to solve all the problems in the world and overcome the hatred. The moment we begin to connect, all of nature also begins to connect: all the levels of the still, vegetative, and animate nature. The wolf and the lamb will live together in harmony and will obey the small child, as it says in Prophets.

Everything depends only on our desire to bring about and attain connection. We will be able to correct all of reality, our whole life, by such changes that apparently have nothing to do with our problems. It all depends on our connection. We only need to ask to be connected, welded, so that the good force will dominate us. We turn to the good force (to the Creator, to the attribute of love and bestowal) so that He will correct and fill us.

There is nothing but the point of unity, the drop of unity. This entire world that is before me now is the revelation of all the phenomena that are opposite from unity. It is for this reason that I see the stars, the earth, people, and all the phenomena that are external to the framework of unity. It is for this reason that these phenomena are called this world.

So, what should I think about: about this world or about unity? If I just worry and think about this world, then I will remain in the lie in which I have been living. So, I constantly play this game, spinning on the carousel of life. However, if I want to leave this fixed game and refuse to be a mere puppet in it, I need to think only about unity.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/25/13, Writings of Rabash

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Business Lunch

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe don’t know what bestowal is because our nature is a desire to receive. But with the help of particular activities, it’s possible to awaken the desire to bestow within us, which is found in us but hidden. For this, I must connect with the group and follow the advice of the Kabbalists, meaning, people who have already gone along this way successfully.

Therefore, we are building a group like this, connected around the idea of discovering the characteristic of bestowal in addition to the natural characteristic of reception that dominates us. Each one nullifies himself before the greatness of the goal which we must attain. And if all of us together try to discover the characteristic of bestowal that is latent within us, then this will happen. Through our efforts, we discover this characteristic from the concealment, awaken it within us, and obligate it to be revealed.

In order to succeed, we require only the right deficiency, yearnings that are directed towards discovering the characteristic of bestowal among us. It cannot be discovered within one person, for it’s up to him to bestow to someone. Even reception on a slightly higher level than simple beastly fulfillment is in relationships with another person from whom we want to receive and enjoy. But when speaking about bestowal, then this is only discovered between us; therefore, it cannot be revealed in one person.

The shared work for the purpose of discovering bestowal between us is called the organization of a group of Kabbalists. In particular, our group is called Bnei Baruch because we follow the method of my teacher Baruch Ashlag who wrote unique articles about the general rules of constructing a group of Kabbalists. The group is a means for discovery of the characteristic of bestowal.

When we reach a strong deficiency for this characteristic and discover it, then we begin to understand that it belongs to the higher force that is found above the force of reception that was always in us. We see that the new force that is revealed for us is the first force in reality that controls and determines, in contrast with the second force, the force of reception.

More correctly, it doesn’t just control; rather, it created the desire for pleasure in us and therefore we call it the Creator. When we discover it, we call it by various names: divinity, gracious, most merciful, patient, kind, generous, and so forth. “From your deeds we will know you”; we clarify how it makes various changes in us and in accord with this we give it different names. This is called the “revelation of the Creator to the creatures.”

We see that we are constantly changed thanks to our discoveries; that is, this power “creates” us anew all the time. We feel like a computer that is always upgrading its software and so it becomes more and more intelligent, sensitive, discovering more and more data. We discover that this power always acted for our benefit, both in the present and in all the events that have already happened. Since the beginning of creation it has passed us through various states called “incarnations.”

Every realization of a Reshimo that is changed every moment is called an “incarnation.” In the end we discover that all of the incarnations though which we have passed were for our benefit, and therefore we decide that the force of bestowal is the force of the good and beneficent Creator.

The main thing is to reach the right deficiency, a burning need to discover this force. To the degree of the sorrow, as a result of the lack of discovery, we acquire the readiness to accept the control of the higher force. We must accumulate the necessary degree of energy called a “Seah” in order to leap each time to a new level and discover the force of bestowal.

It’s like in a restaurant, where every dish has a certain price. Until I pay in full, I will not get it. That is exactly what happens with the “portions” of spiritual discovery that are composed of “ten Sefirot.” Every portion contains ten Sefirot, no less and no more, like a “business lunch” that includes everything, beginning from the salad to the dessert at the end of the meal. And it’s up to us to discover the deficiency, the “appetite,” for all ten Sefirot. This is called a “Seah.”

The deficiency depends only on the group. If we work correctly, each one for the group and the group for each one, then we easily reach the required deficiency. Everything depends upon us, there are no tricks. The Kabbalists wrote a multitude of articles about this for us; they left a multitude of material that explains how to increase our yearning for discovery of the Light, the power of bestowal, that is, to awaken the appetite for spirituality in us.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/22/13, Writings of Rabash

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Truth And Faith

Dr. Michael LaitmanThere are two states in our reality: One state is the level I am on now, feeling this world, myself, and everything around me. This is my reality, my life, everything that I feel.

However, the wisdom of Kabbalah tells us that there is another level that is above me and that is different from me in its attributes. My attribute is a desire to receive, and the attribute of the upper level, of the upper dimension, is a desire to bestow.

If I look at the two levels at once from the level of my life, I advance toward the goal of creation. I constantly take into account that there is an upper state above me that I must reach, and so my life is focused on and dedicated to this upper goal.

However, then I feel that I am split in my feelings, my perception, my understanding, and in determining my state. I must either accept everything according to what I feel—according to my desires and my attributes, my mind and my feelings—and thus assess my inner state as everyone does, or I can attribute myself to an upper level and assess how I see myself from there, from the direction that the Creator looks at me.

The upper level dominates and determines everything that happens to me now, so how can I imagine that I am on the next upper level? I must imagine that I have attained the attributes of the upper level that are totally focused on bestowal and that I feel the love of others, the love of friends, and the love of the attribute of bestowal itself that is called the love of the Creator. I imagine how I stop hating and the attribute of love and bestowal totally fills me, and that I feel it as a great pleasure.

In that case, I already see reality from the perspective of the upper, of the Creator. This means that my perception is split. If I sink into my state and determine everything from my attributes, feelings, and calculate according to the principle of “a judge has only what his eyes see,” it is called truth, my opinion, according to my real state and what I feel. On the other hand, I see things from an upper state to which I seemingly have ascended and how would I see, feel and judge what happens if I had the attribute of bestowal and love of others, as my ego is restricted.

This state is called faith, which means that there are two levels here: truth and faith. On the current level of truth, I feel deficiencies, incompleteness, discomfort, uneasiness, just like everyone in this world and even worse because I want to rise above that. In the state of faith, there is wholeness and nothing is lacking, and there is total peace and comfort. I am in adhesion with the upper force, and I see from one end of the world to the other filled with gratitude to the Creator.

I must be in these two states together! Then, I determine the direction from one state to another. It seems that it is easier to imagine things that way and that it is possible to remain in this double perception and to, each time, try to bring the future closer so that the attribute of love and bestowal through the group will really bring it to a higher level.

At the same time, there is the matter of the recognition of evil, the inability to ascend, and a prayer of many is born. We will have to collect and accumulate our efforts on account of my efforts by ascending and descending again and again, losing everything, and thus filling the sea of the Sitra Achra (the other side). This sea swallows all our efforts the moment a person falls, but later it will return everything according to the condition, “He hath swallowed down riches, and he shall vomit them up again.” Then, we are rewarded to ascend to an upper level.

We must get used to this work. However, it seems that it is perfectly possible to be on two levels simultaneously: truth and faith.
From the Preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/28/13

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We Are At The Beginning Of The Transition Period

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Giulietto Chiesa, Italian journalist and politician, former member of the European Parliament): “We are at the beginning of the transition period, which has no precedent in history. The history of the last three centuries comes to an end. Today it is clear that all the planet’s resources are almost exhausted. Therefore, all our realities, all of what we are used to will change; the civilization of money will end.

“It is really a global crisis. We have changed the course of nature.

“It is necessary to realize that the old democracy is dying; half of the population does not go to the polls; we need to create a new movement from below under the banner of self-restraint, to change ourselves and our lifestyle.

“But even those who could limit himself do not think about this because we are manipulated. People are turned into instruments of purchase. The brains of the majority are controlled. We live for the market; it dictates our actions to us. We are not free people. The media are silent about this, but they tell us what we should buy, that our scale of values is purchasing power. The media exists because of advertising and that is why they have to be nationalized. It is also necessary to nationalize all the banks that issue money; otherwise we lose control over money.”

My Comment: Everything is correct, except for one: no changes can be done without integral education because people do not believe in the possibility of change. We have to show them by what means you are going to change society. Otherwise the worsening of the crisis will lead to world war.

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The Safest Guide

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What is the most reliable sense that guides a person to the right goal of life?

Answer: When one understands clearly and accurately that it is only in this life and not after the body is dead that one attains the ascent to the spiritual world and can enter the spiritual world, in one’s yearning for connection and unity (for adhesion, love, and bestowal) with the friends in the group and not anywhere else, this means a person is locked on the target, on the center.

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The Indicator Of A Person’s Integrality

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What is the identifying mark of a person’s integrality in a collective?

Answer: The indicator of a person’s integrality is his yearning for the center of the circle (the collective).

For example, I have some kind of bad feeling; I became entangled in something; I don’t understand anything, I’m in a bad mood. In order to escape all of these sensations, I really want to sit together with my colleagues at work. The need is created in me for my collective. Among them I find a source of energy, trust, and mutual help. Even if we talk about something else, what is important to me is to find the center.

If the person is drawn to the center of the group (the collective) because there he needs to be connected to the source, to be charged up, this is a sign that he is already becoming an integral component.
From Kab TV’s “Through Time” 9/23/13

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The Backside Of Pure Knowledge

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: You have met with representatives of different spiritual movements several times. Can they support us when we approach the world?

Answer: The state of the Sufis is worse than ours. The difference between them and Islam is like the difference between us and religion. In contrast to Sufis, we can approach people freely, while they cannot even come out of their hiding place because of the great danger they are in. I met Sufis in Holland, England, and the US. They fled from the Arab states since they are hated by the modern fundamental Islam that is ready to operate only by force so that everyone will align with them like robots.

Question: Is being a Sufi a spiritual level?

Answer: Not really. But still, this level is above our world since they are above the desire to receive to some extent. The Sufis don’t have any real spiritual vessels since they don’t work along the three lines, but they do ascend a bit above the right line.

Question: But still, you tried to contact certain circles including scientists, politicians, and the World Wisdom Council. They really listened to your ideas…

Answer: In order to operate in this direction a person needs a desire, a need, an urge; he needs to feel an attraction to it. They don’t have this at the moment; they are indifferent at the moment.

See how many people speak out about ecological problems today and about the fact that enormous amounts of food are thrown away in rich countries while hundreds of millions in the world are hungry. It is clear that if people suffer in one place, and you discard in another, the problem is only the connection between people. If we can fix the connection between people, it will be possible to fix everything. It seems so simple but it turns out that no one can do it.

The point here is human nature that no one can correct and so everything stays the same. The desire for a change is not ripe yet. On the whole, every scientist dreams about discovering the meaning of life, but in the meantime they play with their guinea pigs and don’t look up…

Question: Will we still need science in the future when integral education will become part of people’s lives?

Answer: No. The truth is that there are no separate scientific fields: chemistry, physics, biology, zoology, botany, astronomy, etc.; there is only one wisdom: the science of life. We attain it in our desires, in our vessels. In other words, we become similar to reality and don’t need anything external any more. With Kabbalah I don’t need any external vessels in order to study external phenomena; no they open up in me.

Today, we study matter, its attributes and behavior, and then we process the data we receive in our mind, until we develop cells of sensation that enable us to experience the laws of nature. In fact, a scientist is a person who feels the part of nature that he studies.

Thus we follow a very long indirect path in order to acquire knowledge, a sensory response, and a kind of cooperation with the matter that we study as we become incorporated in it. Our familiarization with matter is quite limited.

On the other hand, we can develop inner vessels without external research, without the indirect path from mind to feeling, without the artificial framework of the phenomenon that we observe on the outside. I can swallow and absorb all the matter of the world and discover that it is inside me and not on the outside. Then a giant lab will be formed inside me in order to study reality, and I will not need different scientific subjects anymore. After all, the wisdom of Kabbalah includes them all.

A Kabbalist needs scientists in order to explain the different aspects of the wisdom of Kabbalah, but not for himself.

Question: So it turns out that he can study the structure of molecules and atoms by himself, for example?

Answer: If we provide him with the specific scientific vocabulary, he will explain why they act in a certain way. He only needs the terminology.

One way or the other, we will not need science in its current form when we begin to ascend spiritually. Why do we need genetic engineering, for example, if we already know how to implement the same thing on the level of the forces they stem from? Why should we deal with external features if we have access to internality?

What is more, after a person begins the correction, he will want to put an end to everything that harms him and others. So we will leave different parts of practical science since today we see that it only brings about harm. The use of pure science in our world is a dirty business.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/27/13, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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Communication Is Not Just A Wire And A Wave

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: In a workshop, is it possible to seat people around a table with tea and cookies instead of just in a circle of chairs?

Answer: No tables, and no tea with cookies!

If a person is included in the right way in a workshop, then he simply detaches from his body. All sensations of the physical body are lost to him. He immerses in discussions, discernments; one says this and another say something else. The possibility of determining differences between the friends appears within him. He “feels” each of them: their style, expressions, and inner world. This is imperative for him, for after all, he must become integrated with them.

A person doesn’t need to be concerned about how to convey the Light to others but how to connect with them through desire, that is, how to contact to their contact like a plug in an outlet. In general, how the Light is transmitted doesn’t concern him. He wants to connect with the desire of the friend, like a male part and a female part, and then the Light will pass through him. In this manner, he does his work, and the Creator does His work.

After all, when we beget children, we don’t think at the time of the coupling about merging the male and female cells to form a new organism. If we had thought about this, then it wouldn’t have worked. I am serious! You can’t imagine what kind of work is being done in a workshop! It is much higher, subtler, and more internal than the action of conception. You turn into a channel for the Upper Light through which the Light streams into the friend. It is forbidden to make light of this!

You need to think about how to attain a connection like this. Together with this, your friend is playing a relatively passive role here since he is representing the feminine part in regard to the masculine part, and you, in your turn, represent this in regard to the other, and he in regard to a third. This is called mutual integration, for in each one of us there exists a masculine and feminine part.

On the one hand, you imagine the friend as a pauper. You need to give him everything, even if you only had one pillow left. On the other hand, you must, yourself, be a pauper in relation to him since you will not receive from the Creator what you can receive from the friend. Only he can connect you to the Creator. Therefore, in relation to this connection, you are the pauper and he is the rich person, and thus it is for each one of us. Try to connect with each other in this way, with your desires, and fulfill them. Then, you will see how a completely new space is revealed to you that ultimately will become spiritual.

The concept of “communication” is not just a wire and a wave. This is not just a ray of Light. Inside, there exists an entire world of information and energy! This is what you now want to discover in the connection between you and the friend.

When you enter into this relationship, you feel how all this passes through you and after that, gradually expands and creates an infinite spiritual frequency above the frequency of our world. Therefore, an emotional, informative, great, and absolutely new dimension is opened before you. You must penetrate into this.
From the Talk about Group and Dissemination 10/23/13

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