The Backside Of Pure Knowledge

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: You have met with representatives of different spiritual movements several times. Can they support us when we approach the world?

Answer: The state of the Sufis is worse than ours. The difference between them and Islam is like the difference between us and religion. In contrast to Sufis, we can approach people freely, while they cannot even come out of their hiding place because of the great danger they are in. I met Sufis in Holland, England, and the US. They fled from the Arab states since they are hated by the modern fundamental Islam that is ready to operate only by force so that everyone will align with them like robots.

Question: Is being a Sufi a spiritual level?

Answer: Not really. But still, this level is above our world since they are above the desire to receive to some extent. The Sufis don’t have any real spiritual vessels since they don’t work along the three lines, but they do ascend a bit above the right line.

Question: But still, you tried to contact certain circles including scientists, politicians, and the World Wisdom Council. They really listened to your ideas…

Answer: In order to operate in this direction a person needs a desire, a need, an urge; he needs to feel an attraction to it. They don’t have this at the moment; they are indifferent at the moment.

See how many people speak out about ecological problems today and about the fact that enormous amounts of food are thrown away in rich countries while hundreds of millions in the world are hungry. It is clear that if people suffer in one place, and you discard in another, the problem is only the connection between people. If we can fix the connection between people, it will be possible to fix everything. It seems so simple but it turns out that no one can do it.

The point here is human nature that no one can correct and so everything stays the same. The desire for a change is not ripe yet. On the whole, every scientist dreams about discovering the meaning of life, but in the meantime they play with their guinea pigs and don’t look up…

Question: Will we still need science in the future when integral education will become part of people’s lives?

Answer: No. The truth is that there are no separate scientific fields: chemistry, physics, biology, zoology, botany, astronomy, etc.; there is only one wisdom: the science of life. We attain it in our desires, in our vessels. In other words, we become similar to reality and don’t need anything external any more. With Kabbalah I don’t need any external vessels in order to study external phenomena; no they open up in me.

Today, we study matter, its attributes and behavior, and then we process the data we receive in our mind, until we develop cells of sensation that enable us to experience the laws of nature. In fact, a scientist is a person who feels the part of nature that he studies.

Thus we follow a very long indirect path in order to acquire knowledge, a sensory response, and a kind of cooperation with the matter that we study as we become incorporated in it. Our familiarization with matter is quite limited.

On the other hand, we can develop inner vessels without external research, without the indirect path from mind to feeling, without the artificial framework of the phenomenon that we observe on the outside. I can swallow and absorb all the matter of the world and discover that it is inside me and not on the outside. Then a giant lab will be formed inside me in order to study reality, and I will not need different scientific subjects anymore. After all, the wisdom of Kabbalah includes them all.

A Kabbalist needs scientists in order to explain the different aspects of the wisdom of Kabbalah, but not for himself.

Question: So it turns out that he can study the structure of molecules and atoms by himself, for example?

Answer: If we provide him with the specific scientific vocabulary, he will explain why they act in a certain way. He only needs the terminology.

One way or the other, we will not need science in its current form when we begin to ascend spiritually. Why do we need genetic engineering, for example, if we already know how to implement the same thing on the level of the forces they stem from? Why should we deal with external features if we have access to internality?

What is more, after a person begins the correction, he will want to put an end to everything that harms him and others. So we will leave different parts of practical science since today we see that it only brings about harm. The use of pure science in our world is a dirty business.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/27/13, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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