Communication Is Not Just A Wire And A Wave

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: In a workshop, is it possible to seat people around a table with tea and cookies instead of just in a circle of chairs?

Answer: No tables, and no tea with cookies!

If a person is included in the right way in a workshop, then he simply detaches from his body. All sensations of the physical body are lost to him. He immerses in discussions, discernments; one says this and another say something else. The possibility of determining differences between the friends appears within him. He “feels” each of them: their style, expressions, and inner world. This is imperative for him, for after all, he must become integrated with them.

A person doesn’t need to be concerned about how to convey the Light to others but how to connect with them through desire, that is, how to contact to their contact like a plug in an outlet. In general, how the Light is transmitted doesn’t concern him. He wants to connect with the desire of the friend, like a male part and a female part, and then the Light will pass through him. In this manner, he does his work, and the Creator does His work.

After all, when we beget children, we don’t think at the time of the coupling about merging the male and female cells to form a new organism. If we had thought about this, then it wouldn’t have worked. I am serious! You can’t imagine what kind of work is being done in a workshop! It is much higher, subtler, and more internal than the action of conception. You turn into a channel for the Upper Light through which the Light streams into the friend. It is forbidden to make light of this!

You need to think about how to attain a connection like this. Together with this, your friend is playing a relatively passive role here since he is representing the feminine part in regard to the masculine part, and you, in your turn, represent this in regard to the other, and he in regard to a third. This is called mutual integration, for in each one of us there exists a masculine and feminine part.

On the one hand, you imagine the friend as a pauper. You need to give him everything, even if you only had one pillow left. On the other hand, you must, yourself, be a pauper in relation to him since you will not receive from the Creator what you can receive from the friend. Only he can connect you to the Creator. Therefore, in relation to this connection, you are the pauper and he is the rich person, and thus it is for each one of us. Try to connect with each other in this way, with your desires, and fulfill them. Then, you will see how a completely new space is revealed to you that ultimately will become spiritual.

The concept of “communication” is not just a wire and a wave. This is not just a ray of Light. Inside, there exists an entire world of information and energy! This is what you now want to discover in the connection between you and the friend.

When you enter into this relationship, you feel how all this passes through you and after that, gradually expands and creates an infinite spiritual frequency above the frequency of our world. Therefore, an emotional, informative, great, and absolutely new dimension is opened before you. You must penetrate into this.
From the Talk about Group and Dissemination 10/23/13

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