Dissolving In The Cup Of Unity

Dr. Michael LaitmanDuring the workshop, imagine you are in your soul and that the ten people sitting with you in a circle aren’t just people but a connection that creates the vessel of your soul. We discover such a connection among us as we receive material, a desire, the general collective vessel, in which the Light is revealed.

The desire and the Light together will give us the feeling of the spiritual level on which we will feel a special force that builds and sustains this level, which means the Creator, and which includes all the desires and the Lights. We have to imagine all this during the workshop.

A soul is our mutual bestowal. You are sitting in a circle of ten people and you have to imagine a network of mutual bestowal that connects you all. Each one feels that he annuls himself in it and that he is incorporated in the general desire. There is no I, you, or he that bestows upon others; everyone bestows upon everyone. To the extent that each one totally disappears and instead of ten people and the field among them, there is only the connecting field that remains and the people seem to disappear.

This field is called a spiritual “vessel,” our attitude, the desire to bestow upon one another. Accordingly the Light dresses in this desire of mutual bestowal.

This desire of mutual bestowal is called a “soul,” and the Light that fills it is called the “Light of the soul,” its life, its vitality, NRNHY. There is no other reality! It is into this reality that you enter more deeply each time and begin to feel that this is where all of humanity is, all the forces, and all the relationships. This is where you discover the Creator.

You become unlimited, because before that you annulled yourself and entered the field that connects you. By that you erase all the boundaries: It isn’t by absorbing an unlimited amount but by being incorporated unlimitedly in others, as if getting lost in them.

Thanks to that you begin to feel this whole vessel. This is called a desire to bestow that actually reshapes you and gives you a limitless form.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/24/12, Writings of Rabash

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