The Center of the Group Appears Between Us

Dr. Michael LaitmanDuring the process of integral discussions, it doesn’t matter whether you are right or wrong. For me it is only a way to “come out of myself” and turn into another person. In this way I begin to understand how it is possible to feel others within me. We must reach a state when we will begin to feel the common opinion, the common desire, the common mind. Moreover, it doesn’t matter whether the answers of others are correct because there are only ten small egoists gathered in the circle.

People in the group can be on different levels of development and their answers can be absolute nonsense. But this does not matter to me. I do not want to be clever. I am working on rising above my reason. So when I listen to the answer of another, I only care about including myself in him, understanding him; I am ready to be with my friend in his answer and come out of myself as if I were turning into him.

What matters to me is the action because during the process of the dialog, the ability to acquire a new sensor, a new collective sense, appears when I perceive and analyze everything outside of myself, outside of my egoism. I acquire the exit from my isolated inner world.

In the end, I begin to perceive that I am included in others. It is important for me to hold on to this common state, our common interconnection that is born between us—the common desire and the common mind. Moreover, this common desire and common mind repeatedly interact between us in such a way that eventually something that we refer to as the center of the group appears.

The center of the group is the image of an integral person who consists of a single heart (desires) and a single mind (thoughts).
From KabTV’s “Integral World” 11/27/12

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