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Fundamentals Of Kabbalah – 01.27.13

A Virtual Lesson on Fundamentals of Kabbalah

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When Will Our Childhood Be Over?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: If we don’t understand what bestowal is, then how can we work on our faith in the Creator and His greatness?

Answer: We work like children who play with faith as with a toy, and with bestowal as a game. This is called the time of preparation when we deal with the imitation and not with real bestowal; it’s as if we bestow. When through the study we reach such a state, we are already given some serious work.

We are given the powers for that from Above when it’s clear that we will not use them to harm others. Only then are we allowed to bestow. The force of receiving is not dangerous, and I don’t go out of my way because of it. But if I use the force of bestowal incorrectly I can cause great harm.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/24/13, Writings of Rabash

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A Spiritual Progression

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can we turn a person’s intention into the intention of many, into the “prayer of many“?

Answer: There is a big difference. If I think about society, trying to connect with them in order to convey the Light that they expect, it’s called a “prayer of many,” a “public prayer.”

If every individual in the group acts this way, we form the area of the collective general deficiency where everyone, by being included in everyone, already forms a spiritual progression. I think about everyone, you think about everyone, and so does the whole group. Then each one multiplies his intensity by the number of the people for whom he wants to ask for a filling. It turns out that this prayer already becomes a spiritual vessel. The spiritual vessel is a result of the connection. If I pray for you and you pray for me, then each of us includes the other inside him. Then our desires that include one another connect and create a spiritual vessel among them.

A Spiritual Progression

This means that the parts of our desires in which I pray for you and you pray for me connect. Their connection becomes a spiritual vessel. The parts in which each one is for oneself remain below.

It turns out that you influence the Light only by your mutual inclusion with each other, where you include him inside you and he includes you inside him. So one person doesn’t operate in spirituality, there have to be at least two, as it says: “The minimum of many is two.” As well, “Either together or death,” which means that either you have a friend with whom you perform a spiritual action or you are dead, and have no chance to draw the Light that Reforms.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/24/13, The Zohar

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The Beginning Of The Spiritual Work Has Started

Dr. Michael LaitmanRabash, “The Entrance into the Work”: The beginning of the work must be in Lo Lishma (not for its sake), which means that by believing in the Creator one will have a life of pleasure. This means that if he does this, which is called faith, then he feels elation and has higher mental powers than he has when he doesn’t perform this action.

It turns out that this is a unique quality by which he can taste greater tastes in quantity and in quality than he tastes when he performs other special actions that bring him pleasure… pleasures and unique qualities bring him limited pleasures in quantity and in quality. However, the unique quality of faith brings him greater pleasure in quantity and in quality. And all this is called Lo Lishma since his entire intention was only in order to attain a greater pleasure.

Only after he attains the level that is called Lo Lishma, is he rewarded with other phenomena and comes to a higher state. This means that he has no self-interest, but all his interests and thoughts are true. This means that his entire intention is only to annul himself in the true reality, feeling that he only has to serve the King since he feels the King’s supremacy and His importance.

Then he forgets, which means that he has no need to worry about himself in any way, since he annuls himself like a candle before a torch because he feels the Creator’s presence. Then he is in the state of Lishma (for Her sake), to bring contentment to the Creator, and all his worries and desires are as to how he can bring the Creator pleasure. And his own reality, which means the desire to receive, does not exist at all. Then he is considered one who bestows in order to bestow.

I think that you have already felt these two states at the convention. The first is when a person yearns to receive the spiritual pleasure for himself, whether he admits it or not, and does it only for self-benefit. By that he hopes to attain a good life in this world and in the next world, to gain more and change his fate for the better. In all his accounts there is only: “I, I, I,” and he cannot take himself out of the picture.

This happens unconsciously. Even if a person tries not to take himself into account, the moment he doesn’t succeed, he gradually returns to himself each time. Then he finds out that self-benefit, personal interest, was always in the spiritual picture he yearned for. So his participation in the group, the inclination to the Creator, the work, and the efforts depend only on his feeling that all this would pay off.

The realization that he operates only for himself is already a revelation. In the meantime he performs actions without the right intention, which means with his natural egoistic intention, and not in order to bestow by not detaching the action from self-benefit.

But thanks to such actions of Lo Lishma, he goes through four phases of development: 1. to receive in order to receive, 2. to bestow in order to receive, 3. to bestow in order to bestow, 4. to receive in order to bestow, and all this is in the state of Lo Lishma.

Thus he clarifies what is “allowed” and what is “forbidden” in Lo Lishma since these four states are the ones that determine the combination of his actions and his intention. But due to the fact that a person performs all these “malicious acts” because of his innate ego since he has no choice, the evil inclination created by the Creator, the upper Light constantly operates on him, and gradually bit by bit, takes him out of the slavery to the ego, cleaning him from the intention of in order to receive for himself.

He attains the level in which he begins to think about self-annulment, he feels a great measure of grace and attraction, he begins to value devotion and self-annulment, not under the pressure of sufferings, but because he values the attribute of bestowal itself more and more to such an extent that he eventually annuls himself.

If a person delves into this and works on this persistently, then after a short while he receives the attribute of bestowal from the Light: Then he forgets, which means that he feels no need to care about himself in any way since he annuls himself as a candle before a torch because he feels the presence of the Creator.

But he annuls himself not for self-benefit, but by raising the actual state of self-annulment. “Then he is in a state of Lishma, to bring contentment to the Creator, and all his worries and desires are as to how he can bring the Creator pleasure, and his own reality, which means the desire to receive, does not exist at all. Then he is in a state of one who bestows in order to bestow.

We began the clarifications of self-annulment in the Arava convention. We felt it in the general mass of the participants as one. Now we have to continue by focusing more on this point so that all the distances and the interruptions that come up in the time between the conventions will help us. They will provide us with the thickness that we need to annul in order to annul ourselves.
From the Preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/24/13

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David Cameron: “Don’t Force Political Union”

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from Reuters): “British Prime Minister David Cameron told European leaders on Thursday that any attempt to force countries into ever-deeper political union was a mistake that Britain would not be part of. …

“’Countries in Europe have their histories, their traditions, their institutions, want their own sovereignty, their ability to make their own choices, and to try and shoehorn countries into a centralised political union would be a great mistake for Europe, and Britain wouldn’t be part of it,’ he said in a speech.”

My Comment: He is right. It is not worth getting closer. I must be prepared in advance to live with another person in one room. It is necessary to implement integral education first, and only then to the extent of its impact on the European nations, bring them closer together, up to a single country—only this approach will be beneficial.

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The Rich Plan To Become Richer In Davos

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Aditya Chakrabortty, columnist): “More than 2,500 business executives and bankers will converge on the highest town in Europe for the annual World Economic Forum. …

“The theme of this year’s conference is ‘Resilient dynamism.’

“As participants acknowledge, the real business lies in private sessions with industry peers and amenable politicians, and access to those starts at around £98,500.

“And this is what makes Davos so fascinating: it is the most perfect case study of how the practitioners of free-market, globalised capitalism give the public one explanation for what they are doing and why, while privately pursuing the complete opposite. … From its inception, the whole point of Davos has been to promulgate the gospel of free-market fundamentalism. …

“And it’s true: unlike previous generations of the ultra-wealthy, many of the modern super-rich work for a living, in running major businesses or in finance (although the Davos guestlist still includes plenty of sheikhs and royals). But that doesn’t mean they truly earn the millions they claim. …

“Take a look at who’s in the Davos set. Last spring, two American academics, Jon Bakija and Brad Helm, and a US Treasury official, Adam Cole, published the most comprehensive analysis yet of the richest 0.1% earners, based on tax returns. Of these top dogs, nearly two in three were top corporate executives and bankers. And the story in both those professions has not been of brilliant returns to shareholders or vast improvements for society, but of wealth extraction and lobbying politicians, Davos-style.

“Earlier generations would have known what to call this Davos set of wealth extractors and rip-off merchants. Andrew Sayer, a Lancaster professor working on a book to be called Why We Can’t Afford The Rich totes up the terms: Ruskin referred to such wealth as illth, the liberal JA Hobson as ‘improperty.’ Only now, the top 0.1% are able to conceal what they’re up to in plain sight.”

My Comment: Until people decide that only through changing themselves will they correct the world and that otherwise they will destroy themselves, everything will continue as dictated by our egoism, and everything will be done only for its sake, even if it does not lead to the better. After all, our nature is like the serpent that absorbs everything but is not sated. Only immense suffering will compel us to kill it (the path of suffering) … or we can come to the awareness that it is something that brings death (the path of awareness, Light).

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A Pump That Pumps The Desire

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe can compare the ascents and descents to a pump in which a piston goes up and down. When the piston goes down, air is expelled from the opening in the wall of the pump. But then this valve closes and the piston begins to rise and creates a vacuum, thus pulling out part of the material from the cylinder, and it goes into your vessel. And you have to build a Masach (screen) on top of it.

A Pump That Pumps The Desire
This happens each time you are in an ascent or a descent. You take out some of the material of the desire from inside and add it to the work. When it enters your vessel, it’s already a desire that is ready for work. In the cylinder itself there is all the infinite desire that you gradually pump out of there, just like a pump, and it’s done by your ascents and descents.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/24/13, Writings of Rabash

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A Temporary Retreat In Order To Leap Ahead Once Again

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Sometimes by revealing the ego inside me, I feel that I can’t get rid of it; that I can’t attain the goal.

Answer: That’s true. But this is already the next level. For example, I brought a friend a present yesterday and I thought that I really loved him and that I was so devoted to him.  And today I discover what I did not understand yesterday: It turns out that I did this since I calculated things for my own benefit. Yesterday I couldn’t see my thought to the end; I couldn’t discern my desire; only my love toward the friend was revealed to me. And now it turns out that I was pursing my self-interest in this love.

Thus, what was concealed from me yesterday is revealed today, so what should I do now?

First, I don’t regret what happened yesterday. I did what I did according to my powers, and it’s thanks to my action that I reveal the next level today, a thicker desire, which is much deeper with an intention of in order to receive for myself. So what? Now I approach the correction.

This happens time after time, and so it says, “What is waste for the upper is food for the lower.” Now I try to make efforts to adapt myself to the upper, and he presents me with an example, “Look, this is Me, you can be like Me, which means not using the vessels of receiving, restricting them, and adhering to Me, doing your best to act like Me.”

This means that I restrict my AHP, and adhere to His AHP with my GE, and thus rise. First, I must isolate my GE from my AHP. I annul it and perform the first restriction (Tzimtzum Aleph – ZA) on it and use only the vessels of bestowal toward the AHP of the upper.

If we become equal, my GE and His AHP becomes ten Sefirot. By that I adhere to the upper and “enter” Him, and am now called an “embryo (Ubar),” and the upper AHP becomes a womb for me. Thus I constantly rise to Him by increasingly annulling myself time after time.

Question: But it is precisely in that moment that I usually want to escape from the group. How can I stay in it? How can I continue the work despite everything?

Answer: I can only say one thing: Your urge to escape from the group indicates that the Creator, the Light, shows you several additional desires by which you can now enter the upper. However, without these interruptions you couldn’t penetrate Him. So now you develop the right attitude toward Him.

The escape is also necessary since otherwise you wouldn’t feel the additional desire. You have to feel the additional desire, to regret it, to come back to the group again, and to start working in order to receive the Light that corrects the desire. When you correct the additional desire, you are incorporated in the upper again. Such a circle should be drawn.

Suppose you adhere to the upper, but you haven’t entered the upper yet. Now comes a certain interruption: (Boom!), and from the blow that you receive on the head you forget everything. This happens so that you will make the whole circle, connect to the group again, return to the starting point again, and continue.

A Temporary Retreat In Order To Leap Ahead Once Again
Thus you “digest” the desire that has awoken that throws you in different directions. Suddenly you don’t come to the lessons or don’t use your spare time purposefully (you go to the cinema instead of disseminating). You have to feel the heavy desire that you received (+), regret it (-), and turn to the group. Then, when the group influences you by the Light that Reforms (O”M) you decide to adhere to the upper again, no matter what.

Eventually you return, having acquired a greater power that enables you to overcome the interruption, you enter the upper, like an embryo, and adhere to the “wall of the womb.”

So after the theoretical explanations, only a strong united group can help you, only in it can you advance. Accordingly, a person who lives far away from the friends should worry about that even more.

It’s not good if a person has to be in contact with friends over great distances; it’s even worse if he can’t listen to lessons live, and what’s even worse is if he is not part of a group. One should constantly make sure that the interruptions in the connection between us should be beneficial and not harmful.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/23/13, Shamati #9

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Wait Or Move Forward?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How should we relate to the states of confusion and blurriness after the convention? Can we do anything or should we simply wait for them to go away by themselves?

Answer: Under no circumstances should you wait! In spirituality you should never wait for anything, you should only move forward!

Believe me, I am not lying to you. When I, just like any of us until the end of correction, feel a kind of fogginess, blurriness, lack of desire, and suddenly deteriorate into tough states, I don’t lose my head. We must clearly realize that it comes from the Creator, that I was given the next spiritual level, which is revealed with its thickness, as it says, “And the evening and the morning were one day”; thus, everything is fulfilled and so I am happy about that.

In fact I am happy when I go through such times, because for me it doesn’t take long. In the past it could last for two months, while now it takes a couple of minutes, but these minutes are very joyful. I feel what I will attain by what I have just invested, what my additional ego will bring me in attainment. I immediately rush to the computer and begin to work on some materials. I don’t see anything at all on the screen! But I work mechanically, correcting The Zohar texts or articles by Baal HaSulam and Rabash, adding commas and periods here and there.

I sometimes sit like an idiot and after several minutes everything passes. Now it takes a couple of minutes, whereas in the past it could take a week and even longer. Gradually it takes less time, but in order for that to happen, we should work on these states. They become shorter to the extent that you begin to understand that there are no descents and that this is the next level.
From the Virtual Lesson 1/20/13

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