Wait Or Move Forward?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How should we relate to the states of confusion and blurriness after the convention? Can we do anything or should we simply wait for them to go away by themselves?

Answer: Under no circumstances should you wait! In spirituality you should never wait for anything, you should only move forward!

Believe me, I am not lying to you. When I, just like any of us until the end of correction, feel a kind of fogginess, blurriness, lack of desire, and suddenly deteriorate into tough states, I don’t lose my head. We must clearly realize that it comes from the Creator, that I was given the next spiritual level, which is revealed with its thickness, as it says, “And the evening and the morning were one day”; thus, everything is fulfilled and so I am happy about that.

In fact I am happy when I go through such times, because for me it doesn’t take long. In the past it could last for two months, while now it takes a couple of minutes, but these minutes are very joyful. I feel what I will attain by what I have just invested, what my additional ego will bring me in attainment. I immediately rush to the computer and begin to work on some materials. I don’t see anything at all on the screen! But I work mechanically, correcting The Zohar texts or articles by Baal HaSulam and Rabash, adding commas and periods here and there.

I sometimes sit like an idiot and after several minutes everything passes. Now it takes a couple of minutes, whereas in the past it could take a week and even longer. Gradually it takes less time, but in order for that to happen, we should work on these states. They become shorter to the extent that you begin to understand that there are no descents and that this is the next level.
From the Virtual Lesson 1/20/13

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