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The Force That Affects Unity

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What are the components of the force that affects the unity of friends?

Answer: The total sum of the spiritual force is made up of our aspirations for the next higher state. Each one individually has no spiritual force, but if we annul ourselves relative to others and begin to connect between ourselves, our connection forms the field, the network, in which the Creator is manifested.

Each of us is just a point, not even a vector. A vector appears when we mutually connect with each other.

The force that unites us is the upper Light, the manifestation of the Creator.

There is nothing but the Creator and what He has created—our egoistic desires. The manifestations of the Creator in relation to us are called the Light, and they have the other side, the direct side, Hassadim, Hochma, various NRNHY, fractions of the Light, its modifications.

By trying to unite among ourselves to reveal the properties of the Creator, the quality of bestowal and love, we draw, according to our efforts, His closeness to us, not by His command and desire, but by ours!

The law, similar to the effect of a magnetic field, functions here: I strive to connect with my friend, wish that the Creator is revealed between us, and thus I bring about the attraction of the Creator towards us. This is an absolute law, and nothing depends on Him; He does not decide anything. He establishes one law, and this law is carried out because the law of nature or the Creator is one and the same. That is why, as soon as we strive to get closer to each other, our closeness with the Creator appears immediately. This desire gradually brings us closer, revealing a mutual force between us, as if feeding it.

Similarly, a child’s development occurs in our world; he makes an effort and receives energy and knowledge; he puts effort again, and again gains energy with new knowledge. Thus, we get a regular flow to the extent of our mutual movement towards each other and in overcoming egoistic interferences.

The Creator purposefully created egoism in us, which is constantly growing and changing in us in various forms, shapes, kinds, not only in size but also in quality. Moreover, He does all this in such cunning ways that we forget that everything comes from Him and begin to assign this to our friends, ourselves, our environment. But in reality, He spins all this.

It all depends only on our reaction to discover that it is Him, not forgetting about this, supporting each other, and constantly trying to get closer to each other.
From a Virtual Lesson 12/23/12

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The Stronger Get More Obstacles

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What is the relationship between efforts to unite and the reaction of the Creator to them? What does He do more, help or place obstacles?

Answer: The stronger we are, the more He helps us by preventing.

After all, if you are stronger, you deserve bigger and qualitatively different obstacles, not simply quantitative interferences, as, for example, before you could jump 20 inches high, and now you have to jump 7 feet. No.

In the spiritual world, levels grow qualitatively. There, you have to solve different tasks. And that confuses you because you are used to particular manifestations of the Creator, to a certain kind of obstacles, and suddenly they are completely different.
From a Virtual Lesson 12/23/12

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On Intention Watch

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can we hold love, which is sometimes manifested between us? How do we prevent falling into egoism?

Answer: It is possible to hold love only by mutual guarantee. To do this, you can organize a kind of duty.

In the 16th century in Padua, Italy, there was a great Kabbalistic group of Ramchal from which notes and diaries of spiritual work remain. The members of the group wrote a schedule for themselves: Suppose now, for a few hours, I support everyone, think of everyone, then you, then he does, and so on, because in our daily lives, everyone has to work, give time to his family or some other activities where he cannot be in the right thoughts about the group. A person has to sleep, to rest, etc. That is why they agreed to keep themselves in the right intention in this way 24 hours a day.

We can do it even more easily because we can arrange a similar relay around the globe, passing it according to time zones; now, the group in this time zone holds the intention, then the next one, and so on. The ocean is not a barrier for us because all the groups of the world will constantly take care of everyone and raise MAN. I am ready to participate in this with everyone. Let’s make it so that each group could be on watch.
From a Virtual Lesson 12/23/12

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Less Intellect, More Simple Actions

Dr. Michael LaitmanEach friend must openly show his feelings about the rest of the group, so that everyone sees this.

For the time being, we must “show off,” smile, and be helpful to each other; thus, we awaken the correct feelings in others. It does not matter that all this is artificial; we work artificially until we get the upper quality.

The Light comes to us to the extent of our game, to the extent of the artificial states that we create. If I play as a spiritual person, then the Light influences me and develops me as children who want to become adults. So, less intellect and more simple actions.
From a Virtual Lesson 12/23/12

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The Crisis That Saves

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from The New York Times): “’There is no doubt that the crisis is pushing people to stay together,’ said José María Redondo, the council’s spokesman, who attributed the drop in the divorce rate to a burst housing bubble and hard economic times.

“The crisis is not only slowing divorces but also transforming the process, according to divorce lawyers. Judges are reducing alimony payments and dueling spouses have moved from fighting over property to sparring over the critical issue of who assumes debts. …

“Some Spaniards say the hard times may have at least one benefit. If the crisis helps preserve the Spanish family by making it harder to divorce, that was no bad thing, said Julián M. Valón, a pioneering divorce lawyer who helped write the country’s 1981 divorce law.

“‘If there’s something positive about the economic crisis it is that people have less money to fight about than before,’ he said, ‘and this could help people to stay together, even through the tough times.’”

My Comment: The crisis is the collapse of our past egoistic nature and the birth of an altruistic nature. It is a historical process, meaning long and painful. It takes place above us. There were a few changes like that in our history. But this is the first time when we can consciously participate in our rebirth and thus facilitate the flow of the birth process. Otherwise, as in the past, we face revolutions and wars simultaneously worldwide.

The crisis is happening in all the areas of our life because it is a crisis of our nature; this is what we need to change: knowingly, by means of integral self-education, or unconsciously, when suffering will force us to accept new changes. As you can see, at the personal level, the crisis teaches us the “correct” life.

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Dalai Lama: To Rise Above All Differences!

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama): “He said that the source of our problems is self-centredness. Theistic religions tackle this by complete submission to God, whereas Buddhism reduces self-centredness by focusing on selflessness, the lack of a single, autonomous self, and the advice to regard others as more important than us. He counselled that once we understand that our different religions have common goals, we understand the grounds for granting them equal respect. …

“‘Compassion brings peace of mind and with it better health; so cherish compassion. … As human beings we are all the same; we are born the same and we die the same. We need to emphasize the oneness of humanity, how we are all the same as brothers and sisters.’ …

“He said that when we are in the grip of destructive emotions we are unhappy, but when we develop love and compassion for others we feel happier and more at ease. Competitiveness and jealousy give rise to fear and mistrust; we lose friends and become lonely. When we are free from fear, trust and friendship grow. When our minds are at peace, we are less anxious and free from fear. And today, scientists and thinkers recognise that true happiness comes from peace of mind. …

“His Holiness then turned to the topic of secular ethics, his belief that in a materialistic world we need to find ways to foster and encourage people to nurture fundamental, humane, inner values. He feels that this can best be done through the medium of secular education, using the word secular as the Indian constitution does, not to exclude religion, religious believers or non-believers, but to accord all of them an inclusive respect. He encouraged his listeners to understand that if they passed on their interest in what he had to say about this to others, the word would spread.”

My Comment: Religions will never come together because they are based on the egoism of believers. They divide people. Rising above them and uniting, that is, accepting unity above all the differences, including religious, is the way out of the crisis. The appeal must be towards unity, despite the differences. We see in religions only hatred of strangers and people of other faiths and never true calls for unity and love. That is why, the Dalai Lama talks about non-religious ethics as appropriate to address the challenges of the 21st century.

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The Burden Of The Efforts You Haven’t Made

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe Creator has set immutable laws. If we don’t know how to use them correctly, we feel bad, and if we know, we feel good.

The main point here is to understand that the laws of nature don’t change in all its levels. If this seems to us the opposite, it is because the conditions are changing and the same laws are revealed to us in a different way.

In space, for example, gravity “suddenly” disappears. Have the laws changed? No. If you return to the initial conditions you will discover them again.

Question: But if the Creator has already created us and set clear laws; why do we have to change? Why do we have to work for Him?

Answer: Under the current conditions, you work in order to profit for your own benefit and not for Him.

Question: But we still study the wisdom of Kabbalah. So why is our path full of thorns? It seems as if there is nowhere we can step.

Answer: It is because you have become more sensitive. A small child doesn’t know how to be careful. An ordinary person doesn’t have too many inhibitions. But a clever person already knows the possible outcomes of different actions. So it turns out that you have become more clever and more sensitive. About that, it is said: “He who adds knowledge adds pain.”

You can, of course, lead a simple, modest life without any questions and claims, work in some mechanical job that doesn’t require any mental efforts. But if you want to be “in,” if you want to advance, to develop, you will undoubtedly encounter problems and pressures. There is nothing new here.

Question: But I am an ordinary person, I am not looking for problems. And if there are problems, where is the reward?

Answer: If no pressure were put on you, you wouldn’t be asking about the reward, right? Now you have started to think and you are right.

Well a simple logical answer should be that the “pressure” must be the reward itself. If I make efforts along the spiritual path and to the same extent I receive blows, it means that this is my reward. It really does seem that way, and it requires an unbiased examination, an investigation.

If, for example, I am going through all kinds of tests with different medical instruments: They scan me with different rays and discover numerous problems. There is a phenomenon that is very common among students who study medicine; they discover they suffer from all the diseases they are studying.

So what is the reward for the study? What can we tell them?

– It will pass, everything will be fine.

– What do you mean it’s fine, if it’s time to hop onto the operating table?!

This is the feeling they experience.

Question: But still, will there be some relief along the way?

Answer: It will be when you feel the parental love in the blows. We should understand that the flaws are revealed to us, that’s all. How can we overcome them? How can we see not a problem in them but salvation?

First, it is a good thing that the place of the flaw was revealed to me—after all, the Creator has created the evil inclination.

Now I feel the necessity of the wisdom of Kabbalah as a means of correction. I can use this method only if I am connected to the group, to the study, if I enter the group as deeply as I can.

Then I discover that all the unpleasant “surprises” are revealed only in order to speed up my work. They are like calls to complete the necessary efforts. After all, the incomplete efforts leave a very strong feeling of bitterness.

Baal HaSulam talks about it in Letter 19: “The strong passion that is incomplete leaves great sorrow behind it, to the extent of one’s passion.” In such a case a person has to finish what he has started as fast as he can. Otherwise he is called “a fool who is sitting idly eating his own flesh.” Here the breakthrough is very important and it depends on our unity.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/28/12, “The Peace”

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Asking For Correction Of Our Own Freewill

Dr. Michael LaitmanWritings of Rabash, Volume 2, “What is the Righteous are Evident by the Wicked, in the Work”: In order for a person to advance in the ways of the Lord, and to be awarded that all his actions will be for the sake of Heaven, and he feels that he is in a state of ascent now, and what else can he do. The Creator leads this world by the wicked, which means that the Creator gives him thoughts of the wicked, which means that it is not worthwhile to work for Him, but only for one’s self.

And by that he receives a descent and thinks that he has received a descent not because it was given to him, so that he would advance in the way of the Lord, to be awarded with reason of Holiness. Instead he thinks that he is going backwards because he cannot work individually, but rather needs to work generally. And because from the general, he loses both ways, since he cannot enter the general again, a person feels that he is hanging between Heaven and earth. He feels that he is in a worse position than other people. Then a person can ask from the Creator from the bottom of his heart, and can pray, as it says, “save me oh Lord, for I am miserable, heal me oh Lord for I am frightened, and until when oh Lord.”

This means, until then will I remain in a state in which I feel that I am worse than any other person, and that I have no connection to spirituality. So there is no other choice but that a person should believe in what is written “that You hear the prayer of every mouth,” which means even the worst mouth in the world, that even if it is impossible to be lower and worse in the world, still the Lord hears him.

This is what our sages said, “He who comes to purified, is aided from Above.” The Zohar explains this saying that “he is given a Holy soul.” So it turns out that the Creator gives him thoughts of the wicked so that he will have a place to ask the Creator to help him, since otherwise he remains in the state he was at the beginning of his work, and would stay there all his life.

The problem is that we escape from these unpleasant moments when the Creator brings us to the state of the wicked by letting us see to what extent we are not adapted to the spiritual levels, to the spiritual work, that we are totally opposite from God’s work, and are not ready to reach bestowal, the love of others, the love of friends. We discover that we have no hold of the spiritual world, which means that we cannot exit ourselves towards others, towards the friend or the Creator.

We escape from these discoveries. The Creator opens our eyes a little in every state to see our real state, but He cannot force us, since it would deprive us of our freewill. Each time He brings us to a certain recognition and waits for us to add to it of our own freewill, in order to attain a prayer, a request, and to want the correction ourselves and not according to a verdict from Above.

Therefore, it says, “he who comes to be purified is aided from Above!” We have to come on our own and not because a desire for correction was inserted into us from Above, and in response to which the correcting force comes from Above. Not everything can come from Above; our own exertion is also required, a vessel that belongs to us.

But instead of adding our exertion after having been awakened by the Creator who has brought us to the beginning of the recognition of evil, to the state of the wicked, we are frightened by the revelation and try to hide it, to sweeten it, and to cover it from ourselves, while we have to develop this feeling by ourselves and attain the unbearable state. It is unbearable not because it is unpleasant; I would even agree to remain in this state if I could attain bestowal by it.

Here we usually escape, and cover up the state, and so we don’t reach the true prayer that could help us open our eyes. The Creator awakens us, He provides us with all the necessary conditions, the whole package that is needed in order to attain the goal. But we don’t want to connect all these components in order to fulfill it. In order to do that, we have to be connected, to evoke one another, to support, to encourage, to give each other confidence, but for the time being this is lacking.
From the Preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/28/12

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Hanging Above An Ocean Of Pain

Dr. Michael LaitmanBaal HaSulam, “The Wisdom of Kabbalah and Philosophy”: When we first receive the present, we still do not refer to the giver of the gift as one who loves us, all the more so if the giver of the present is important and the receiver is not equal to him.

However, the repetitive giving and the perseverance will make even the most important person seem like a true, equal lover. This is because the law of love does not apply between great and small, as two real lovers must feel equal.

Question: Baal HaSulam writes about love, but where is this love? There are only sufferings and disasters everywhere. Only a few days ago 26 people were killed in a school in the US…

Answer: Has anyone promised you that such things won’t happen in our world? Everything that you see here is taking place inside your egoistic desire. Rise to another desire, rise to the next level, and you will see that everything is different. You will rise to the second floor.

Now you see reality through your ego, which by definition cannot be anything good. Although I sometimes feel something positive, it is in fact bad too, but in the meantime I don’t identify it and accept it as good. We are all in a desire to receive, which is not even real, but “animal.” So, in fact there can be nothing good in our world.

So what do you expect? That things will proceed differently? We are immersed in an ego that is opposite from the Light and therefore there can only be disasters here.

But in order to allow you to rest in between them so that you will at least be able to relax, to calm your nerves, notice the details, and perceive something, then in this world, the lowest level, man lives literally by mercy and not only in pain, despite his nature.

Why? Because he has another destiny, a goal. If it weren’t for the destiny and the future goal, our world would be immersed in the darkness of endless sufferings and pain from morning to night, day after day. This is the nature of the egoistic intention which is opposite from the Light.

A slight illumination still penetrates this world, but only in order to allow us to exist here for a while and to start rising. In every other sense, the Light and the desire to receive are totally opposite from one another. It is to such an extent that we cannot even imagine.

If there were really great sufferings here, we would have no chance to rise above them and to at least think about something. In the meantime, we are being held above an ocean of pain, but if we don’t use the time we were given correctly, the Lights will disappear and we will fall into great sufferings that will “launder” us well, until we cry out for help. Then we will be given a break, and we will be examined to see whether the “shaking” was enough or not.

By the way, with regard to the Jewish people, one “shaking” is usually not enough. Go out to the street and talk to people, they feel that everything is fine. They have already forgotten about the missiles and have not learned anything from last fall.

Question: What about us, those who study Kabbalah?

Answer: You are twice as stubborn. All the others at least don’t know what it is about, but you are truly stubborn. What have you done with what you have heard during the lessons?

Our problem is the shattering. Our correction is the connection. What have you done for the unity of all of creation? First, do you help our friends all over the world to connect? Do you help them be a greater, more special force that wants to rise above the ego and connect the whole world in order to build a place for the revelation of the Creator and to bring Him contentment? When He is revealed, He enjoys more and more, and then we too enjoy what we have done for Him. This is called an equivalence of form. So what else should you know? Only to work for unity and connection, for mutual guarantee, for the integral education.

But you come to the lesson, listen, and then go your way. In this case, the ordinary person on the street is a greater righteous than you. Since he doesn’t disrespect what is important, he simply doesn’t know about it. Much less is demanded of him than of you.

We have to be really fearful. Time passes and there is much more that we can do. We really must feel responsible not for ourselves but for the group, for the world. After all, the disrespect is a result of everyone thinking only about himself and being resigned to fate in advance. Don’t think about what will happen to you; think about the fact that you are responsible for everyone. Then you will have a different attitude. In the meantime we don’t feel the responsibility that chokes us and motivates us. The ego is destroying us…
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/16/12, “The Wisdom of Kabbalah and Philosophy”

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