The Crisis That Saves

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from The New York Times): “’There is no doubt that the crisis is pushing people to stay together,’ said José María Redondo, the council’s spokesman, who attributed the drop in the divorce rate to a burst housing bubble and hard economic times.

“The crisis is not only slowing divorces but also transforming the process, according to divorce lawyers. Judges are reducing alimony payments and dueling spouses have moved from fighting over property to sparring over the critical issue of who assumes debts. …

“Some Spaniards say the hard times may have at least one benefit. If the crisis helps preserve the Spanish family by making it harder to divorce, that was no bad thing, said Julián M. Valón, a pioneering divorce lawyer who helped write the country’s 1981 divorce law.

“‘If there’s something positive about the economic crisis it is that people have less money to fight about than before,’ he said, ‘and this could help people to stay together, even through the tough times.’”

My Comment: The crisis is the collapse of our past egoistic nature and the birth of an altruistic nature. It is a historical process, meaning long and painful. It takes place above us. There were a few changes like that in our history. But this is the first time when we can consciously participate in our rebirth and thus facilitate the flow of the birth process. Otherwise, as in the past, we face revolutions and wars simultaneously worldwide.

The crisis is happening in all the areas of our life because it is a crisis of our nature; this is what we need to change: knowingly, by means of integral self-education, or unconsciously, when suffering will force us to accept new changes. As you can see, at the personal level, the crisis teaches us the “correct” life.

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