Asking For Correction Of Our Own Freewill

Dr. Michael LaitmanWritings of Rabash, Volume 2, “What is the Righteous are Evident by the Wicked, in the Work”: In order for a person to advance in the ways of the Lord, and to be awarded that all his actions will be for the sake of Heaven, and he feels that he is in a state of ascent now, and what else can he do. The Creator leads this world by the wicked, which means that the Creator gives him thoughts of the wicked, which means that it is not worthwhile to work for Him, but only for one’s self.

And by that he receives a descent and thinks that he has received a descent not because it was given to him, so that he would advance in the way of the Lord, to be awarded with reason of Holiness. Instead he thinks that he is going backwards because he cannot work individually, but rather needs to work generally. And because from the general, he loses both ways, since he cannot enter the general again, a person feels that he is hanging between Heaven and earth. He feels that he is in a worse position than other people. Then a person can ask from the Creator from the bottom of his heart, and can pray, as it says, “save me oh Lord, for I am miserable, heal me oh Lord for I am frightened, and until when oh Lord.”

This means, until then will I remain in a state in which I feel that I am worse than any other person, and that I have no connection to spirituality. So there is no other choice but that a person should believe in what is written “that You hear the prayer of every mouth,” which means even the worst mouth in the world, that even if it is impossible to be lower and worse in the world, still the Lord hears him.

This is what our sages said, “He who comes to purified, is aided from Above.” The Zohar explains this saying that “he is given a Holy soul.” So it turns out that the Creator gives him thoughts of the wicked so that he will have a place to ask the Creator to help him, since otherwise he remains in the state he was at the beginning of his work, and would stay there all his life.

The problem is that we escape from these unpleasant moments when the Creator brings us to the state of the wicked by letting us see to what extent we are not adapted to the spiritual levels, to the spiritual work, that we are totally opposite from God’s work, and are not ready to reach bestowal, the love of others, the love of friends. We discover that we have no hold of the spiritual world, which means that we cannot exit ourselves towards others, towards the friend or the Creator.

We escape from these discoveries. The Creator opens our eyes a little in every state to see our real state, but He cannot force us, since it would deprive us of our freewill. Each time He brings us to a certain recognition and waits for us to add to it of our own freewill, in order to attain a prayer, a request, and to want the correction ourselves and not according to a verdict from Above.

Therefore, it says, “he who comes to be purified is aided from Above!” We have to come on our own and not because a desire for correction was inserted into us from Above, and in response to which the correcting force comes from Above. Not everything can come from Above; our own exertion is also required, a vessel that belongs to us.

But instead of adding our exertion after having been awakened by the Creator who has brought us to the beginning of the recognition of evil, to the state of the wicked, we are frightened by the revelation and try to hide it, to sweeten it, and to cover it from ourselves, while we have to develop this feeling by ourselves and attain the unbearable state. It is unbearable not because it is unpleasant; I would even agree to remain in this state if I could attain bestowal by it.

Here we usually escape, and cover up the state, and so we don’t reach the true prayer that could help us open our eyes. The Creator awakens us, He provides us with all the necessary conditions, the whole package that is needed in order to attain the goal. But we don’t want to connect all these components in order to fulfill it. In order to do that, we have to be connected, to evoke one another, to support, to encourage, to give each other confidence, but for the time being this is lacking.
From the Preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/28/12

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