On Intention Watch

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can we hold love, which is sometimes manifested between us? How do we prevent falling into egoism?

Answer: It is possible to hold love only by mutual guarantee. To do this, you can organize a kind of duty.

In the 16th century in Padua, Italy, there was a great Kabbalistic group of Ramchal from which notes and diaries of spiritual work remain. The members of the group wrote a schedule for themselves: Suppose now, for a few hours, I support everyone, think of everyone, then you, then he does, and so on, because in our daily lives, everyone has to work, give time to his family or some other activities where he cannot be in the right thoughts about the group. A person has to sleep, to rest, etc. That is why they agreed to keep themselves in the right intention in this way 24 hours a day.

We can do it even more easily because we can arrange a similar relay around the globe, passing it according to time zones; now, the group in this time zone holds the intention, then the next one, and so on. The ocean is not a barrier for us because all the groups of the world will constantly take care of everyone and raise MAN. I am ready to participate in this with everyone. Let’s make it so that each group could be on watch.
From a Virtual Lesson 12/23/12

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