Internal Changes: High Frequency Range

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How do we fulfill the rule “Love thy friend as thyself?”

Answer: It is when I stop feeling the difference between me and the friend. This is the first rule, to which we have to add fear and faith.

A mother, for example, has an instinctive love for her child. Is that enough? No. Love operates her and it is expressed in caring for the child and in constantly worrying about him.

So love is not enough, there must also be fear, worry about the loved one, and incorporation with him, worrying about his desires and a true concern about their fulfillment. So when I feel the fear, I express my love and this expression is called “faith.”

Love is the right attitude to others, but the goal of creation isn’t only about that.

We incorporate with others, fill them, and create one vessel and from the love of others reach the love of the Creator.

Question: How can the love of others give us power and provide the fuel that we need? How can a person who is submerged in self-love feel the desires of others?

Answer: With the help of the Light that Reforms. Of course only with it.

Question: Does that mean that we have to constantly create a desire aimed at this direction so that the Light will reform us?

Answer: Yes. Our work is only in creating the deficiency for love, for mutual connection, for incorporation, to want to be within the other and to take on his desire instead of mine.

In these kinds of actions you summon the Light upon yourself.

First you have to know how you can resemble the Light, its nature. It is one, infinite, and simple; it bestows and it wants to do good to everyone. If you can acquire this inclination in some way, then to the extent that you do so, you will approach the Light and it will operate on you. The Light doesn’t change, but by your attraction to it you increase its impact—both on your evil inclination and on the good inclination.

In the laws of this world, it is reflected by the fact that the influence of the general field is inversely proportional to the distance squared. So if you decrease the distance by half, the Light operates on you four times more strongly.

Question: We draw the Light during the study. So what do I have to do during the day? How should I work with the friends in order to build the right desire for the next lesson?

Answer: During the day you also draw the Light since you are still in contact with the most important thing. Besides, you are connected to the world group that never ceases its efforts. For example, there are friends from Australia or from South America studying with us who are getting the same message. We are one vessel and it isn’t only about your individual study. Of course, you draw more Light during the lesson, but on the whole we work 24 hours a day all over the world.

Question: How can we draw the Light most efficiently? What should each friend do, no matter where he is?

Answer: We should want to correct love of others, to unite with them and thus create a place for the revelation of the Creator. By that, we bring Him great contentment, by that all our pleasure is the pleasure He wants to bring to His created beings.

Question: Can we check our efforts and get a response from the general system?

Answer: If each of us makes some efforts, he will begin to feel daily internal changes, whereas now he experiences something new once or twice a month. Later the changes will become an endless chain: entrance – exit, entrance – exit, every few seconds.

Of course, your attitude will also change and you will have a stable path and be able to sort out the ascents and descents along two lines, evaluating them from within the middle line.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/14/12, Writings of Rabash

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