Unbreakable Cycle

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: At today’s lesson you said that during the 24 hour day there is definitely someone on Earth who is studying Kabbalah. Why is it so important?

Answer: This is very important. We see it.

There was a great Kabbalist in the 16th century, Ramhal, who had a group in Padua, Italy. We have notes from the members of this group and their diaries. They studied in sequence so the studies would not stop. Each subgroup studied for 5-6 hours, and the rest of the people went home, to work, or to sleep. Thus the cycle of their studies never stopped. This is important when you feel that you are working constantly for the same goal. Even when you are absent others are working instead of you. It gives a special effect.

This helps all of us and this is very important because there are always people in the world who are studying according to our system.
From the Virtual Lesson 10/14/12

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