Connected By Hate

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn order to get rid of all our troubles we have to be in contact with the original general thought that operates all of nature. We implement it by our internal vessels, by the right connection between people.

Today we radiate “waves” of bad influence by our mind, by the force that is aimed at our desire—real “viruses” of control, of using others, etc. When they are transmitted from one to another these “viruses” lead to different negative phenomena. I infect others and then this infection comes back to me in multiples. Eventually everyone suffers from a collective polluted space in a humanity that is in a network of mutual hate.

This is the system in its current state: hate, rivalry, envy, lust, pride, domination, and an eternal urge to use everything for my own good.

What should we do? We should look for ways to change this system according to the principle of: “Don’t do onto the other what is hateful to you,” and “love thy friend as thyself.” With the help of the teacher and the right environment, you will begin to change your thinking and to turn your thoughts in the right direction for the good of the world. These thoughts will begin to spread in the world like waves—this time as beneficial “viruses.”

Why viruses? Because they penetrate others without their knowing. It is as if you manage others by the good intention of your thoughts and it changes them for the good and not for the bad.

Thus you make the world much healthier. After all, a particle of the “spark” that created the universe flickers in you and you become its “representative;” you operate it. It operated humanity and now humanity operates it by using this Light, the upper force.

Question: Can the beneficial viruses break through my egoistic shield and make me an altruist?

Answer: No, this is only part of the idea. No one takes your freewill from you. The external thoughts that are supported by other factors in our relationships, like the media, family relatives, acquaintances, etc., don’t force you, but only help you come to a decision. They have a positive impact and gradually from different sources, they bring you the message that the root of all our troubles, whether it is the economy, ecology, financial issues, health, divorce, drug addiction, suicide, high blood pressure, diabetes, etc.—is in the connection between people. This connection is unbalanced: Everyone wants to deceive others although they should in fact keep the balance between them.

You gradually internalize this message and then you receive a certain blow—for example, in your business or some illness, or perhaps your kids get involved in drugs and prostitution. There are enough opportunities to reach our weak spots. Usually it is impossible to solve these problems with money.

Then you begin to think about your life: “How can I correct it? How can I balance the troubles? How can I sweeten the situation?” Gradually you begin to realize that the real reason for what is happening is the lack of general balance in human society; therefore, there is a need to balance things.

Question: Suppose you “bombard” me with positive viruses. But I also produce egoistic viruses. So why are your viruses stronger than mine?

Answer: Because we are operating with nature. There is a general plan, and we implement it and promote it. It is easy for us, since we operate according to the upper mechanism. You, on the other hand, are going against it, against the current. So your troubles increase each day until you finally go totally “bankrupt.”

Finally, if we use this world’s terminology, we have to reach the whole system, the balance between us and all of nature: the still nature, the vegetative and the animate. The two forces—the positive and the negative—have to connect inside me to their full height, in balance and mutual support. They don’t annul each other and don’t leave me in the middle; no, I use both of them positively, to bestow upon others. This is the true balance.

Then I will be like the original spark; I will consciously connect to the general plan of nature and return to my root—to bestowal and love.

Question: Can this love help us cope with our troubles and problems now?

Answer: Of course, since it contains all hate in it—it doesn’t annul it, but rather contains it.

First, I discover the ego inside me, evil in its full height—which means the desire to use others for my own good. I want to extract from others as much as possible, and it helps me understand them profoundly. Ideally, I have to know them profoundly, to the last cell—in order to professionally extract all the “juice” from them, to use them to the fullest, and then to discard them. This is what the ego aspires for. If it didn’t exist I couldn’t contact anyone. The ego helps me “swallow” the other and to fully understand him.

Now, on the contrary, I want to help you and to bring you presents, so how could I manage without the ego in this bestowal? In fact I continue to use all the viruses, but I turn them for the good. The evil inclination becomes the good inclination.

Today, the same thing is happening all over the world, which has become integral thanks to the ego; we discover the inseparable mutual connection and at the same time the negative connection that actually destroys and kills us. The EU is torn to pieces but cannot disintegrate. We are desperate, but there is nowhere to run: It is impossible to cut off the strings. There is only one solution—to correct the connection among us if we cannot escape it.
From a “Talk About a New Life” 10/10/12

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