Acceleration By Impeding Or Pushing Forward

Dr. Michael LaitmanSo far, we are unable to play the game customary among the Kabbalists of the past, who were way above the Machsom. As opposed to us, they pretended that they were not at all concerned about bestowal since they were already in it. By acting so, they were giving each other a chance to feel the depth of the desire before it even appeared to them.

Acceleration By Impeding Or Pushing Forward
In order to ascend to the next degree, one has to correct the additional portion of the desire that has already been revealed to him. In the beginning, it appears to us as darkness or evil. At any given step, an egoistic side made by the Creator shows up first. The second condition, “I created the Torah as a spice to correct it,” comes next.

If a person asks for correction, the Surrounding Light (Ohr Makif) descends to him from the next degree and corrects him in response to his MAN.

If our ascent is a result of the revelation from Above of the evil inclination made by the Creator, then in order to accelerate our advancement, we can pretend that spirituality doesn’t mean a thing to us. If we act so, each of us will have a chance to overcome this disdain. It’s because when I receive such hardening of the heart, I want to escape spiritual work. So my friends deliberately concoct this internal condition for me in order to accelerate my advancement. This is the game we all will play after we enter spirituality.

Meantime, this state is still ahead of us. We don’t play the “adult games” as of now, but on the contrary, are inspired and have high spirits. I play in front of my friend as if I already have reached the upper degree. I have to demonstrate to him that everything is great, so where are you? It’s as if I urge my friend to rise as fast as possible.

The beginners have to be very cautious of their words and of activities that don’t excel the goal. Thus, we all have to inspire each other by the greatness of our spiritual purpose. We never work against the power of bestowal by enhancing others’ resistance, but rather push each other towards bestowal. Therefore, we have to be very cautious and by all means avoid being light-minded.

All our activities and conversations as well as the games we play with ourselves or with our friends (whether internal or external) have to be strictly oriented towards the goal. As little children who want to grow up and become adults, we should never make obstacles for each other. We should only push each other forward by setting the right example.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/10/12, Writings of Rabash

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