The Meeting Was Set In The Center Of The Group

The Meeting Was Set In The Center Of The GroupQuestion: How is it possible to hold on to the same feeling of unity that was born among us during the workshop?

Answer: We should always look for what the term “center of the group” means, whether it is a kind of feeling, an understanding, a vessel, or the revelation of the Creator. This question shouldn’t wane; it is as if this tempting and attractive point is playing with us, hiding and then revealing itself to us. In response to this courting, you are constantly burning with desire and chasing this point, like a person in love.

We should constantly clarify the feeling of unity that was born by penetrating into it deeper and deeper, investing into more mind and feeling, the forces of connection, and revealing different details. The connection that we attain is varied and includes many particularities, elements, and parameters. Therefore, it constantly disappears and reveals itself.

The type of exertion the friends invest in this is crucial, no matter if they succeed or not. Thus we influence one another, and this is all our work.

But it isn’t just an aimless search in total darkness. We have to clarify in advance what we are looking for. If we cannot imagine what the center of the group is, it means that for the time being “Israel, the Creator, and the Torah” are not perceived as one point by us. This indicates that we don’t understand what the goal, the connection, and the mutual guarantee are—it is still impossible to perceive this on the part of the Light and on the part of the vessel. All these discernments do not intersect at one point for us yet. But that’s fine since we’ve nevertheless started the real work.

If the feeling of unity is attained, we should try not to lose it after the workshop is over. If everyone constantly thinks about it, no one will lose this feeling. Everyone will be under the influence of the general field that we have created, and they will not be able to free themselves of this thought even if they want to. Even if the external conditions around a person pull him aside, it won’t happen.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/21/2012, Talk about the Seminar

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