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Staying Above Rejection

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How should I work with the evil that is being revealed?

Answer: The method of Kabbalah is intended for the correction of our evil inclination, meaning the corrupt desire that is entirely directed to its own benefit, instead of bestowal to another person. This correction helps us to become similar to the Light, to the Creator. According to the similarity of form, the Light becomes clothed in a vessel, and then we sense the upper reality.

Question: What happens in the relationship among the friends when I feel envy or hatred?

Answer: Despite the vices being revealed, you keep going and try to unite with your friends above this corruption. There is nature, but we must be above it. This is how we correct ourselves. We are not destroying the egoism, but we are working above it.

I cannot stand my friend, and I do not wish to interact with him. However, I am trying to connect with him above this rejection.

After all, this rejection is the result of my corrupt, egoistic desire. With my purpose being correction, I try to rise above it and treat my friend in the opposite way, with love.

Both of these forms coexist within me. I recognize my rejection, and, at the same time, I decide to express a different attitude, seeing my friend as a great person.

This is our work.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/20/12, The Study of the Ten Sefirot

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It’s All Up To You

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe confusion you feel after the lesson is good. You’ve gone through many states and don’t know what to do.

Come to our workshop in the evening and talk about your future. To the degree you’re able to unite, you will get an answer. There is no other way to reveal anything.

Let’s hope this is what will happen. So, let us prepare as we get closer to it, think about it more, while expunging all other thoughts so that we could best prepare to unite with the friends.

Also, don’t expect anything from me; anyone could sit here in my place. Everything depends only on the unity among friends. Obviously, I’ll try to guide the direction of the workshop, but it’s all up to you.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/20/12, The Study of the Ten Sefirot

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Miracles Happen Every Day

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe can feel something new every minute, not just once a year. The point is that many times we receive new things, but cannot feel them. We cannot perceive them since we have no vessel for them.

Miracles happen to us every day, and we find ourselves before “Mt. Sinai.” There are endless innovations because the world of Ein Sof (Infinity) is before us.

Everything depends only on our ability to perceive things, on our vessels. Therefore, a blessed innovation is when a person can feel. Everything is measured with regard to the person who attains, so we must work on our sensitivity, on the vessels.

The Reshimot (informational genes) are constantly evoked inside us. We go through many states, but at the moment, we are developing passively, on the beastly level, unable to feel the essence of these changes, unable to attain the intensity of the level, the connection with the Creator.

The difference in the levels can be compared to buying something new, bringing it home, and putting it in the living room, whether it is a flowerpot or a dog, or someone who came to visit me. This is what we feel when we are brought inside the King’s palace; it all depends on the form we have when we enter it.

Am I an object, a plant, or a living thing? Have I prepared my deficiency so that I can consciously enter the palace and understand where I am, thanks to the equivalence of form, like a human being that resembles the Creator, the host?

It all depends on the preparation of our vessels. We go through many states unconsciously in the form of an inanimate object, a plant, or a living thing, so we don’t feel anything new in them. Only the change a human being goes through is considered an innovation, when he attains, understands and feels in order to resemble the Creator
From the preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/18/12

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Beware Of Substitutes

Dr. Michael LaitmanWhen the group of Kabbalists that became a nation spread all over the world after the spiritual descent, it was separated. The Jews were cut off from each other in different parts of the world and the wisdom of Kabbalah was hidden until the time came. Under these conditions, although it is a result of free will, certain people who didn’t really attain spirituality created different alternative methods, perceptions, and beliefs. This is the origin of the different religions, which are actually corrupt “adaptations” of the wisdom of Kabbalah.

It began in the days of Abraham: He brought the people of his time the necessary means for their development: methods that led them to the truth in some way, that elevated them above the “beastly” level and enabled them to at least touch the more advanced perception of the upper force, of life and death.

Today, however, it is very hard to speak about the true wisdom of Kabbalah because everyone has his own opinion about it. People have heard a lot about mysticism, about red strings, miracles, lucky charms, special prayers, rituals, etc., not to mention those who simply make a profit from that. Even the honest openhearted approach doesn’t guarantee a successful spiritual search, although even such ideas were attributed to the wisdom of Kabbalah.

As a result of all this, there is great confusion these days. We are speaking about a wisdom that is revealed especially in our days since we are approaching a fatal stage in history. After all, an incorrect interpretation of this wisdom can bring about much bloodshed, if it does not allow us to follow the right and simple way.

In the article “The General Attribute of the Hidden Wisdom,” Baal HaSulam quotes from the book of Proverbs: “The Lord’s Glory is concealed.” This rule is the strict rule that applies to the concealment of the wisdom of Kabbalah, as he says: Many have fallen victim to revelations of this kind. It is from this that all the magicians and mystics originate when students who lacked principles went in the wrong direction and began to teach all the materials they had without checking whether the person was suitable for this purpose. Thus they began to use the wisdom in order to attain human goals, out of lust and ambition, selling things attributable to Holiness and calling it “practical Kabbalah.”

In the article “Disclosing a Portion, Covering Two,” Baal HaSulam adds: “From the midst of those stem all the charmers, whisperers, and ‘practical’ Kabbalists, who hunt souls with their cunningness, and the mystics, who use withered wisdom that came from under the hands of unworthy students, to draw bodily benefit for themselves or for others. The world has suffered much from it, and is suffering still.”

For us practical Kabbalah means that we actually correct ourselves when we unite in the group according to the principle of mutual guarantee. But for others it is about certain actions that help them remove the evil eye, to change their fate, etc.

On the whole there are two separate approaches:

  1. I acknowledge the fact that everything is in the hands of the Creator and only with His help when I transcend myself is it possible to change anything. Everything in our world is meant for us to change ourselves and not to try to change our fate. Eventually I look at myself and at the world through a prism of the opportunity to bring contentment to the Creator, when I resemble Him, adhere to His attributes, and thus enable Him to be revealed in the created being. Looking at reality this way is the wisdom of Kabbalah—the revelation of the attribute of bestowal in the created being that completely fills him.
  2. As to the correction of everything else: A person’s health, family issues, the state, the world, it all has nothing to do with the wisdom of Kabbalah, but with psychology, rituals, etc.

It is one of the two: Either my only goal is to perceive the world according to principle of the unity of the Creator, to actually discover Him by correcting myself, or I use different means in order to correct my external state.
From the  Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/18/12, The Essence of the Wisdom of Kabbalah

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A Look At The Family From The Height Of Global Nature

Dr. Michael LaitmanToday, the happiness of man depends on his relationship with the environment, on whether he finds his proper place in society. And so we see that gradually a person leaves the little family unit.

At first all of life was connected with family, not only women, but men as well. The husband would leave to some factory in the morning to return in the evening to his wife, children, and the household, and all of life was revolved around it.

But this pastoral idyll ended. We left our homes for the wide world, began travelling and experiencing the world. On the other hand, thanks to modern means of communication, this world has begun entering our homes. As a result, we all ended up being interconnected through industrial, economic, and financial relationships. The circle closed, and all of us, both men and women who want to connect, must unite and through this connection, return to the familial connection, but on a new level.

For this to happen, everyone should examine: where we live, in what state, in what kind of world do we find ourselves, why do certain processes take place in the world, and what do we need to do? In what way does nature move us forward, giving us no opportunity to resist? Then, we will see that we need to establish tighter connections through media and specialized education.

In the end, we who once headed for the world, freed from home and family ties, will return back home free and independent. Once again, we return to a more quiet and slower-paced life, in connection with each other, but in a different form. Each of us will remain free, and based on this freedom, understanding, and vision of the future, we will establish for ourselves a connection between all people around the Earth and within each family.

Man suddenly sees that family offers meaning; there are great benefits and a better life in a family. Then, he will find a partner close to him in this new spirit that he has acquired based on integral education, and he will re-build the family. [Read more →]

Looking Where To Run Away

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from CBSNews): “Renowned physicist Stephen Hawking was too ill to attend a conference in honor of his 70th birthday Sunday, but in a recorded message played to attendees he repeated his call for humans to colonize other worlds. ..

“In his recorded speech, Hawking pleaded for interplanetary travel, arguing that humans faced a grim future unless they spread out from their terrestrial home. ‘I don’t think we will survive another thousand years without escaping beyond our fragile planet,’ he said.”

My Comment: This statement indicates that our science is a product of our egoism; we are not aware of the fact that we are killing ourselves; we aren’t talking about the natural environment at all, as if it’s not our problem; the relation of man to the world is “we destroyed it and went to look for where we can continue.”

The meaning of existence is in the possibility of mindless existence. What about space? Let it be what has happened to America after its colonization. And this is the scientist’s wish. There is no awareness of our evil, that we are egoists and ulcers in nature, and must direct all our forces at our correction in the likeness of nature; then it will not oppose us.

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“Wind Farms Cause Global Warming!”

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from Forbes): “’Large windfarms can increase local night time temperatures by fanning warmer air onto the ground, new research has revealed. The study used satellite data to show that the building of huge wind farms in west Texas over the last decade has warmed the nights by up to 0.72C.’

“The basic effect is that given that the ground at night is generally cooler than the atmosphere, thus the air near the ground is cooler than the air higher up. Turning blades of the turbines mix up this air, cool with warmer, and thus lower the temperature of the higher up air.

“The effect is quite large too, that 0.72 of a degree is not far off the 0.8 of a degree which is said to be the total amount of anthropogenic global warming so far.

“However, amusing as this is, being able to point to one of the proposed solutions for climate change as being a cause of it, it’s not actually anything that affects the larger picture.

“We’re not changing the amount of heat that is disappearing off into space with this and thus not changing the basic energy balance of the planet. We’re just moving it around a bit, that’s all.

“As with the earlier paper that showed that offshore windmills will lower the air temperature around them by 1 degree or so: I assume from that same mixing increasing the evaporation rate of the sea water.”

My Comment: If we think that we can win somewhere without losing elsewhere, we deceive ourselves by forgetting about the unity of nature and its laws of a closed system.

We cannot fool nature, no matter what; in order to become harmonious with nature, we will have to change egoism as the root and cause of the created situation.

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The Life Of Bestowal: Easy And Beautiful

Dr. Michael LaitmanToday, gradually, a deeper and stricter interconnection between countries, nations, and people is being revealed. Even individually, we are connected through chains with several links. However, there is a certain problem: We are not yet capable of properly realizing this connection.

The modern crisis is expanding and encompasses the world. It will not end even though many are promising that soon things will begin to improve.

Problems will not end until we reach balance. After all, the cause of the crisis is imbalance, in other words, the lack of connection between us.

Here is where we discover the law of mutual guarantee. The Torah explains to us that in the end a person will love his neighbor as himself.

“Love” is proper systematic unity when every person works for the benefit of everyone, and there is absolute harmony between us. In the end, once we reach the final correction, all of us, once again, will become parts of a single soul, like organs of the body that operate in absolutely different ways, but exist in unified harmony, and this is why the body lives.

Every organ performs its own work, its own function, but within the framework of a common program that encompasses and obligates everyone to work together. To the contrary, when there is imbalance between parts of the body, illnesses appear.

We must treat our correction according to the same principle. Today, I exist in absolute, total egoism. I want everything to “spin” on my command, carry out my wishes, and think like me. We all begin our journey in this state.

In the first stage of working with myself, I must come to the degree of Hafetz Hessed. I do not get in the way of others. Like a cogwheel, I freely run on my axis, according to the desires of my neighbors. Do what you want with me. I am ready to “spin” at your request, as if I had no desires of my own, as if it were not me, but some supporting force intended for you.

We are speaking of a very high degree. After all, I must work with my egoism so that it will not get in my way of serving others.

To do this, I must know the desires of others and never get in the way of their realization, being absolutely neutral. We are referring to an enormous correction, during the course of which I set up screens of the zero, first, and second degrees over my desire.

Then, I rise to the next degree. I direct my desires, abilities, qualities, and the entire potential of my strength and energy, everything, toward the benefit of my neighbors. Now, my egoism is not just neutralized, I am not just freely running on an axis, but I am connected to my own engine that works for their benefit. This is the degree of love. I give you everything for the good of it.

This path stretches from our world to the world of Infinity (∞) through 125 degrees. Part of them I realize on the degree of Hafetz Hessed, being neutral, and the other part I realize by actively putting my efforts into benefiting my neighbors.

During the first stage, I correct 248 desires and during the second stage, I correct 365. Overall, the correction of 613 desires is called observing the commandments. In this way, the common desire is divided according to my inner structure.

All this is to achieve complete and absolute mutual guarantee, a state where I will interact with everyone in harmony, just like any other person.

The Life Of Bestowal: Easy And Beautiful

Hence, it is clear the kind of correction to which mankind must come: Everyone will perceive and include within them the entire reality to the point of fully identifying with it. This is why Kabbalah is being revealed now, because if we do not know how to realize this, then our path will be very difficult and painful; indeed, it would truly be the “path of suffering.”

However, if we try to act in the group, our path will not be easy, but it will be good (the red arrow on the graph). We get together, feel each other, evoke the Light, and it works on us, influences us, and awakens us. By mutually feeling each other, we allow the light to do its work.

This is the essence of the method. You neither know nor understand anything, you are not capable of anything, but you want to “swallow” all the pleasure, and you only need to learn to evoke the Light. If you learn, you will achieve success so easily and beautifully, together with everyone in joy.
From the New Jersey One Convention 5/12/12, Lesson 3

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The Decimal System Of Circles

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Why will the next stage of the work be unity among the groups? How is it connected to the unity within each group and to the individual work of a person?

Answer: In fact, unity begins from a group of ten people. A human is built in such a way that he can apprehend specifically this amount of people. Ten is a convenient “round” number, neither too large, nor too small. It is called the “Minyan,” meaning it’s what can be “counted” (Limnot). Our perception is structured in such a way that it comprehends only this kind of a system, since it completely enrobes our internal structure (the ten Sefirot).

However, at the lesson when we’re not talking about our own impressions, but in general are reading articles and discussing the material, a very large group can participate in this, including the whole world. Therefore, during workshops we sit in groups of ten, while at the lesson there is any amount of people who are capable of such a clarification and discussion using the Kabbalistic language.

We just need to worry that it doesn’t turn into a routine, and for this we need to constantly increase the desire inside of us and the importance of the goal. Each time we will be talking about another, new character of the revelation of the Creator.

By uniting with the group, we are creating a “One,” the commonality for all of us, not belonging to any one of us, but only to all of us together. It’s the higher essence, the “amalgamation.” It’s not simply our sum, but a kind of an addition to it. It’s because in order to have arrived at this sum, each one must have traded-off his egoism. The concept of One, being above us, is composed of all of these personal cancellations of egoism. This is how we build our higher level.

If we were to unite simply as egoists for a common profit in order to build something together or to win, like a football team, then the result would be an empty sum of our efforts. However, if we are cancelling our ego, then we are building a new common vessel above all of us.

It belongs to all of us; those ten who are sitting in a circle having a discussion are cancelling themselves out and are exalting the group and friends. The highest Sefira, Keter, is defined by how I listen to everyone else, how I place the group, the Creator, and the goal above myself. And I value myself as  low and I lower myself relative to my friends. This is the way my Malchut is defined.

After each one has clarified these two points, Keter and Malchut, we unite all of these Keters and Malchuts together. And if each one is doing it with enough capacity for the first level of revelation of the Light, then it reveals in this gap between the Keters, united into one, and the united Malchuts. An internal luminescence occurs between them, since we have cancelled ourselves out.

Although it’s not yet the constriction or a screen, the Light is already being revealed and is beginning to work to the extent of our opposition to our egoism and desire to unite. It’s because both of these principles are already spiritual. We are exalting the spiritual, bestowal, and we are disregarding the material, receiving; we’re taking the actions which we are capable of, like small children.

And then the ten people, supplementing each other and ready to unite, are creating a large tension, a distance between the united Keter and a united Malchut, building our common spiritual vessel in this way. And when we have built it among the ten of us, we understand that the rest of the friends around the whole world, are exerting the same efforts right now. All of our joint efforts are combined regardless of the size of each group.

If after our efforts to unite in our circle we want to include the rest of the groups inside of us, then we are uniting everyone together. And then a truly huge and powerful vessel is being formed, capable of revealing the first level of the Light, according to the similarity of qualities. The more distance there is between the common Keter and the common Malchut, the bigger the vessel, and possibly it will already be enough for the first revelation of the Light.

The Light is revealed in a discreet form, in portions: Nefesh, Ruach, Neshama, and so forth. And if we reveal it, then it will be revealed in each group and in each person according to his personal efforts, more in some and less in others to the extent of the efforts invested.

That’s why we need to long to connect all of the groups and separated friends to us, and even the whole world since it has a huge vessel. It’s there that the true desire to enjoy lies, and if it will join us even in a passive form, then it will add a lot of material to us. And if we with our longing towards the spiritual are working on this material, then we are receiving a huge additional capacity.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/17/12, “Talk About Past Conventions” 

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