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Speech – Thought – Action

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe correction that we are supposed to build above the animate level in order to reach the speaking level originates not only from our bodies, but also from the human being within us. However, we still implement the correction process though our bodies, since a body is a “tool” for correction.

We relate to each other (both negatively and positively) through speech, thoughts and actions.

“Speech” stands for self-persuasion. It can be referred to inner speech, since a person constantly talks with himself; it can also mean “practical” (outgoing) speech that addresses others and conveys ideas on how and in what direction we all should move.

The necessity to bestow leads us to attainment of mutual love; it is a process that we all have to go through.

“Thoughts” go before speech and actions. First, we have to formulate a thought that stems from our inner calculations that we obtain from within ourselves as well as from our surroundings, society, and teachers.

So, thoughts should be formulated before anything else, and then they have to be transformed into speech. Any kind of oral expression will always remain only “beautiful words” until we enable them with “force” by applying actions.

“Actions” mean devotion of every single hour that is not spent satisfying our animate needs to integral education and upbringing, dissemination and work for the sake of others. Our task is to lead people to at least a decent standard of life, at least above the poverty level, a fair distribution, and where no one feels that they are deprived of their rights.

Thus, our thoughts and speech should be oriented towards building a new balanced society that will allow us to maintain an integral level and stay within the analog system. In our thoughts, we allow our surroundings to influence us; we constantly submit ourselves to a stronger integral environment. After formulating internal thoughts, we implement them though speech, that is, we shape our concepts and informational systems. This is the point where actions come forward. It’s the time when we basically influence others through education, upbringing, and by elevating worldwide living standards so that nobody suffers from hunger and affliction.

This is the essence of our work. This is how we approach balance with nature: the goal that we constantly concentrate on. Stability among us allows us to get into a state of balance with Nature and with its universal laws. As a result, we create a “round” perfect system.

Here, our evolution stops: Our development started at a time when life emerged on the face of Earth, and at this point it reaches its final equilibrium.

It doesn’t mean that everything will be over and the Sun will stop shining. It’s not that we cannot wait several billion more years before it happens. We are talking about the end of correction of a human being: If we achieve balance with nature and reach perfect harmony, we won’t experience any pressure from Nature anymore, and thus our lives will become ideal.

Let’s hope that we approach such a state within our sensations and be able to prepare our children and grandchildren to attain this state. It is within our power.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” Episode 11, 1/9/12

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Every Action Leaves A Mark

Dr. Michael LaitmanIt’s said: “Every action leaves a mark.” Our advancement happens due to the Returning Light. It impacts us to the degree to which our desires are ready to accept It. Thus, their structure is gradually clarified.

The structure of a desire that is equivalent to the Light is in fact a connection through which we eventually start sensing the Light. It’s a permanent construction that constantly expands. Together it includes four (4) stages of HaVaYaH; that’s why it’s called the “revelation of the Creator’s names.” Numerous combinations of desires denote qualities of the Light. Within our desires we perceive the Light as if we’ve placed a screen before It; that is how we recognize what the Light is.

If we look through the tinted glass, we see that the Light acquires the color of the glass. This is how we get to know that the Light can have various colors. We need special tools to discover a new phenomenon. We also have to use additional remedies that will allow us to determine some qualities that are a part of the phenomenon that was just discovered.

This is what our work is about. The difference between regular scientific research and spiritual practice is that material scientific exploration involves using an external device, whereas in the spiritual search we use ourselves as a tool. We alter ourselves and try to apply the actions of creation to us to the extent of the level we have attained.

We do not develop our old properties, but rather reveal new ones; that’s why our work is called “spiritual.” Our effort should be oriented towards forming new properties that are similar to the Creator’s qualities; this is how we reveal His personality.

In the material realm, we tend to acquire practical knowledge about what’s going on around us and who we are. For that purpose we widen our existing natural characteristics through the development of science and technological progress. This is a basic difference: When we achieve a final stage of development on this plane, we will eventually see that we haven’t gotten anywhere. Moreover, we see that we have reached a dead-end. Our growth led us only to enormous egoism; we managed to reveal our evil nature to the extent that it became unbearable.

We have fallen to the very bottom of jealousy, ambition, hatred, and all sorts of evil conditions that we go through in relation to our neighbors. Previously, we at least had the illusion that we would get kinder and build a better society for everybody. At this time, we see that only fear of punishment stops us from using others selfishly and unsparingly.

The difference is that while working spiritually, we discover new properties, thus we get closer to the Creator; whereas when we work materialistically, we only get to explore the tangible nature of this realm. However, at this material plane, as well as during our elevation from here to the Creator, we still go through the same four stages of HaVaYaH, as it is said “I, HaVaYaH, do not change Myself.” This is why every action of ours brings us closer to the goal.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/22/12, Shamati #190

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Housing Problems Have Caught Up With Europeans

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from The New York Times): “Europe’s long-running euro crisis may be cooling. But the economic distress it has left in its wake is pushing a rising tide of workers into precarious straits in France and across the European Union. Today, hundreds of thousands of people are living in campgrounds, vehicles and cheap hotel rooms. Millions more are sharing space with relatives, unable to afford the basic costs of living.

“These people are the extreme edge of Europe’s working poor: a growing slice of the population that is slipping through Europe’s long-vaunted social safety net. Many, particularly the young, are trapped in low-paying or temporary jobs that are replacing permanent ones destroyed in Europe’s economic downturn.

“Now, economists, European officials and social watchdog groups are warning that the situation is set to worsen. As European governments respond to the crisis by pushing for deep spending cuts to close budget gaps and greater flexibility in their work forces, ‘the population of working poor will explode,’ said Jean-Paul Fitoussi, an economics professor at L’Institut d’Études Politiques in Paris.

“The trend is most alarming in hard-hit countries like Greece and Spain, but it is rising even in more prosperous nations like France and Germany.

“‘France is a rich country,’ Mr. Fitoussi said. ‘But the working poor are living in the same condition as in the 19th century. They can’t pay for heating, they can’t pay for their children’s clothes, they are sometimes living five people in a nine-square-meter apartment — here in France!’ he exclaimed, speaking of an apartment of about 100 square feet.”

My Comment: Unfortunately, because of the government’s near-sightedness and a lack of political will, the population sufferers, not the government. Integration and union—these are not just words but a state of society! The fathers of the European integration didn’t take this into account. They wished to reach their egoistic goals without making social changes.

Unification must be above all contradictions; otherwise, the “European Union” that never existed in reality will collapse burying the entire developed Europe. Even at the beginning of the creation of the EU, I wrote what was necessary for a union:

Upbringing: How to bring up a person, (Hinuch in Hebrew), when a person is not yet formed, bringing up a child through attitudes, frameworks, and through creating an environment, using exercises until the age of 13. Concurrently, but to the extent of the assimilation of upbringing, learning is added.

Learning: To learn (Lemidah in Hebrew), the assimilation of the past human experience. This brings a person to education.

Education: To educate, to shape the image of the future in a person, that is, his ability to think about the future and move forward.

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Don’t Be Embarrassed. Grow!

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: During the workshop, I constantly felt shame that we were sitting and playing like children. After all we are grown-ups. What can I do with regard to this?

Answer: This game is nature’s most important and mature component. Whoever plays is the one who grows. And the one who doesn’t play, he already is considered as dead because his growth has stopped.

Do you know what the game symbolizes? The game is when I imagine the next level of my advancement and yearn for it. Actually it is a sign of growth.

Exactly the same game is found in vegetative and the conditions of development of the animate. The same element exists in them.

While working on my doctorate in philosophy, I had a question on the theory of games.

In order to grow, the plant needs to create within itself the suitable conditions for that, to develop within itself the forces of growth. Thus it grows.

The same unique principle of the game operates also in spirituality and also in our world, at every level of the worlds. Every one! Thus the game is the most esteemed component of nature.

It is not a football game, but a game of the next level, a game of growth.

This is the most honorable engagement of a person, since in this way he grows.

You pass through a very broad variety of states, of feelings. You need to accumulate all of this within you in order to feel the Upper Light. It is surrounding us, but we can’t “grasp” it. We need all of these feelings, which need to accumulate in us more and more. It will gradually accumulate in you, will assemble into one sensor, one detector, one sense, and then you will discover it.

This is actually the task of the creation of the soul. The soul is like a sensor for feeling the Light. That’s all. On the one hand, under the influence of your yearnings, the attribute of bestowal and love is created in you, and on the other hand, according to your yearnings, the Upper Light operates and bestows on you and promotes you.

Thus there is nothing to be embarrassed of. Grow!
From the Vilnius Convention 3/23/2012, Workshop 1

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The Beneficial Revelation Of Hatred

Dr. Michael LaitmanWhen I’m dealing with a friend like a worker when we are involved together in dissemination, when we are working on translations or with equipment, or in any kind of work, I supervise him and he is under me. These are our corporeal situations. We understand that we must manage business in this manner.

But the moment we enter the group, there are no differences between us. We only look at our “points in the heart,” only at the yearning of each one for the Creator. And then the revelation of hatred is beneficial, since then I have with what to turn to the Creator for help, since by myself I cannot do this.

On the level of our world, we find ways to get along: We go to a bar together, sit together, clarify the relationship between us. In spirituality, this doesn’t help. We must have the Upper Light.

Thus, as much as the hatred and evil is revealed between us grows, the request for the Upper Light will grow as well. We raise our MAN (prayer, Mayin Nukvin– female waters) to it; we ask for help and yell until it arrives.

It can be that help doesn’t come, since we still don’t have enough recognition of evil. After all it is said, “The world was created either for the complete evil or complete righteous.” First you need to attain the level of “complete evil.” This level is obtained when you long for the goal and see how far away you still are from it. And according to the measure of your longing, you determine the measure of the distance.

There are those who passively belong to the group and don’t participate in the shared connection. They don’t even imagine how powerful this work is, that it’s an ocean of all kinds of attributes and feelings, great pressures, that are impossible to even get close to it, this work repulses people ad nauseam, to the state of being completely powerless.

All of these states bring us gradually to the recognition of evil through the general support that is so important here, through mutual Arvut, when you feel the urgency of the friends, and it obliges you. Then you are able to attain the level of “complete evil” and discover your ego among the others. And this ego won’t be beastly, since the connection needs to be directed to the attainment of the supreme goal and only on it.

We aren’t a corporeal group that wants to assemble together in order to pass time, to play football, or build a mutual business. Our goal is different, to attain the attribute of bestowal and mutual love.

And immediately it is discovered how opposite we are to this. We must feel that this oppositeness draws our full attention. Thus, people who long for the Creator understand the condition that everything that happens to us happens only to discover these states.

And the Light helps us. It is thus structured and descends together with the desires (they are found one against the other), as it bestows on the desires only to the measure that they are able to cope with it, able to bear these feelings of oppositeness. And in spite of all these unpleasant feelings and the great disappointments, are able to yearn for connection and the goal.

There is no other system. It is built on the oppositeness of the two forces of nature: reception and bestowal, the Light and the desire. There is nothing else. It is a practical and scientific system. The only thing that should be taken into account is that we need to be more serious in its realization.
From the Vilnius Convention 3/25/12, Lesson 5

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A Detector For Feeling The Creator

Dr. Michael LaitmanA person judges himself according to how he feels.

If I accept the conditions: “There is none else besides Him,” the Creator is absolutely good, He is the good and the benevolent, He totally fills everything, and I am in the Upper Light, then I feel Him according to my equivalence to Him, according to the law of the equivalence of form. And if I am opposite to Him, I feel like I am bad or I feel the Upper Light is bad; there is no difference. Whoever blames someone else, is actually blaming himself and his own attributes.

But if I have accepted the fact that “There is none else besides Him,” the Creator is absolutely good, He fills everything, and I feel good, then I actually am in this goodness, I really feel it.

How? In the connection with my friends. But what detector, what sense do I use?

We must clearly understand where we feel the appearance of the Creator, the revelation of His Providence, His attitude towards us!

If I feel it in me, it is an egoistic feeling, I simply feel good today, I am in a good mood, I slept well, I woke up and everything is fine.

We should understand how we feel this in the sense called the “soul.” A “soul” is adhesion, the connection of our points in the heart, our mutual yearnings in the group, in our attitude towards the world, to humanity, to everything.
From the Vilnius Convention 3/25/2012, Lesson 5

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The Role Of The Moderator In The Workshop

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What is the role of the moderator in the workshop?

Answer: I am the moderator, and there are also two representatives in each group that are responsible for the order in the group, so that everyone will have a chance to express their opinion and to complete each other’s ideas. They must complete each other, and they should pay attention to that, so that everyone will follow what each one is saying and see how he can express the same idea. The moderators in the group should take care that one common opinion is formed that is complete and closed and that everyone fully supports one another. They should make sure that the speakers don’t talk for too long, so that everyone will have a chance to express himself. This refers to the moderators in the groups.

As a moderator, I simply read a certain text slowly so that everyone will start discussing it and expressing their opinion.

There should also be someone in the group who writes down the questions that the group will ask at the end of the workshop. Every group, both the men’s group and the women’s group, will have a chance to ask two or three questions. Those in charge should write down the questions and decide how they should be presented.

Question: What shouldn’t a moderator do in the group?

Answer: He should only support the friendship and the love; in this framework you can do everything.
From the Virtual Lesson 4/22/12, Preparation to the Congress

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A Bridge Over The Eternal Conflict

Arava ConventionFrom the lesson dedicated to Israel’s Independence Day

On a day like today, we usually don’t speak about deficiencies, meaning the unfulfilled desires, but we always measure everything with regard to the vessels.

First we have to understand that the term “Israel” symbolizes the intention of “Yashar El,” (straight to the Creator). We will actually celebrate the real independence day of Israel when we are freed from the domination of our ego, when we unite above self love, when we keep this connection at least on a minimal level, and when it prevails over the separated desire that rages inside us as the evil inclination. Then the power of unity will rule over the power of separation. This is the exodus from exile to independence.

Are we free on the corporeal level? Is our group free in the spiritual world? This is what we should ask ourselves and measure. After all, everything is relative, and as we ascend the spiritual levels, we will discover the powerful size of the separation over and over again, according to the new Reshimot, (reminiscences). Then we will acquire the power of unity with the help of the Reforming Light.

This is the way—the unity and the separation alternately replace each other. So where is our independence? It narrows down to our supervision over the process. Even when we fall and seem to lose our independence under the rule of evil desires, we still know how to rise. Therefore, we are called independent.

Today we are still dominated by our egoistic needs and desires. In this world we are not united as a nation yet, we still reject one another and do not want brotherly love, we don’t accept it as our goal yet, but see it as an option: It is desirable, it’s possible but “there is no rush.” And we feel pain since this fire isn’t burning in us.

We are in a state of exile and not in a state of freedom and independence. After all, independence means that at least we make the efforts to attain it. We have received all the necessary means from Above in order to determine our independence, rising above our ego in general unity. We haven’t attained it yet in order to immediately pass it on to the people and to the world.

All our friends throughout the world need to feel this, both in corporeality and in spirituality, and we must fulfill our mission and reach the independence of the desire to bestow over the desire to receive. This is called “faith above reason.” This is what we are facing.

The uniqueness of our times is in the fact that everything is ready for correction. The world is approaching this and we understand this better and have what it takes. No one is standing in our way, not physically, not morally, and not mentally. We don’t have fierce enemies that stop us from carrying out our mission.

So the problem is only in us. We have to actually feel that we are under the domination of Pharaoh that reigns within us, an alien force, and it alone does not allow us to wage war for independence.

Question: There is a growing need for a change. Everyone understands the reason for all our problems already, we understand that it is all about the environment, about the separation and the lack of mutual trust… how can people reach a common perspective?

Answer: “Love will cover all sins.” This is the whole secret. We don’t correct anything directly, but we simply build our unity above all the problems and the disagreements.

By being in a labyrinth of opposites we will not achieve anything. If you start clarifying this swamp, Egypt will simply “swallow” you, and bury you under its massive pyramids. This is the exile in Egypt from which we will not be able to rise if we work directly with the defects that are revealed among the friends. We mustn’t do it. This is why Pharaoh, the ego, forces us and seems to logically be showing us the problems that need to be solved first. He is saying: “Bravo, keep on dealing with the spiritual advancement, but only in my territory, in the corrupt mutual relations among us.” We mustn’t listen to him!

Leave the ego, you are not correcting it, you want to build a bridge of love over it. Only then will you succeed, in “faith above reason.” After all, spirituality is above corporeality. The Creator has arranged things this way, and so I only have to escape Pharaoh, or in other words, to rise above him. We don’t have to destroy or to correct him. When I begin to build something above him, the “angel of death” will turn into “the holy angel.” This is what Moses is asking for: “Let my people go!”
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/26/12, “The Israeli Nation (Independence Day)”

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Everything Comes From The Creator

Dr. Michael LaitmanAs a result of the process of correct interaction in the group, a person feels more that he is a great sinner and egoist, that he hates others, and he has all kinds of negative desires and thoughts, intrigues, etc.

He reveals this in himself to such an extent that he begins to cry to the Creator to correct him. He starts realizing that only the Creator can correct him because he feels that everything comes from the Creator, and there can be no other source from which this would have resulted, even from its very nature.

He reveals the Creator in the opposite form, as the creator of something bad. But at the same time he reveals that the Creator has created evil in him on purpose in order to force him to turn to Him, and then the Creator corrects him.

Why was it necessary to go this way—to create evil so a person gradually reveals it in himself and turns to the Creator with a plea for correction?
From the Vilnius Convention 3/24/2012, Lesson 4

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