The Role Of The Moderator In The Workshop

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What is the role of the moderator in the workshop?

Answer: I am the moderator, and there are also two representatives in each group that are responsible for the order in the group, so that everyone will have a chance to express their opinion and to complete each other’s ideas. They must complete each other, and they should pay attention to that, so that everyone will follow what each one is saying and see how he can express the same idea. The moderators in the group should take care that one common opinion is formed that is complete and closed and that everyone fully supports one another. They should make sure that the speakers don’t talk for too long, so that everyone will have a chance to express himself. This refers to the moderators in the groups.

As a moderator, I simply read a certain text slowly so that everyone will start discussing it and expressing their opinion.

There should also be someone in the group who writes down the questions that the group will ask at the end of the workshop. Every group, both the men’s group and the women’s group, will have a chance to ask two or three questions. Those in charge should write down the questions and decide how they should be presented.

Question: What shouldn’t a moderator do in the group?

Answer: He should only support the friendship and the love; in this framework you can do everything.
From the Virtual Lesson 4/22/12, Preparation to the Congress

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