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Turning Good To Evil

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: The Creator made the evil inclination and the good one. It is written, “I created the evil inclination.” So where does the good inclination come from?

Answer: In reality, there is no good inclination. There is just the evil inclination, which was initially created by the Creator. That is why He informs us that He created the evil inclination. But we correct it with the help of the Torah and turn it into the good inclination.

“Inclination” is desire. The desire remains. But “evil” means that I constantly want to receive for my own sake, and then it harms me because I close myself off in this world like a small animal, living out the years I have to live. This is the most miserable kind of life that is possible in reality.

The good inclination means that we try to unite in the group and see that we are incapable of it, and begin to scream in a common prayer. Then the Light that reforms comes and creates unity between us, and inside of that unity the intention to bestow, the Light becomes revealed. Then, instead of the evil inclination, we have the good one, the same desire, but with the intention to unite with the neighbor.
From the 3rd seminar at the New Jersey Convention, 5/12/12

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A Screen Is Very Simple…

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Can one person acquire an anti-egoistic screen if it can only be acquired through the group? Or is the Creator the only one who can give us a screen?

Answer: The Light comes through the group in response to my request and builds a screen within me, which helps me rise above my ego and connect to the group. A screen is a connecting link between myself and the group, or between myself and the Creator, which is the same thing. It helps me rise above egoism and, once I rise above myself, to connect with the Light, with the Creator, with the essence of the group that is revealed at the group’s center.

We don’t need anything other than the screen. There is my desire and there is the group within which the Light and the Creator are found, and the screen helps me connect with them. That is how I enter the spiritual world: at the center of the group.
From the 4th seminar at the New Jersey Convention, 5/13/12

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Peculiarities Of Perception

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Suppose a teacher falls into his “blind spot” and does not notice that he revels in his power over people and begins to abuse it. In this case, should we patiently wait for these states to pass or should we still limit him?

Answer: When this happens in a regular psychological group, we shouldn’t restrain him; instead, we must work with him as with any other person. But if we are in an advanced group, which is already beyond simple egoistic relationships and attitudes, then we must understand that the teacher can appear as an egoist, a very strange person, moody, and dictatorial. He can appear this way to students because he really is on a high level, and this is why he behaves this way. It is written: “Do not judge your friend before you reach his level.”

This is why we must always understand that when it comes to friends, it’s easy to respond since we can more or less understand their states. But when it comes to the teacher, we might not understand his states; they might appear egoistic, dictatorial, moody, and willful. It’s possible that his states only appear this way to us because his level is higher than ours, and we don’t adequately perceive every consequent state.
From a “Talk on Integral Education” 2/27/12 

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Stay Focused

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Can a physical desire, for example, sexual desire stand in my way on the spiritual path?

Answer: Physical desires for food, sex, family, money, honor, power, and knowledge cannot stand in a person’s spiritual advancement. We shouldn’t deal with what belongs to the body separately.

We should only be worried about the hatred we feel towards the friends and then toward the whole world.

If you want to eat five servings instead of one, it is harmful for the body, but it doesn’t interfere with the spiritual path. The same goes for sex.

So think only about the connection with the Creator through the friends, and you can stop worrying about all the rest.
From the Brazil Convention 5/06/12, Lesson 5

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Futile Attempts To Hold On To The Past

Dr. Michael LaitmanThroughout our very short life, the world undergoes great changes. People are totally confused, the earth seems to be turning faster than we can grasp. Could it be that we have lost the way and that we don’t know where we’re headed? Or on the contrary, are we examining the situation we are in as a turning point leading to a new path by which we can rise to a new level?

Of course there is a period of uncertainty in the transition from one level to another, from one state to another, when we are between the two levels, between the stable states, in total confusion. Humanity feels very confused these days.

These are very special times because we are living in a new world. This isn’t the life we have been used to leading for ages, we don’t advance directly as we did from one generation to another. Now there is suddenly a great change in the relations between people, in our attitude to the family, to life, to the place where we live, to our nation. Everything changes completely. Although we don’t perceive it at the moment and assume that we’re still living in the past, it’s over!

When we begin to look for the way we’ve lost, we discover a special new desire that demands that we find the source of life, to discover what we are living for, and why we change. Whether there’s a plan for our life, a goal, and whether it’s possible to discover it in advance. Is it possible to advance towards this goal in the ordinary way like we lived for ages on this planet, unsuspecting where our advancement is leading us? Instinctively we performed different changes and the entire revolutions, and lived that way!

None of us knew what was happening. Although there were many philosophers and fortunetellers, none of them could predict and explain what was occurring.

But today, we really need this. We can’t carry on and live as we used to. We are living in total chaos. We feel that we must discover the secret of life, its plan, and in which direction we are developing, because without it we are losing our foundations. In the past we always developed in the framework of the family, inherited everything from our parents and lived in order to build our family and to pass this on to our children. This is how life went on from one generation to another, in many families around me, and together we all advanced along one familiar paved road. But today we don’t know anything anymore.

Besides, many scientists are openly warning that our situation is very dangerous because we are destroying our planet and have no hope for the future since we’ve depleted all the natural resources and energy sources. The technocratic world that we’ve built in the last 50 years is the result of senseless destructive actions. We are simply killing ourselves by taking what we can from nature and burning everything in it as if there is no tomorrow. Although we’re still living, it’s a hopeless life with no prospects for a better future. And what’s more, we are so blind that it doesn’t even worry us.

In our generation, we discover a very special state and a very special question about the meaning of life that is evoked in us and actually burns within us. There are people who can’t relax and who begin to search by trying different new-age methods from which different studies of mysticism stem. But among these people there are those who ask more serious questions about the meaning of life and who want to reach a realistic, scientific solution. They don’t believe in anything, and don’t count on someone else’s words and stories, but want to discover the process they are about to go through by themselves.

On the one hand, they want to understand the past: to what end did we go through this path, not from the beginning of life on earth, but from the creation of the universe? And not just to discover what has brought us to the point we are at today, but to know how to go on from here: What is going to happen according to nature’s plan from now onward? Is there such a plan and is it possible to discover it, and is it worthwhile to discover it? It all depends on whether we can influence it. Will I be able to aim myself correctly? This is an important question that we will have to answer.
From the Brazil Convention 5/04/12, Lesson 1

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Society For The Protection Of Nature Or The Soul?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: I have three kids, so I was very worried when you said that our generation is depleting all the natural resources, not leaving anything for our children to live on. How can we correct this situation?

Answer: Our general family includes seven billion people and we have to think about everyone by worrying about what we will leave for the next generation and not only for your three kids or our grandchildren. But in the meantime, I see that we are enjoying life, consuming the vital resources without giving it any thought or feeling, not worrying about those who will come after us. This is just an example of how blind our ego is, and that it doesn’t understand what it is doing.

If we look at the behavior of all the countries and all the governments, we can see that no one is thinking about the future. Our only desire is to pump more resources from the earth, produce more goods, and throw them away. The fact that at the same time we are polluting the air and the water doesn’t stop us. I have traveled around the world a lot and I see that even in countries that are not industrial, the environment is still terribly polluted. There are hardly any places that are still natural and clean, everything is poisoned.

This is a natural process as long as only the force of the ego manages us. If there is no other force to counter the ego, the force of bestowal that can balance it, it will kill us. We will not be able to stop it. Only a moment before the end, having no choice, we will cry, “Help!” and then we will be saved. But it is better not to reach this state; it is better to disseminate the wisdom of Kabbalah as widely as possible before reaching this state.

We should understand that if we only fight the external pollution of nature as a society for the protection of nature, it won’t help. We are given all the ecological problems in order to push us in the direction of the correction of the soul. If we only deal with improving the environment, we won’t correct anything by so doing.

Now scientists are also beginning to see this, saying that if we begin to use alternative energy sources to preserve the environment, it will only lead to other unexpected outcomes. For example, the generators that operate on wind energy that are considered to be very ecology friendly, actually have a strong impact on global warming that it doesn’t justify the energy they produce. After all, they push the air to the ground with great force, thus causing greater harm than benefit.

There is the law of conservation of energy. We can’t produce energy from nothing. Even if we use solar energy, it has a tremendous negative impact on the earth. So we can’t cover the whole planet with solar panels, it won’t help us improve the environment, but actually causes harm.

In nature everything is arranged so that only by advancing towards the goal of creation do we achieve balance with nature. Everything else that we do, no matter how good it may seem, only causes harm. No matter how hard we try to protect nature, nothing will help.

It’s to such an extent that we can stop thinking about saving the Earth’s environment and natural resources, the debris that contaminates it, the plastic that fills the seas and oceans, but rather, we should deal only with our internal correction. Then everything will immediately work out because the higher level corrects all the levels that are below it.

In The Book of Zohar and in the article “Preface to the Wisdom of Kabbalah” by Baal HaSulam, it says that everything depends upon the correction of man, whereas the natural levels of the inanimate, vegetative, and animate rise and descend with him, without any account of their own. So the protection of ecology will not help us. Instead, the main thing is to care about our soul.
From the New Jersey Convention 5/09/12, Shamati #25

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The Criterion Of Success

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: When a person studies according to the integral method how can he later evaluate whether his studies have been successful?

Answer: If a person was able to be in constant contact with his environment, whether it’s virtual or physical, and this contact served him as way to come out of himself into the common feeling and sensation, the common thought and movement, into the search for the goal and analysis, then his time definitely did not go to waste. In other words, exiting oneself towards “outside of himself’ must be a constant aspiration, a person’s movement, and then life will be different.
From a “Talk on Integral Upbringing” 2/27/12

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