Futile Attempts To Hold On To The Past

Dr. Michael LaitmanThroughout our very short life, the world undergoes great changes. People are totally confused, the earth seems to be turning faster than we can grasp. Could it be that we have lost the way and that we don’t know where we’re headed? Or on the contrary, are we examining the situation we are in as a turning point leading to a new path by which we can rise to a new level?

Of course there is a period of uncertainty in the transition from one level to another, from one state to another, when we are between the two levels, between the stable states, in total confusion. Humanity feels very confused these days.

These are very special times because we are living in a new world. This isn’t the life we have been used to leading for ages, we don’t advance directly as we did from one generation to another. Now there is suddenly a great change in the relations between people, in our attitude to the family, to life, to the place where we live, to our nation. Everything changes completely. Although we don’t perceive it at the moment and assume that we’re still living in the past, it’s over!

When we begin to look for the way we’ve lost, we discover a special new desire that demands that we find the source of life, to discover what we are living for, and why we change. Whether there’s a plan for our life, a goal, and whether it’s possible to discover it in advance. Is it possible to advance towards this goal in the ordinary way like we lived for ages on this planet, unsuspecting where our advancement is leading us? Instinctively we performed different changes and the entire revolutions, and lived that way!

None of us knew what was happening. Although there were many philosophers and fortunetellers, none of them could predict and explain what was occurring.

But today, we really need this. We can’t carry on and live as we used to. We are living in total chaos. We feel that we must discover the secret of life, its plan, and in which direction we are developing, because without it we are losing our foundations. In the past we always developed in the framework of the family, inherited everything from our parents and lived in order to build our family and to pass this on to our children. This is how life went on from one generation to another, in many families around me, and together we all advanced along one familiar paved road. But today we don’t know anything anymore.

Besides, many scientists are openly warning that our situation is very dangerous because we are destroying our planet and have no hope for the future since we’ve depleted all the natural resources and energy sources. The technocratic world that we’ve built in the last 50 years is the result of senseless destructive actions. We are simply killing ourselves by taking what we can from nature and burning everything in it as if there is no tomorrow. Although we’re still living, it’s a hopeless life with no prospects for a better future. And what’s more, we are so blind that it doesn’t even worry us.

In our generation, we discover a very special state and a very special question about the meaning of life that is evoked in us and actually burns within us. There are people who can’t relax and who begin to search by trying different new-age methods from which different studies of mysticism stem. But among these people there are those who ask more serious questions about the meaning of life and who want to reach a realistic, scientific solution. They don’t believe in anything, and don’t count on someone else’s words and stories, but want to discover the process they are about to go through by themselves.

On the one hand, they want to understand the past: to what end did we go through this path, not from the beginning of life on earth, but from the creation of the universe? And not just to discover what has brought us to the point we are at today, but to know how to go on from here: What is going to happen according to nature’s plan from now onward? Is there such a plan and is it possible to discover it, and is it worthwhile to discover it? It all depends on whether we can influence it. Will I be able to aim myself correctly? This is an important question that we will have to answer.
From the Brazil Convention 5/04/12, Lesson 1

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  1. Wonderful article, very clear and direct and true

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